Paragon of Sin

Chapter 239: Grand Imperial Sages

There were times in life where the solution to one ’s most pressing conundrum was literally directly within one ’s grasp and it could be missed entirely. It wasn ’t because the person was unintelligent or forgetful, simply a link between the problem and the answer had never revealed itself within one ’s mind.

Wei Wuyin had access to Void Astral Force, Void Energies, and not once did he ever link it with Void Gates. This was because the concept of the Dao of Void was so broad and confusing that he simply never considered it.

What was the Dao of Void?

According to Kratos at the moment of his transformation: The Dao of the Void related to space, time, astrological forces, and void energy. Space was divided into fixed, stable, chaotic disturbances within the Dark Void and its various forms, including atmospheric space. Time was divided into the past, present, future, isolated, and paradoxical temporal periods of existence.

Supposedly, this was its description in the most simplest set of words that Kratos could relay. Even still, it was too broad and confusing. Wei Wuyin didn ’t even understand what Daos were, so being that the Dao of Void governs all these things easily induced endless uncertainty. It was so profound that he still hadn ’t understood a trace of its true powers or potential.

Without any guidance from a true expert, he was a blank slate with merely his imagination and comprehension there to carry him. He barely understood the intricacies of space, so to ponder on the Dao of Void could be likened to skipping algebra and jumping straight to calculus.

When he was asking Wu Yu a series of cultivations, particularly about the world in exchange for his return to Long Chen, the Dao and Void was briefly discussed. However, even Wu Yu, an expert that transcended the Astral Core Realm, wasn ’t certain of what it meant to be a Dao or the Void. He merely explained the Dark Void that was the endless, lethally hazardous, cold, and dark space that existed outside continents, planets, stars, and housed all things in the world.

”How would I go about it? ” He pondered for a moment before asking this question to Kratos.

”… ” Kratos. Once again, it lacked any response. The vagueness to conceal its own ignorance was staggering. Wei Wuyin felt his body tip in disappointment.

”Is everything fine? ” Xue Yifei was still beside Wei Wuyin so she noticed all his minute changes in the light of his eyes, body language, and facial expressions. She didn ’t know what he was thinking about, but it was definitely wild from her perspective. That transmission he received must ’ve been important.

Wei Wuyin bitterly smiled, not at his reactions but at Kratos ’s uselessness. There were times they could eclipse all his common sense to do extraordinary feats, then there were times where they deliberately acted mystifying with no concrete reason besides pride and belief. It was truly an applause worthy level of inconsistency.

Regardless of his thoughts, he didn ’t allow it to flow into an ill-mood. He had always been one who loved to attempt new things, and blazing a path of discovery and insight was still things he enjoyed. The time he developed his Avatar Art was still fresh within his mind.

”Yes. Well, no. The sect said that creating a new Void Gate would take several decades. There ’s also no means of transportation to return. If all remains the same, we would be stuck within the Bloodforge Continent until then. ” Wei Wuyin explained.

Xue Yifei ’s eyes lit up, ”No other way? ”

Wei Wuyin shook his head. He knew that Void Gates were difficult to move when established. They were transfixed into set spaces and designed specifically for that location. If not for this, he would love to move an already established Void Gate from another location to here.

As for using the Ancient Void Gate? It used a different key and not Void Disks. If all else fails, he could enter the Ancient Void Gate and explore it. The only issue was the uncertainty on the other side. If it was filled with prejudiced and exceptional cultivators, wouldn ’t his life be forfeit?

A wisp of unwillingness to take this line emerged in his heart. For a moment, he glanced at his Inheritor of Sin tattoo. He had over a thousand Karmic Luck Value, can ’t the heavens help him out? After several seconds and no response, he shook his head once more and realized he had to rely on himself.

Xue Yifei felt conflicted, but in the depths of her heart, she had elation throughout. In her heart, this was a crucial period to settle her importance and herself into Wei Wuyin ’s heart. Perhaps changing her current standing of concubine to something else. How could being stuck on a continent be a detriment to her? The hand which gripped Wei Wuyin ’s hand grew tighter, various thoughts circulating.

Unfortunately for her, Wei Wuyin had other plans. ”I ’ll be testing something, and if it works, we might be able to leave before then. Until I finish, you should decide how you want to handle your cultivation. The Yin and Yang Dragon Souls are residing in your sea of consciousness and heart respectively, so if you change your cultivation base a little, you could take the path of a Draconic Soul. ”

Wei Wuyin had already offered her tools and means to restart her cultivation. Considering she was still in the Qi Condensation Realm, it was relatively easier than Zuhei ’s situation. A complete revamping of her identity of a cultivator was likely.

Xue Yifei stilled. That ’s right. She had nearly forgotten about her future, and while Wei Wuyin ’s plan might pan out, her purpose was to not be incidental in her own life, playing an auxiliary role to another. Her desire was to become a leader. But when she thought about Wei Wuyin ’s talent and current strength, she couldn ’t help but feel uncertain.

Would she continue to fall down the same pattern of being the ’reliable and intelligent ’ woman behind the man. If so, she felt a deep sense of unwillingness.

Fortunately, Wei Wuyin had patiently reminded her. He hadn ’t even allowed his lust for her to overtake her own wants. It was unexpectedly considerate considering how she saw within the depths of his resplendent pupils the ardent and blazing desire to take her. If Yuan Longshi was in the same situation, she felt that he would lack the self-restraint. Especially after she essentially accepted her position as a concubine. Women of this title were often used for simply one thing: sensual comfort.

”I ’ll restart my cultivation, ” She declared with pulsating determination in every syllable. This was a major decision, but it was the only one with the path of an expert.

Wei Wuyin nodded.


After settling Xue Yifei ’s cultivation, Wei Wuyin took Xiao Bai to the Sky Layer. Standing on his broad back, Wei Wuyin was fully draconified. His draconified state was gorgeous beyond words, with his thin layer of hexagonal-shaped silver scales that glimmered in the sun. His hands, feet, neck, torso, thighs, shoulders, and chin were covered in a perfectly symmetrical network of scales. On his face, thin, nearly indiscernible lines were beneath the skin.

As he moved, the scales revealed exceptional flexibility no less than legitimate skin, and it seemed as if he had taken the form of a humanoid-shaped scaled-creature. However, from his sharp and vertical dragon pupils that effused boundless might and authority, one could tell of his particular lineage.

At the moment, his every breath shook the void. Even Xiao Bai beneath his feet was trembling from the bloodline strength emanated from his presence. Xiao Bai seemed to want nothing more than to stay a certain distance away and shirk away from his obligations. Despite awakening his bloodline potential, he was innately fearful of Wei Wuyin, especially when he evoked his draconified state.

Observing this intense reaction, Wei Wuyin bitterly smiled as he said, ”You can land. ” As if an order from heaven itself, Xiao Bai neighed in honest thanks. It descended without hesitation, afraid Wei Wuyin might change his mind.

Wei Wuyin chuckled as he lingered within the Sky Layer alone, wrapped by elemental wind force. While he couldn ’t fly through the world naturally by manipulating its ambient mana, he could achieve levitation and sustained gliding through this method. It was enough to ensure he didn ’t descend.

”This is the only state where I can access my Bloodline Powers, ” Wei Wuyin remarked at this limitation. Only when he draconify, when his entire body is infused with draconic void energies in the most perfect manner, could he access his innate abilities originating from his bloodline.

「Bloodline: Infinite Void Wings」

His draconic void bloodline was evoked, channeling directly into his bloodforce, eliciting an unfathomable change. In an eruption, two fleshy wings exploded out of his back and freely brandished itself within the vast, endless void of space. They were true dragon wings, and they had a magnificent wingspan of over thirty meters!


He let loose a pent-up dragon roar within his throat, causing the void to tremble. Those two wings flapped lightly as traces of nascent blood from their first deployment was splashed away, revealing their silvery form and faint emission of light. As he stood above the clouds within the Sky Layer, gazing downwards, he felt like a ruler of the void.

Immediately, his elemental wind astral force dispersed and his wings used its own power to allow flight. With each flap, the void would endlessly ripple in response.

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