Paragon of Sin

Chapter 247: Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality

”…WHAT?! ” Long Chen ’s mind, heart, and body shook from shock. A flash of disbelief crossed his thoughts as he couldn ’t possibly conceive this as a real event. The birth of a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist?! What did that mean?

It meant another King of Everlore that propped up an entire era was born. It meant a Mortal Sovereign that could promote and support those to become Realmlords, Timelords, and Starlords! In the current Tri-Vision Era, there were merely two Realmlords! They belonged to the San Clan whose history was deeply intertwined with the King of Everlore. Despite this, the San Clan wasn ’t renowned for their talent.

Because of their bloodline limitations, as in they only cultivated and supported those of their bloodline, their talent pool was massively low and their geniuses paled in comparison to others. If it wasn ’t for their Realmlords, they would barely count as a hegemonic force.

To better illustrate, there were less than thirty Sixth Stage Astral Core Realm experts throughout the territory. The San Clan had the same amount of those as Realmlords: two. The Myriad Monarch Sect, known for being the weakest of the hegemons, had five! While this didn ’t count guardian beasts that could exert such power or external tools, this was their strength.

The other three factions had six or more each. Even the Alchemist Association had three experts at that level. While two of these experts were mostly independent and ran first-rate sects and forces, they were in a deep, unbreakable alliance with the Alchemist Association. While the other expert was reclusive and truly independent with no force holding her down. She freely roamed the world.

This was a total of twenty-nine known experts at this level! While there were likely more in secluded cultivation, trying to accumulate enough fortitude and strength to ascend to the Seventh Stage, this was those publicly recognized and widely considered as rulers.

Yet the birth of a Mortal Sovereign would change the landscape once more! He became animated. If he had an expert of that level supporting his cultivation efforts, he believed that with his talents, he could reach the Mystic Ascendant Realm in less than a hundred years. His foundation would similarly be more robust and vast than others, promoting his combat abilities to a level that rivals those ancient characters!

”Who is it?! ” Long Chen asked Wu Yu, but he was met with a non-response. Wu Yu kept his eyes closed and kept his head pointed towards the sky.

”… ” Long Chen ’s curiosity was left unsated. Forcefully, he had to make his own guesses. The Extreme Creation Mountain ’s Grand Imperial Sage Tuo Bihan was an expert with a thousand years beneath his belt of experience and cultivation. According to Hong Ru and Xiao Bing, he was regarded as the number one human cultivator in the entire starfield. This was mainly due to his purist path and his efforts in the Dao of Alchemy. He could support his own cultivation with products of seventh and eighth-grade, so how could his cultivation base be fragile?

If it was Tuo Bihan, their Myriad Monarch Sect would experience a grand breakthrough. If he tried his best, perhaps he could earn some products from him. His eyes gleamed with excitement. Unfortunately, he was the only one who was informed of theStellar Manifestation of the Mortal Sovereign, so no one else could even begin to guess. In truth, he didn ’t truly understand it either.

The Stellar Manifestation of a Mortal Sovereign was termed as such because it was the phenomenon that was created whenever a ninth-grade product was successfully created, regardless of what it was. This was a form of recognition by the Alchemic Dao. The ninth-grade of a product was the peak of Mortal limits. If Wu Yu was clear on this, then Long Chen ’s thoughts would be different.

This meant the legitimate birth of a ninth-grade product!

”…What ’s…that? ” A weak voice resounded him behind the group, causing all to turn their heads. Wu Yu vanished, retreating into the ring within a blink of an eye without being seen by anyone. While he rested in the ring, he sighed deeply. If it was Tuo Bihan, that would be good, but only Alchemic Astral Force could concoct ninth-grade products; this was a rule established in the Alchemic Dao.

While an alchemist at the Mystic Ascendant Realm, using conversion methods would be able to produce equivalent alchemical strength, they needed to reach that level first.

Otherwise…it was impossible.

Long Chen turned and saw Na Xinyi walking while panting. Her fragile body was covered in faint sweat. This sweat wasn ’t fragrant. In fact, due to her lack of yin energies, it was quite putrid and disgusting to smell. A single whiff might turn one into vomiting their lunch and breakfast.

Her current state truly lacked any form of feminine appeal and charm commonly renowned amongst cultivators of her gender. From her smell to her dim eyes, she seemed in desperate straits. Long Chen unhesitantly arrived beside her, grabbing her frail body by the waist and said with concern, ”You should be resting. ”

Na Xinyi gently smiled and turned to look up at the sky. ”A new moon? ” It was said that those of certain constitutions saw certain things clearer than others. From her lack of confusion regarding the shape of the manifestation, merely its appearance, one could see she was one of those people.

Long Chen said, ”It ’s a Stellar Manifestation of the Mortal Sovereign. ” Announcing the information he was just told, his eyes lifted to look at the light intensely. Na Xinyi exclaimed in wonder, followed by everyone else.

”What ’s that? ” Hong Ru said, her fiery body and disposition were truly tantalizing to the eyes, especially when bathed in the multicolored light of the manifestation.

Everyone else ’s ears opened wide as they turned to Long Chen for answers. Long Chen said with awe and amazement, ”It means a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist has been born! ”

”…! ” Everyone went silent from shock. The normal reaction for most would be disbelief, especially with their constant upbringing on the undisputed legend of the King of Everlore, but they reacted differently; they all fully believed Long Chen who was usually more knowledgeable about matters and their eyes widened into full moons!

While they were sent into silence because of shock, Lu Feng, who remained innocent and ignorant of various matters, said with astonishment: ”Heavenly King Wei is already a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist?! He truly is the Prince of Everlore! Awesome!! ” Unlike the others, he was born recently, not even being twenty years of age; his exposure to the external world was mostly superficial. Therefore, he spoke what he first believed to be true.

”… ” Na Xinyi, Lian Yu, Wu Baozhai, and Long Chen ’s pupils shook simultaneously. Especially Na Xinyi.


Up in the sky palace, within it, there was a single figure who was drenched by the light. Before him was a cauldron that was the source of this light, his silver eyes were steady as he regarded the single existence within it.

In his heart, he hadn ’t expected the phenomenon. According to King, Ori, and Kratos, the entire world was rumbling because of the influence the pill had on the world ’s ambient mana. It was like every piece of dirt and air particle was being suppressed by a Sky Ruler ’s Sky Pressure. It led to a tremendous reaction.

Furthermore, he couldn ’t conceal the Stellar Manifestation of the Mortal Sovereign from arising. In fact, he couldn ’t divert the slightest bit of attention away from the concoction process. While the other products were absolutely easy, and even eighth-grade products were rather simple for him to concoct, but this ninth-grade pill was a thousand times more difficult.

He felt that a single mistake, a single slip-up, and the reaction from failure would definitely injury him severely. It was like walking on a thin needle-like rope. It was likely due to his first time concocting it, but the process was infinitely more complex and confusing. Fortunately, he had Alchemic Eden Force and the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity.

With it, he could clearly see and observe every reaction and change during the concoction process and hurriedly use various methods to compensate or deviate to correct an error. It was thanks to their dual efforts that he succeeded in his very first try.

If anyone were to hear that he succeeded concocting a ninth-grade product at his first try, perhaps many alchemists would revere him as a god. However, he still found this a little disappointing. This was because his first pill of the ninth-grade was low-tier and of the low-quality, barely capable of passing the limits of a successful pill.

The light within the cauldron started to fade at this moment, and so did the manifestation. It vanished as if it was returning to the world. The light that painted the clouds, sky, and the world slowly faded as well. He felt as if the pill had achieved its goal of proclaiming its creation into the world. Now that it was finished, it could do its purpose.

He reached out and wrapped his hand around the pill that levitated by its own power. The pill looked like a miniature black sun with endless ocean waves within its body. It was barely the size of a children ’s marble, but the energies and alchemical efficacy within could rival a continental flat earth.

He felt the innate power vibrate against the skin of his palm. He hadn ’t even touched it yet, but he knew that this pill by itself could kill all Qi Condensation Realm experts with its aura alone. If he threw it somewhere, its aura would change the environment after several years and create a holy cultivation ground that might be able to birth Astral Core Realm experts.

He overturned his palm, bringing it closer to himself, and he observed its dark color and solar prominence it was emitting. It truly looked like a small, black sun.

”So…this is the Everlore Ascension Pill? ” He marveled. This was THE Everlore Ascension Pill. The very same pill that started the King of Everlore ’s reign and the Princess of Everlore ’s current rise, birthing an Alchemic Astral Soul by overcoming the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation.

In the original description, it states the pill can help regulate the offensive power within the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation and allow for ease of ascension. But having overcome the Astral Tribulation himself, concocted the pill himself, he knew that its effect was far more profound. This pill was absolutely heaven-defying and could allow others to experience what his Astral Souls felt: the full nourishment of the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation.

With the tempering being fully accepted without a hint of danger, one could comprehend Intent far easier than before, and gain immense insight into the foundational constitution of their Astral Soul. All this without danger! How fantastical! The Alchemic Dao was truly wondrous!

Furthermore, that was merely its first effect. Products typically had a primary and secondary effect, with a few having a tertiary effect. A complete low-quality pill will have a hundred percent of its primary effect. A high-quality will bolster a secondary effect, and a peak-quality will strengthen the secondary effect and could sometimes unlock third effects.

The secondary effect of the Everlore Ascension Pill, the one that defined the King of Everlore ’s name, was its most prominent effect. With it, one can give birth to a wisp of Everlore Essence. This essence can increase the Mortal States of experts of any and every realm, all the way to the 9th Mortal State. This meant changing a person ’s foundation to the utmost, post-Mortal Star Formation Tribulation. This was absolutely and truly heaven-defying!

It was this reason that Wu Jiao in the Myriad Yore Continent said a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist was required! This was purely based on his minor understanding of the King of Everlore ’s legacy pill.

A peak-quality Everlore Ascension Pill created Everlore Zenith Essence, and it can allow an Astral Soul at the 9th Mortal State to reach the Zenith Mortal State!!

Wei Wuyin frowned as he looked at the Everlore Ascension Pill; it was merely a low-quality pill. It would be beneficial to Su Mei, Ying, and Wen Mingna. From what he knew, it was this pill that caused countless Astral Core Realm experts to be birthed. According to records, the King of Everlore diluted the pill into a pool, lowering its efficacy, but all those at the 6th and lower Mortal States could still use it to effectively bypass their Mortal Star Formation Tribulation with relative ease.

”I can make this a liquid solution and birth a hundred Astral Core Realm. If I dilute it further, those at the 5th Mortal State and lower, but it expands to two thousand. If even further diluted to its effective limit, 4th Mortal State and lower with a number of a fifty thousand. That ’s impressive. No wonder the King of Everlore ’s era was renowned for its hundreds of millions of Astral Core Realm experts. A single pill can make a legitimate army. ” Wei Wuyin was in awe, but he didn ’t idle further in his own thoughts as he realized the commotion had brought forth an audience.

”For now, I should have enough strength to proclaim myself as an Emperor Alchemist. I need an excuse for this anyways, lest others investigate too deeply. It would be best if I used an eighth-grade pill as a smokescreen for now. ” He sighed somewhat as he carefully sealed and kept the Everlore Ascension Pill. Then, he once more brought out materials and concocted an eighth-grade pill, the Spatial Spirit Pill.

It was a low-tier, eighth-grade pill that prematurely adapted the Astral Soul with pure spatial energies. When one assailed the Fourth Stage, it would benefit in forming a greater degree of Spatial Resonance, strengthening the innate quality of one ’s refined spatial energies, and the rate at which it was absorbed.

It was the best preparation pill for those who wished to ascend the Spatial Resonance Phase, especially for those like Zuhei who lacked compatibility with spatial energies. According to the recipe, this pill can guarantee a minimum of achieving a Five-Ripple Resonance. This was far above average, and thus was absolutely insane!

Even Tuo Bihan, a purist who cultivated their foundation to the maximum they could, was only capable of forming a Sixth-Ripple Resonance, overcoming the sixth level of that Astral Tribulation.

After completing the pill, its aura freshly baked, he calmly inhaled and left his alchemy room. It was about time to create another uproar!

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