Paragon of Sin

Chapter 255: They Arrive

Like the passing of time, the change of seasons was unstoppable, causing fifteen months and come and go. These fifteen months were eventful, merely due to the preparation of the Monarch Spirit Trials that was announced.

These trials were a series of contests that challenged resourceful, cultivation, and innate talent. It was devised as a way to select the one who will receive Wei Wuyin ’s Spatial Spirit Pill. This pill had caused a storm amongst the young geniuses, especially since it was an eighth-grade product.

It was highly possible that despite living for a thousand years, they might never personally see one. After all, there were so little Alchemic Emperors in this world. In fact, there were less than twenty. Moreover, the only one that belonged to the Myriad Monarch Sect exclusively was Tuo Bihan, the Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme Creation Mountain, and widely considered as the strongest human cultivator of his level.

The possibility that they could gain his notice was far too impossible. Even if it was so, the chances of them obtaining an eighth-grade product for their cultivation from him was incredibly unlikely. This Monarch Spirit Trials was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that couldn ’t be ignored. They cultivated to the extreme after the announcements, using their families ’ resources to train to their limits while obtaining various trump cards.

Today was the Monarch Spirit Trials, and it was held on the planet Junia. It was named after the wife of the Grand Monarch Wu Yu, the Founder of the Myriad Monarch Sect. In the Myriad Monarch Astral Territory, only three planets existed, and two of them were named to give Grand Monarch Wu Yu a lasting and honored reminder.

The Myriad Monarch Planet, Junia, and Wuyu. These were the three planets within their astral territory, and one can easily tell that when it came to paying respects to the founder, they didn ’t hesitate. That being said, the Myriad Monarch Sect originally dominated the entire starfield before, and the starfield was named the Imperial Heaven Starfield.

Those in the know regarding the special lineage of the Grand Monarchs would understand its significance.

That name was changed after their eventual decline and the San Clan ’s rise. It was later renamed to the Tri-Vision Starfield.

While various Sky Nobles, Heavenly Kings, even Earthly Elites were gearing up to participate in these trials that will most certainly push these youths to their limits, Wei Wuyin was elsewhere. His thoughts, desire, and current mindset had never touched the Monarch Spirit Trials. In fact, he was touching something else with more impassioned actions.

”Haah…Nnnf…Aaahh…YEH! Mmnf! ” The sounds of moaning and groaning resounded ceaselessly from within a particular sky palace on the seventh level, within one of its many bedrooms.

”So…soo deep…yeh…Right there! YES!! AAAAAAAAH!!! ” A feminine voice seemed to have reached a climax and voiced it to the world with deep energy. It shook the sky palace, the sounds kept concealed by various formations within, but the disturbance was notable to those with keen senses on the Extreme Demonic Mountain.

In this bedroom were two individuals who had just engaged in rough tango, their naked bodies covered in sweat, and the room was an absolute mess. They cuddled, and despite their difference in size and stature, it seemed to create a sensual picture for the sights.

Wei Wuyin stared at this gorgeous demon in his arms who snuggled on his chest with soft movements. Her light-violet skin glistened thanks to her beads of fragrant sweat, and long violet hair cascaded down her back with a shimmer of faint light. Her soft long legs intertwined crossed his own, brushing it a little. Those gorgeous legs allowed her to stand beyond his, nearly eight feet tall.

His silver eyes flashed with a wisp of a smile as he lightly called out her name: ”Da Shan. ” When she lifted her head to meet his eyes, revealing her exquisitely gorgeous jawline, golden irises, and full lips, he couldn ’t help but reach his hand over to grasp a handful of her. And it was a handful he couldn ’t fully contain.

”Again? ” Her eyes revealed a hint of arousal, expectant desire, and an unyielding to reveal weakness. When Wei Wuyin saw that faint competitiveness within her eyes, he moved his hand away and laughed. They had already been at it for four days and three nights, her exceptional stamina and endless desire to conquer him was a little too much.

”Soon. But, are you sure you don ’t want to participate in the Monarch Spirit Trials? ” He asked. Da Shan was a Sky Noble of the Extreme Demonic Mountain, and a demon-hybrid born from a human with a titan bloodline. Her demon lineage originated from a Violet Mountain Demon. It was a small mountain that had received Soul Impartation and later cultivated to gain human form.

Her innate strength was impressive, and many were deeply terrified of her every action or her tendencies to go berserk at the first provocation. However, to Wei Wuyin, she was quite different. She was a gorgeous, headstrong, and competitive beauty that had an unyielding will.

They met two years ago when he visited the Extreme Demonic Mountain after Eden expressed its interest. When he got there, he realized that Eden could absorb demonic energies with ease, even use it to cultivate. But the benefits weren ’t that great. In fact, since his alchemy talents had been revealed, they had barely used the ambient energies and essence to cultivate as it wasn ’t as refined, pure, and enriched as his products.

So besides the recovery of energies, they didn ’t use it.

However, this supported the idea that Eden ’s original form might ’ve been close to becoming a demon. He knew that the Tree of Eden had a mind, but it wasn ’t a legitimate demon. Demons are imparted souls in one way or another, born, and then have the ability to cultivate.

The Tree of Eden had existed for who knows how many years yet it never cultivated a single day in its life; it wasn ’t able to. So having sentient thought and memories did not give one the ability to cultivate, which meant the Tree of Eden had likely received demonic traits after becoming his Spirit, and later Natal Soul.

It might ’ve been an indirect Soul Impartation. Regardless, this ability didn ’t offer many benefits to Wei Wuyin besides being able to live in the Extreme Demon Mountain where it was engulfed with demonic energies. These energies were highly volatile to non-demons.

Demonic energy was different from other energies, and it seemed to be rather unique. It could negatively influence the spirit, body, and mind. It can even drive one to become insane. There was speculation that it was a hybrid-type of energy, different from elemental energies which originate from the Material Dao, or Eden Energies which stems from the Mind Dao, or sword, battle, or slaughter energies as they matched the Ethereal Dao.

Because it can affect all three simultaneously and be used to execute attacks on all three.

In locations where the concentration of demonic energies are dense, it ’s known for being able to alter DNA, bloodline, and instigate changes in one ’s psyche. These would be random and impossible to predict mutations. The most fearful thing is that one doesn ’t become a demon due to these mutations.

This has caused countless demons and other races to speculate that demonic energies don ’t stem from demons, but it simply suited them for cultivation easier. The vast majority of demons form Demonic Hearts of Qi when they cultivate, and it has led to their exceptional combat strength beyond the norm. After all, Demonic Qi influences all aspects of cultivation just the same.

Da Shan had met him exploring the mountain. She hadn ’t expected a human to arrive in the homeland of demons within the Myriad Monarch Sect. At this time, his identity wasn ’t that well-known and not everyone knew how he looked. Regardless, she challenged him to a fight.

At the time, she was a mere Earthly Elite Disciple, her cultivation base at the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm. She directly questioned Wei Wuyin. One thing led to another and they fought, but they merely used their physical bodies. While Wei Wuyin hadn ’t wanted to, this woman was forceful beyond belief.

In the end, he had to draconify, and only then did he exceed her slightly in pure physical strength. After clinching a triumphant and narrow victory, she was unwilling to quit. Of course, if she used her demonic force or Sky Pressure, Wei Wuyin would be facing an undefeatable enemy. But she didn ’t, and she challenged him again.

In a week, he accepted and they fought again, but he won easier this time. Her shock was apparent, but Wei Wuyin was a cheater. He consumed all sorts of seventh-grade physical energies and physique-enhancing products beforehand, doubling his strength instantly.

But she was relentless. In the end, their fists turned into talks which turned into…well…what they are now.

He later helped her establish a seven-ring Soul Idol, and she became a Soul Idol cultivator, rising in the ranks as a Sky Noble. She was soon scheduled to attempt the Heavenly King ’s Trial. If she succeeded, proving a superior combat strength in her cultivation, she would become a Heavenly King of the Extreme Demon Mountain.

Da Shan ’s golden eyes looked into Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes that shone brilliantly with the faint rays of light entering their room. She said, ”Do I need to participate? Will you not make me a Spatial Spirit Pill? ”

Wei Wuyin chuckled, using his hand to cup her face. She was quite beautiful, especially when she was direct like this. ”Of course I will, but the Monarch Spirit Trials will have some good competition. You don ’t want to? ”

Da Shan pouted, laying her head on his chest and softly shook her head. ”If I participate, I ’ll win, and then I ’ll be taking the opportunity to improve away from others. ”

Wei Wuyin was speechless for a moment. Such confidence! But when he thought about the pills and elixirs she refined over the course of these two years, perhaps it was a little bit cheating. In terms of her innate energies, physical body, and cultivation base…she was quite ahead of others. Just a seven-ring Soul Idol exceeded Tuo Bihan and was the only one in the entire sect.

He knew that she wasn ’t being entirely truthful, however. It was likely she had decided to stay behind for another reason. He didn ’t probe. Instead, he pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. ”Again? ”

Her golden eyes sparkled, energy fueling her bright gaze. Unfortunately, just as they were about to continue their series of several day-long battles, Wei Wuyin ’s three-layered ring glowed. A little frustrated at the timing, he still decided to see what the message was. When he did, his eyes widened.

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