Paragon of Sin

Chapter 233: I Am A Virgin

The descending lightning bolt was far too swift. Wei Wuyin simply could not react in any manner besides his eyes shrinking into. needles.

’Is this Heavenly Punishment? ’ This thought flashed within his mind at the last second, unable to be verified or pondered on before the lightning bolt was mere millimeters from his glabella. He could feel within his mind and heart that abnormal power within that bolt. While it wasn ’t the force of eradication, it felt different—it felt alluring, disgusting, yet arousing.

These conflicted feelings were simultaneously flashed within the depths of his thoughts. They were impossible to remove and overcome his mind and body.

Ohn! Ohn! Ohn!

The sound that he usually experienced on a mental level that was indicative of a reaction from his Bloodline of Sin kept resounding. The dark-red light that was dim started to rapidly flicker and then engulf Wei Wuyin ’s entire body. Before the lightning bolt could travel a millimeter further, this light integrated with Wei Wuyin ’s skin, and while he couldn ’t see it, he felt numerous symbols be marked into his flesh.

In the briefest of time, his entire body was covered in these symbols and at the center of his glabella was an even strange circle with various runic markings and esoteric symbols that emanated a trace of sinful light. What was sinful light? Even Wei Wuyin wouldn ’t know, but it would likely invoke actions similar yet somewhat different from this lightning bolt.

After it had completely encapsulated Wei Wuyin, on his glabella was a strange-looking eye composed from those markings and symbols into an intricately designed image. It was horrifying and seemed to remind one of a vertical demonic eye with side-way pupils and eyes. It was dark-red entirely. But there was a very small patch of gold at the center. It was so small yet seemed to be the centerpiece of the eye.


The lightning bolt was a mere micrometer away from the eye when Wei Wuyin ’s glabella emitted a tiny bit of silver light. For a moment, it appeared and touched the dark-red light and the golden patch at the center. There was the slightest reaction before it retreated even faster than it arrived.


The lightning bolt that seemed like heavenly punishment entered the dark-red third eye and was actively devoured until it completely disappeared. From the third eye to Wei Wuyin ’s fingertips and toes, images of lightning crawled onto his body that was golden for a moment before becoming dark-red, tainted by those symbols.

All of this happened so swiftly that a picosecond could be considered too fast. But similar to when it occurred, it vanished all the same. Wei Wuyin ’s marks and symbols retracted and seemed to find their home in his right arm. They formed the Bloodline of Sin tattoo.

Karmic Luck Value: 563.2

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 36 Years.

Wei Wuyin regained his conscious awareness as he noticed the cloud that formed above had disappeared alongside the lightning. Besides the original descend of the lightning, he observed nothing. The entire event was simply too fast despite his freedom having been claimed by Eden and Kratos.

’How did you two do it? ’Was a thought that emerged for a moment before he realized it wasn ’t the appropriate time to question. Instead, he felt his right arm burning with a searing temperature. He didn ’t make a single sound of pain, however.

His silver eyes focused on the tattoo and saw that its characters were rapidly changing.

Karmic Luck Value: 563.2 → 563.3.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 36 Years.

With his eyes never leaving the tattoo, he experienced a rapid shifting of symbols that he still couldn ’t quite read but he innately understood. It was like watching a swiftly moving digital clock. For a moment he thought his Karmic Luck Value would only increase by 0.1, the same amount it had when he killed the Commander near Ash Dragon City. However, his thoughts were too premature.

Karmic Luck Value: 563.3 → 562.3

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 36 Years.

Karmic Luck Value: 562.3 → 532.3

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 36 Years.

Karmic Luck Value: 532.3 → 432.3

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 36 Years.

He was briefly taken aback by the abrupt rise and then fall. Was this normal? His heart raced but he wasn ’t actually anxious. An incomprehensible and unreasonable amount of excitement flowed through his mind. This was followed by a wave of cascading euphoria that originated from his right arm throughout his body in the most intense manner.

It nearly caused him to moan and close his eyes, but he remained strong-willed and kept his silver eyes locked onto the changing tattoo.

Karmic Luck Value: 232.3 → 1,432.3.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 36 Years.

”…! ” THERE IT WAS! The Karmic Luck Value gain. It was as if all his previous theories were verified at this moment and elation overtook his thoughts. He could actually take the Karmic Luck Value of a Blessed he had personally killed! This meant from the lowest 0.1 to this astonishing 869.1!

Yuan Longshi really did have far, far more Karmic Luck Value than he did. He had nearly double as much! What was he saving all this for? Was the Bloodforge Continent unable to allow the Heavenly Daos to orchestrate lucky chances? Was his level too high? Was the location too poor?

Since arriving on the Myriad Monarch Planet, he hadn ’t experienced any notable Karmic Luck Value deductions, simply the 0.1 that directed his instincts towards the Bloodforge Continent three years ago. However, in the Myriad Yore Continent, when he wasn ’t supported by any force, still somewhat poor, and needed specific things for his cultivation, his Karmic Luck Value was wildly changing.

Even Bai Lin benefited from it.

He still couldn ’t understand why it wasn ’t as active. Could it legitimately be because he could grasp anything on the continent without the Heavenly Daos support? That he didn ’t need its help? Considering that was somewhat true, it still caused him to feel somewhat aggrieved. He didn ’t mind if it wanted to throw him some starfield-toppling beauties his way.

However, he felt that that wasn ’t the type of lucky chance that the Heavenly Daos preferred for him. That likely aligned with Long Chen more. With a slight pout, his happiness was almost diminished before he dismissed this jealous thought from his mind.

Really, when did he start becoming the jealous-type?

Before he could drive this idle thought further, he noticed the world was still frozen in time. Looking around, he saw even the moisture within the air was still. All the energies of the world were in a state of stillness that was eerily disturbing.

’I felt like I had rigor mortis when I could move. Did that mean I was frozen for a long period of time before I regained my freedom? ’He took a single step forward when he felt a pinch. This pinch originated from his arm and carried itself into his brain with exceptional intensity.

”Argh! ” The pain was unbearable as he clutched at his head. He felt a presence peering into him, his soul, and his existence. It was as if it was judging him and it was truly unbearable! He grunted heavily for a few seconds as he tried to acclimate to the pain and regain a sense of self and thought, but it only continued to intensify.


Light started to crazily emerge from Yuan Longshi ’s corpse. Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes twisted into that direction alongside his neck and he saw a golden light that started to turn exceptionally dark and fierce. It wasn ’t black, but dark. It was so sinister and seemed to embody evil. However, he was better than to describe evil as a feeling, but it was one of the things that entered his mind.

Before he could react, the light exploded and drowned his body. He felt tainted in it. He felt unable to escape from that light and it only shone on him and no one else. In a few seconds, it vanished and Yuan Longshi ’s corpse became normal.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart raced as he hurriedly inspected his body to ensure no damage was dealt. However, as he looked towards his tattoo on his right arm, his eyes shrunk into needles and a wave of disbelief battered his heart!

Karmic Luck Value: 1,432.3.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Suppressed – 9 Years.

”…!!! ”

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