Paragon of Sin

Chapter 237: Outlook

a single cultivator of any renown who didn ’t have blood on their hands. While the scale may be different, the cultivation world faintly followed the laws of the jungle where the strong dominated and weak were eaten.

Wei Wuyin looked towards her and took her soft hand into his own. An open-minded woman was the best type of woman in his opinion.

”That day, I was planning on killing you and everyone unrelated to me at that ceremony for my own goals. Not once did it ever cross my mind the damage I ’ll leave behind to their families, friends, or the world they lived in. Simply because its not my world. This perspective of mine won ’t change. Its the cruelty of the cultivation world, and we cultivate for the sake of a long life, unquestionable power, and the ability to impose our wills on others and relish in our innermost desires. I don ’t blame her. ” Wei Wuyin explained his thoughts.

Xue Yifei felt Wei Wuyin ’s warmth of his hand touching hers, and her heart raced slightly. When he spoke those words, she felt her mind shake. Indeed. It might sound cruel, uncaring, and cold, but it was the truth.

”She should at least die. ” Xue Yifei understood, but she still wanted justice to be enacted. Because those were her people, and they were in her world. She could accept that her actions weren ’t wrong objectively, but personally, she wanted nothing more than to ravage with heart-rending torture.

”If you or I can become strong enough to act without fear of consequence or retaliation, then she will. Just not today. ” Wei Wuyin comforted. Jiang Lanlan had backing, and while it wasn ’t the most concrete way to preserve your life, it forced others to consider.

When he tried to kill Long Chen in the Myriad Yore Continent, Xiang Ling had interfered at the crucial moment. At that moment, he had to consider whether taking further action would result in his mutual demise and if he valued Long Chen ’s life with the same importance as his own. This didn ’t factor whether he could kill or not, simply whether he was willing to risk it.

The same applied even now with Wu Yu and now for Jiang Lanlan. If she didn ’t have an exceptional mother, would he not have tortured and killed her out of revenge by now? However, if he did act, would that not ignite a war? Would that not evoke a calamity upon his head?

Was he passive? Was he a coward? Others might think so, but he considered himself intelligent and far-seeing. Acting without a modicum of certainty in his own self-preservation was a fool ’s gamble and often led to a foolish fate. The cultivation world was about becoming stronger, so as long as his bottom-line wasn ’t touched, he could patiently wait.

Xue Yifei ’s eyes brightened. If one day she could possess power to ignore all backings and slaughter whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted, wouldn ’t she be the ruler of this world? The very thought caused her heart to beat with anticipation.

Their conversation continued for a bit before Wei Wuyin received a transmission. It was from the Myriad Monarch Sect. The Bloodforge Astral Tower was the only Void Gate on the continent, so its destruction would prevent his return to the sect. He had sent a message regarding this issue and had just now received a response.

According to it, the Myriad Monarch Sect usually took a few decades to build a Void Gate, and traveling the dark void was a nigh impossible feat. Many of these Void Gates were constructed and placed during the era where cultivators of the Realmlord, Timelord, and Starlord level were far more prevalent. These cultivators could freely travel the dark void ’s hazardous environment without much issue.

While they could send others to the Bloodforge Continent, leaving was impossible for now. This weighed on his heart slightly, his plans deviating a little. He originally had over thirty years before the second calamity, but his actions of killing Yuan Longshi, a Blessed, had seemingly provoked an acceleration of that timeline. Now, he had nine years left.

His elation of this was dampened by his current status of being trapped on the Bloodforge Continent. This might not affect him much, and with Su Mei and Zuhei out acting on his orders, many matters could be dealt with, he still disliked the feeling of being trapped.

”Hmph! ” Kratos coldly harrumphed, causing Wei Wuyin ’s heart to throb deeply. He nearly choked. If it wasn ’t for his familiarity to such an event, he might ’ve embarrassed himself in front of Xue Yifei.

”What now? ” Wei Wuyin sent a message to Kratos. It was obviously upset over something.

”I am the Dao of Void! There is nowhere I can not exist, nowhere I can not go, and nothing that could restrain me! ” Kratos boldly and arrogantly announced. As a Draconic Void Astral Soul, it had the pride of a dragon and the breadth of thought as expansive as the endless void itself. It seemed Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts of feeling trapped had triggered it. Considering it could break the restrictions of the Heavenly Daos, there was some truth in its words. At least for now.

”Hm? Just saying this doesn ’t actually help the situation. Explain clearly. ” Wei Wuyin rolled his eyes. King and Kratos were definitely the most arrogant of the four, with the former being prideful and vicious while the latter was prideful and arrogant. He enjoyed Ori ’s playful enthusiasm and directness the most. The others tend to act mysterious and conceal their ignorance in vagueness.

”If YOU need a portal, just make one! ” Kratos shouted with vigor.

For a moment, Wei Wuyin felt a buzz in his ears as if he was struck with an epiphany.

Void Gate…

Dao of Void…

Draconic Void Astral Soul…

His eyes brightened to inconceivable levels.

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