Paragon of Sin

Chapter 248: What If I Tried?

e birth of a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist.

When Lu Feng had exclaimed how awesome Wei Wuyin was, they froze as an unwillingness crept into a few of their hearts. These few were particularly Wu Baozhai and Lian Yu, and especially Long Chen.

He didn ’t divulge the true meaning of the manifestation, keeping its truth to himself. According to Wu Yu, the Stellar Manifestation of the Mortal Sovereign will only appear with the successful concoction of a ninth-grade pill. As for using the innate energies of the planet, three suns, and moon to support his concoction process, it was absolute bullshit.

This only depressed him further. In a blink of an eye, Wei Wuyin had gone from someone at the same level as him, with merely five years older than him, to heights that rival a figure that even Wu Yu could only look up to.

In his heart, he had always considered Wei Wuyin as having a slight advantage. What genius or elite didn ’t have decades or centuries on him? He inevitably overcame them all in victorious glory. This birthed boundless confidence in himself. As for seeing Wei Wuyin as a rival? He did, but he was an alchemist! He, Long Chen, focused on the Martial Dao! He comprehended Sword and Slaughter Intent, merged two Astral Souls, and cultivated the profound Imperial Heaven Qi Method.

He was set to become a Grand Monarch of the sect, taking control over the Myriad Monarch Canon, and ushering the Myriad Monarch Sect to new heights. He merely needed time and he would one day exceed even Wu Yu with his foundation. Wei Wuyin ’s win was temporary, and he felt confident that he could triumph against him now that he ascended to the Astral Core Realm.

But Wei Wuyin ’s reported combat strength exceeded his own by a level!

Furthermore, his title of Prince of Everlore was rightfully given! If one compared his achievements with the King of Everlore, it would be an insult to Wei Wuyin! The King of Everlore was trash before him. Moreover, with each passing year, Wei Wuyin would have the support of alchemical products like the Spatial Spirit Pill and other eighth-grade and ninth-grade products to establish the purest foundation imaginable.

He would have a near-limitless amount of wealth and access to the sect ’s resources. The support of all its experts and full authority within the sect. Even if he became the Grand Monarch, he would be forced to bow before a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist lest Wei Wuyin supported a competitor and created endless trouble for him. If he was like the King of Everlore, a figure that remained neutral and supported every race equally without allegiances, then that would be best. After all, the King of Everlore had no practical combat ability due to his Astral Soul.

But Wei Wuyin had true combat strength.

He witnessed this when he was suppressed by him in the Myriad Yore Continent. This was not false.

”At least…he ’s not a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, ” Lu Feng said with a depressed expression. He was just informed of the ’rivalry ’ between Long Chen and Wei Wuyin. His big brother was facing this giant with endless talent. It was hard to muster a confident heart.

Those words caused Long Chen ’s heart to tense. Not a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist?

Wu Yu spoke to him telepathically, ”It ’s best you settle your grudge in your heart. He ’s not an existence that you can consider overcoming. At least not now. ”

But Long Chen remained reluctant. He wanted to return the humiliation that was given to him in the Myriad Yore Continent. He wanted to prove to Na Xinyi that her love for him was justified, and she didn ’t need Wei Wuyin; he would ensure her the greatest happiness! He wanted to prove to himself that he had no limits, simply needed time.

”I refuse! ” Long Chen stubbornly resisted accepting this. In the depths of his heart, Wei Wuyin was a demonic wall that he had to overcome. There had to be a way to do so. The cultivation world was boundless and limitless. There had to be some way!

Wu Yu remained silent for a period as he felt the seething emotions within Long Chen. He sighed and felt sympathetic towards Long Chen. His path thus far had been met with countless obstacles, but with the support of himself and others, he always thrived and overcame them all with his tenacious will and honest emotions. For someone like him to accept inferiority after being referred to as trash during his childhood, it was highly unlikely. He had something to prove to himself, and he wouldn ’t accept anything less than the best.

Wu Yu said suddenly, ”There might be a path you can take. But it ’s rather…uncertain. ” These words were like cool, refreshing water to a dehydrated man in the desert. Long Chen ’s eyes brightened. Wu Yu had never steered him wrongly, so he believed him wholeheartedly.

”It ’s difficult but possible. ”

”I ’m willing! ” Long Chen internally shouted. He wasn ’t willing to admit his inferiority.

”If it was my era, it might not be possible, but in this era it is…you have to gain the full support of the Princess of Everlore, ” Wu Yu explained. If Long Chen could obtain the Princess of Everlore full support, then he would essentially have a future King of Everlore supporting him. Regardless of how impressive Wei Wuyin was, he could only rival her achievements in his eyes. This was because she had the support of the Alchemist Association and an Alchemic Astral Soul.

Even to Wu Yu, he never noticed Wei Wuyin ’s Alchemic Astral Soul. He simply believed Wei Wuyin had found a workaround, likely by refining alchemical energies until they reached the appropriate point and using conversion methods. His thoughts weren ’t wrong because it was how the Alchemist Association had created the Princess of Everlore!

Furthermore, Wei Wuyin still had to provide for the sect. If the Princess of Everlore dedicated herself completely to and for Long Chen, then his cultivation would explode without end!

Those words embedded a seed within Long Chen ’s mind. Since he was young, he had unusually great luck with females. Especially talented beauties. He had never intentionally pursued them, trying to focus on his cultivation, but a relationship would naturally develop and their relationship would become intimate.

This was so for Na Xinyi, Lin Ziyan, Qing Qiumu, Wu Baozhai, Lian Yu, Hong Ru, and Xiao Bing! There were also other women he hadn ’t accepted that he knew how crushes towards him.

But…what if he purposefully tried?

The idea deeply entrenched into his thoughts, permeating his sea of consciousness, and became hopelessly infectious. He could do it! He had the charisma, talent, and potential! Would any woman be able to resist if he tried to court them?

If Wei Wuyin was privy to his thoughts at this very moment, he might laugh for three days and two nights. Regardless, he would feel that the ensuing events would be incredibly interesting.

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