Paragon of Sin

Chapter 22: Informed

ed the God-level, the Sixth Stage of Qi Condensation, False Reality Phase. There were eleven of them standing in discussion, with the Sect Leader acting as a core figure of said discussion.

The Sect Leader was not a man, but a woman. She wore a simple scarlet robe, had phoenix eyes, thin eyebrows, cherry lips, a lithe figure, and hair tied up in a bun. She exuded a natural aura of supremacy and authority as she talked.

”I ’ve received word that Wei Wuyin has just returned. I ’ve already called back the search team. ” Her voice was powerful, and only made one forced to listen.

However, a grand elder hastily added, ”He ’s returned. That ’s great! We can now figure out what cultivation treasure he possesses and use it for the benefit of the sect. ” His words were alluring and tinted with greed, and many of the other elders had their eyes shine with faint desire.

Wei Wuyin was a nobody from a third-rate clan, subordinate to a second-rate sect that was just a subordinate of theirs. He entered the sect early and suddenly revealed an explosive rise in cultivation. Not many believed it was a treasure, but innate talent, until Jiu Lang started to spread rumors of a cultivation treasure.

The rumors seemed to be further validated by Wei Wuyin ’s birthing of two high-level elemental qi and reaching the Yang Growth Phase in his mid-twenties. Barely any of them could believe such rapid and astounding progress. He had to be the most talented individual ever since the Scarlet Solaris Sect ’s inception.

Now, very few believed that sheer innate talent contributed to his achievements. They attributed it to a cultivation treasure that could increase one ’s talent or potential. There were many records of objects like that existing. In fact, the Imperial Wu Clan had one, which was why the country was called the Wu Country.

In fact, Wu Xinghong, their Ancestral Elder, was a descendant of the Imperial Wu Clan and couldn ’t be any more familiar with cultivation treasures. If their sect had one, they could reach unprecedented heights. They may even create a few more Godlords!

The thought left many of them salivating. However, the Sect Leader, Su Linya, had other thoughts. ”You think we haven ’t investigated the rumors? Both I and the Ancestral Elder have inspected him thoroughly. There is no cultivation treasure. In fact, his talent is purely his own. ”

Her words silenced them all. Of course! Even if Wei Wuyin had a cultivation treasure, the moment it was rumored, how could Wu Xinghong and Su Linya not investigate? If they couldn ’t find anything, then likely there was none.

However, this frightened a few of them. An elder skeptically said, ”So he condensed two high-level elemental qi with talent alone? ”

Su Linya shook her head. ”The Ancestral Elder generously bestowed him three violet lightning crystals as a reward for his outstanding performance during the Core Disciple Competition. He had also found a thousand-year Steel Essence Source while out on a mission. With those two things, he birthed them. ”

”What?! ” This brought an even greater uproar than before. Only three violet lightning crystals? With two, a person has a high chance of forming elemental lightning qi, but actually birthing violet lightning?! That ’s…

”I personally watched him during his mission hunting the Violet Moon Sect and while he cultivated in the Yang Yore Fields. With his talent, a bit of ingenuity, and luck, he reached his current cultivation without any foul play involved. ” Su Linya stated calmly. Since hearing of Jiu Lang ’s rumors, she had to make sure of the validity of it. Besides being a little lucky, Wei Wuyin had outstanding talent.

If Wei Wuyin heard this, he would be incredibly shocked! Perhaps even a little creeped out. However, more relieved than anything. With this being known, his status was essentially solidified and so was his importance to the sect.

”… ” The grand elders all had various expressions, some intrigued at the prospect of Wei Wuyin ’s talent and the Scarlet Solaris Sect ’s future, others disappointed that he didn ’t have a cultivation treasure. It ’s not like they could steal one ’s comprehension or thoughts.

”Hm? ” Su Linya looked towards the entrance suddenly. She waved her hand and the door to the room opened revealing a figure. With silver eyes, scarlet robes, and a steady aura, he announced himself.

”Core Disciple Wei Wuyin seeks an audience with Sect Leader. ”

The other grand elders turned towards Wei Wuyin. They weren ’t shocked that he arrived. If someone as outstanding as him didn ’t take initiative to meet the leaders of the sect, they would find it odd.

”Come. ” Su Linya beckoned for him to approach. Wei Wuyin did so immediately. He was completely calm despite arriving before the true top figures of the sect. Quite a few elders liked his stability and confidence, a few others with loose relations with Jiu Lang felt it was him being too confident.

Wu Xinghong inspected Wei Wuyin, and his eyes brightened imperceptibly. This child had actually birthed wood qi! He could feel the faint natural aura exuded. It seemed his elemental birth had been a recent endeavour, making it difficult to conceal from his gaze. He truly was a lucky one.

To birth metal, lightning, and wood! He must be pursuing a Heart of Elemental Qi! The very thought made Wu Xinghong place an even greater level of importance on Wei Wuyin. He was even considering using his own wealth to obtain high-level magma and ice essence sources. If Wei Wuyin actually established a Heart of Elemental Qi, he had a shot at becoming a true king.

”Seniors, If I may. ” Wei Wuyin greeted and politely requested to speak freely.

”Speak what ’s on your mind, ” Su Linya responded.

”Yes. Thank you, Sect Leader. While I was out, I discovered a piece of information that may bring a calamity to our sect. ” Wei Wuyin said confidently.

”What?! Calamity? What do you me- ” an elder immediately questioned but was interrupted by Su Linya.

”Let him speak! ” After quieting the room, she gestured for Wei Wuyin to proceed. She took this very seriously. Wu Xinghong ’s eyes widened slightly. Wei Wuyin ’s words felt familiar to him.

”I learned that there was a person kidnapped by our sect ’s disciple who may be linked to a powerful force. I fear that a powerful force is looking for or already knows where that person is, and will soon be descending upon us swiftly. ”

At first, he was a little vague, but purposefully. He wanted to instigate questions and disbelief, and then they ’ll feel compelled to verify this.

Everyone frowned, and many wanted to speak, but no one did. They allowed him to continue.

”This person has emerald hair, eyes, and blood. It is a woman, and she was captured by Jiu Lang, a core disciple of our sect. It ’s possible that she is being held in the sect and may or may not already be dead. ”

”… ” Those words were met with resounding silence.

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