Paragon of Sin

Chapter 240: Identity Known

While an unprecedented feat was being accomplished, in the Myriad Monarch Sect, at the eighth level of the Extreme Monarch Mountain was a singular sky palace. In this sky palace, five figures of exceptional status and cultivation had gathered. They were the five Grand Imperial Sages.

They stood in a perfect circle, their auras concealed and controlled. Tuo Bihan wore his dull grey robes, seeming like an ordinary old man with a lazy glint within his eyes. However, those familiar with him would understand from his expression that his mind was occupied with exceptional thoughts. As the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme Creation Mountain, a revered cultivator at the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, and Alchemic Emperor, he was definitely the most prominent member here.

In terms of status, ability, and seniority, he reigned supreme over the others without exception. Despite that, his relative low-key involvement in the sect ’s affairs was well-known. Unfortunately, his lazy days of lounging about had to be placed on pause.

”Is it true? ” A voice filled with power and dark violence rumbled. It originated from a three-meter tall giant. He had curved black spikes protruding from his elbows and knees, his eyes were simply filled with violet flames, and his bald head was particularly smooth. His violet-skinned figure had an endless presence with his dominating musculature, covered by impressive jet-black armor.

This was Yao Zhen, the newest Grand Imperial Sage, and the reason for the Extreme Demon Mountain ’s existence. He was undoubtedly the youngest amongst the five, an indicator of his outstanding talent and potential. On his expression was an imposing frown that seemed terrifying without a hint of anger.

”It is, ” a feminine voice responded. It was harmonious like music, and it could cause the bones of men and women alike to turn soft. Despite its quality, it caused those of a strong will to immediately become vigilant as if facing a great enemy. A tall, slender female elf that stood at over six feet tall, dressed in pure white robes with nine-colored mist shrouding her face. Despite her concealment, not a single one of these elite figures called her on her actions.

However, one could tell she was an exceptional beauty of the ages. Those experienced would notice the faint pure yin aura emitting from her body, an unintentional and uncontrollable side-effect of Primal Yin nourished for hundreds of years untouched. This aura was capable of causing weak-willed men to fall prey to their basest desires.

Fortunately, none of these figures today lacked a hint of will. Their paths were littered with corpses, schemes, and conquered trials. If they lacked will, reaching their heights would ’ve been impossible.

She was Qin Rui, the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme Origin Mountain.

Yao Zhen coldly growled. The entire sky palace rumbled. Even the Sky Layer beneath them quivered.

Another interjected at this moment, ”According to Heavenly King Wei ’s report, the attempt failed and Qi Lang, the continental Guardian, has apprehended Jiang Lanlan. The attack wasn ’t a deliberate act of war. ” This statement diffused some of the tension, but Yao Zhen ’s violet flames started burning even fiercer than before. One could tell that he cultivated a fierce Ocular Cultivation Method, and his emotions were leaking through.

”They attacked a continent under our control, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands. This obviously violates the Tri-Peace Accords! ” Yao Zhen spoke, and while it was low, it was intense that wind seemed to be birthed within the room. The robes of everyone fluttered.

”Haaa… ” The one who sighed was a valiant-looking middle-aged man with sword-like eyebrows and canine-type piercing eyes. He had a tail sporting from his back that seemed like an independent lifeform and his ears were ears of a canine, an indicator of his beastman lineage. His aura effused a sharp aura, but this intent was two-fold, as if one was boundlessly tyrannical and the other endlessly majestic. He was the one who tried to diffuse the tension. ”It ’s not that simple, Grand Sage Yao. ”

The Tri-Peace Accords was established two hundred years ago by the San Clan, the current ruler of the Tri-Vision Starfield. It was settled after a devastating conflict had erupted, and the Sacred Light Palace, Demonic Abyss Mountain, and Elemental Heaven Pavilion clashed with the Myriad Monarch Sect. This conflict was intense, and at the time, the Myriad Monarch Sect was the strongest force.

This war lasted for thirty years, and the Myriad Monarch Sect had to reveal some devastating trump cards from the previous eras and unleashed hell. However, the losses sustained by the Myriad Monarch Sect might ’ve been lesser than the three other forces, but they sustained the most damage individually.

The San Clan intervened when the Myriad Monarch Sect was about to release their strongest trump card and take down the other three forces with them in a final effort. If they hadn ’t, the entire starfield might ’ve been left in shambles. Not one of these Hegemons were to be underestimated, especially the Myriad Monarch Sect who ruled over the entire starfield once before, a feat the other three forces hadn ’t accomplished.

In an attempt to establish peace, the Tri-Peace Accords were deliberated, agreed upon, and signed. The San Clan would act as mediators and deal punishments against those who broke the agreement. It was only this intervention that allowed a peaceful era to begin. Unfortunately, the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s all-inclusive and authority-based system with clear rewards and punishments couldn ’t eclipse the nepotism and favored systems of the other forces.

They produced numerous elites while they struggled to regain their footing after the war. This was the only reason the Myriad Monarch Sect lacked. In fact, their system wasn ’t horrible in the cultivation world, and with sufficient time, they would certainly regain their previous strength and their peak status. It was because their strict system gave everyone with talent the ability to ascend new heights.

In terms of the number of experts, those in the Astral Core Realm in general, the Myriad Monarch Sect was unmatched, exceeding all three sects combined. They merely lacked top-tier experts because they didn ’t devote all their resources to individuals who hadn ’t earned it or displayed their worth.

”The Tri-Peace Accords specifically forbids attacks on continental flat earths by Third Stage Astral Core and above cultivators. Jiang Lanlan is at the Second Stage. Technically, she didn ’t violate the Accord. ” Ji Changkong, the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme War Mountain stated. His sharp aura fluctuated and revealed his discontent with this loophole. Just like their own restrictions on the Bloodforge Continent, the accord stated the same.

This had to do with the difference in sheer power between Second and Third Stage experts. Those at the latter could easily cause a collapse of a continent with a full-force attack, killing the lives of all those on the continent and shattering its stability. Furthermore, if they wanted, their Soul Idol and Spiritual Spells could cover an entire continent, silently shattering the mind, body, and spirits of everyone on the continent in a flash.

It was horrifically easy to do. Qi Lang, the Continental Guardian of the Bloodforge Continent, and Xiang Ling, who acted as the Continental Guardian of the Myriad Yore Continent, were both at this level and could cover the entire continent with their spiritual sense. In moments, they could inspect all activity without much issue.

”Jiang Feilan sent their Ambassador with a statement. ” The one who spoke had a calm, drawn-out voice. She seemed old and his scaly face and reptilian eyes revealed her beastman lineage. With the dark-green turtle shell and hunched back, her eyes were calm and wise. She was the Beastwoman of an ancient tortoise lineage. Despite that, her age paled when compared to Tuo Bihan. Her name was Zen.

Her words caused all those present to turn their gazes over. Jiang Feilin was the Palace Master of the Sacred Light Palace. It was an elven-dominated force, and the force established by the Sacred Elven Queen after the King of Everlore Era had reached a near end.

Jiang Feilan was a figure with reputable strength and a splendid cultivation base. She was in the top three most likely to successfully ascend the Seventh Astral Tribulation and become a Realmlord. Of course, Yao Zhen, their newest and youngest Grand Imperial Sage, was similarly within that list.

Zen waited for a brief moment and then continued, ”Jiang Feilan ’s official response is that her daughter ’s actions were those of an inexperienced youngster. It shouldn ’t be taken seriously. She will send an Envoy to retrieve her and personally punish her for her actions. ”

”What?! ” Yao Zhen flared. Ji Changkong wasn ’t too far behind. His aura was like a saber and sword as he expressed his discontent and shock. This was absolutely insulting! They expected at least an apology and words alluding to compensation, not this garbage.

”She ’s lucky Heavenly King Wei didn ’t execute her on the spot! ” Qin Rui said coldly. To think Jiang Feilan wanted to simply brush this event aside and claim her daughter with zero losses? What did she take them as?

”If they think we ’ll simply smile and move aside while they treat our citizens and continents like disposables that could be damaged and discarded at will, they underestimate us! War! ” Yao Zhen ’s fist clenched as he shouted. The violet flames in his eyes erupted wildly.

”War! ” Qin Rui echoed. While her voice was like music, the crescendo and tone at this moment were lethal. The Myriad Monarch Sect wasn ’t a sect that allowed such actions without retaliation.

Ji Changkong didn ’t respond, but his eyes and aura said it all. None of these figures were those nurtured with resources that they hadn ’t obtained themselves and fought for. They climbed mountains of corpses and made rivers of blood on their way to the top. They had innate pride and self-respect that couldn ’t be impugned on.

”We can ’t, ” Tuo Bihan plainly said. The raging auras of three Grand Imperial Sages were daunting, but to Tuo Bihan, he didn ’t lose out despite not leaking a single trace of his aura.

”Why?! ” Yao Zhen exclaimed, but his emotions had clearly resided a little. Before Tuo Bihan, he held the utmost respect for. Without this man ’s guidance and kindness while he was rising, allowing him to earn and receive eighth-grade alchemical products, reaching his current heights at his age was highly unlikely.

The tension lowered slightly.

”He ’s right. The Tri-Peace Accords weren ’t broken. Jiang Feilan knows we can ’t take action unless we want to be attacked from every direction, including the San Clan. While we might be able to ensure they suffer tremendous losses, the Myriad Monarch Sect would definitely vanish from this world. ” Zen ’s words were spoken with a wisp of insight and wisdom. If it was three hundred years ago when they stood at the peak, they could fight to the last and take everyone and everything with them, but now…

While it was sad to admit, it was the truth.

The room became quiet.

”We demand compensation, ” Ji Changkong stated. This was his bottom-line. If they didn ’t agree, he steeled his heart to personally kill Jiang Lanlan at this very moment, traveling to the Bloodforge Continent to do so. Unbeknownst to him, Yao Zhen and Qin Rui had similarly made this oath in their hearts.

”Of course, ” Tuo Bihan nodded.

”… ” Zen swept her gaze around and shook her head slightly. They were all prideful and unyielding individuals. In the end, this was the least they would accept.

Tuo Bihan didn ’t continue on this subject, ”That little lass is stuck on the Bloodforge Continent. ” These words caused everyone to frown. Wei Wuyin ’s four years in the Myriad Monarch Continent was an absolute godsend. Others might not know this but Wei Wuyin was providing a steady supply of Astral Dipper Fountain Pills.

It wasn ’t just in the hundreds but the tens of thousands. While it was merely a low-tier seventh-grade pill, it was immensely beneficial to Qi Condensation Realm experts at the Infused Spirituality Phase. It allowed them to build up their Mortal States, allowing the creation of more experts.

With his current situation, that supply was severed. And due to constraints, this would likely last decades.

Yao Zhen frowned. While the others might not know, he had specifically accepted…an exchange…No to be frank, it was a bribe. For ten Astral Sea Pills and Demon Sea Pills, he turned the other cheek and allowed Wei Wuyin to leave the Myriad Monarch Sect. This was supposed to be a private matter and his identity was meant to be concealed.

No one was supposed to know he had left.

Ji Changkong frowned. While the others might not know, he had specifically accepted…an exchange…No to be frank, it was a bribe. For ten Astral Sea Pills and Blood Star Refinement Pills, he looked the other way and allowed Wei Wuyin to leave the Myriad Monarch Sect. This was supposed to be a private matter and his identity was meant to be concealed.

No one was supposed to know he had left.

Qin Rui frowned. While the others might not know, she had specifically accepted…an exchange…No to be frank, it was a bribe. For ten Astral Sea Pills and Nine Element Infusion Pills, she closed her eyes and allowed Wei Wuyin to leave the Myriad Monarch Sect. This was supposed to be a private matter and his identity was meant to be concealed.

No one was supposed to know he had left.

Zen frowned. While the others might not know, she had specifically accepted…an exchange…No to be frank, it was a bribe. For ten Astral Sea Pills and Aquatic Blessing Pills, she let him use the Void Gate and allowed Wei Wuyin to leave the Myriad Monarch Sect. This was supposed to be a private matter and his identity was meant to be concealed.

No one was supposed to know he had left.

Tuo Bihan saw the simultaneous changes in everyone ’s expressions. They were all given agreements to not permit Wei Wuyin to leave without an escort, yet…somehow, he escaped beneath their noses. He felt somewhat displeased at their negligence.

”…Our number one priority is developing a replacement Void Gate to bring Heavenly King Wei back. ” Zen added.

”Agreed. ” Ji Changkong, Qin Rui, and Yao Zhen echoed without hesitation.

”… ” Tuo Bihan felt something wasn ’t right.

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