Paragon of Sin

Chapter 256: Mediate Into A Wager

The message he received spoiled his mood, his eyebrows furrowed and the light within his silver eyes flashed intermittently. Various thoughts circulated within, and this caused Da Shan to notice. She held her thoughts of straddling Wei Wuyin aside as she asked, ”Something ’s wrong? ”

Those two words caused Wei Wuyin to be brought back to reality, his expression a little confused first before smiling at the gorgeous demon beside him. He lightly shook his head, caressing her violet hair, and responded: ”I have to go. ” Those words were said gently and caused Da Shan to realize the situation was likely an urgent one. She lifted her upper body and nodded. She wasn ’t the type of woman that needed a man ’s undivided attention, so she rose and readied to wash off the sweat that glistened her body.

Wei Wuyin sighed in his heart as he got a full view of her bountiful assets. He clicked his tongue and closed his eyes. In the message, it was Tuo Bihan who had just informed him about the abrupt and eventful interruption that had occurred on Junia, directly before the Monarch Spirit Trials began.

According to him, the Elemental Heaven Pavilion had arrived. They weren ’t alone. With the Alchemist Association alongside them, they brought up two matters that couldn ’t be ignored. Thus, he lifted his body off his bed and hurriedly cleaned his body with water energies infused with an alchemical elixir ’s fragrance. In a matter of seconds, he was thoroughly cleansed with an exquisite smell.

With a set of clothes, donning his Heavenly King ’s robe, he left. The Extreme Demon Mountain was infused with demonic energies year-round. These energies would induce all sorts of ill-effects on humans, beastmen, and elves without a demonic lineage, but with a single breath, the demonic energies were absorbed by his meridians and thoroughly absorbed and directed into Eden.

Eden processed these energies and converted them into supplements for his sea of consciousness, improving his mental abilities with every second—literally. While minute in increment, as time passed, he could double his mental abilities. Wei Wuyin enjoyed staying with Da Shan in this environment, especially as a means to relax and de-stress. It was a suitable hideaway, and even demons in the Extreme Demon Mountain were reclusive cultivation maniacs.

Only someone like Da Shan, outgoing, fierce, and competitive would be seen traveling often throughout the sect, planet, or continents. Turning his head back towards her palace, he couldn ’t help but let reveal a soft smile.


When a step, he soared through the sky like a black streak. His speed was exceptional, exceeding any Sky Ruler known in the starfield. The control, exertion levels, and Sky Pressure he possessed since his four Astral Souls reached the Zenith Origin State was stupendous.

When he arrived at the first level of the Extreme Monarch Mountain, Li Ling, a peak-Mortal Captain Elder and overseer of the Myriad Void Gate, was already there waiting. She had recently received Wei Wuyin ’s transmission and hurriedly prepared the Myriad Void Gate.

She saw him, clearly aware of the events happening on Junia, she said: ”Heavenly King Wei, they… ” Her words were interrupted.

”Open the Void Portal to Junia. ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t need an explanation. He already understood how the Elemental Heaven Pavilion had arrived on Junia. It was clearly with the permission of the Grand Imperial Sages that they arrived. If not, how was it possible?

But the Grand Imperial Sages would never allow the Elemental Heaven Pavilion to step foot on Junia, Wuyu, or the Myriad Monarch Planet. The only way was for them to be tricked. While it was a little embarrassing, it was the truth. He didn ’t need her to explain. He already knew.

She nodded, her actions swift as she started to make preparations, extracting a Void Disk. Wei Wuyin watched her as he pondered to himself, ’The Elemental Heaven Pavilion ’s purpose for this is definitely around the Gateway. The only question is…did they reveal its existence to them? ’



Wei Wuyin heard the various internal spinning gears and formations within the Void Gate start to initiate. His eyes refocused, seeing the black void before him. He didn ’t hesitate to walk directly through.


Planet Junia.

It was a planet enveloped in lush green plains, forests, and grassy mountain ranges. It was eighty percent solid landmass with only twenty being bodies of water. Furthermore, these bodies of water had been thoroughly infected by the extreme wood essence of the planet, causing the water and rain to be bright green. It was a holy ground for Wood Cultivators.

It was the smallest of the three planets that were situated within the current Myriad Monarch Astral Territory and the least populated. Due to its environment, the planet was a natural breeding ground for terrestrial beasts. A majority of the Astral Territory ’s mounts can be traced back to this planet.

It was even titled the Green Mother of Beasts. While merely a title, it truly gave one an understanding of how prominent beasts were within the territory. Because of this, a large majority of the territory was treated as wildlands and allowed beasts to cultivate naturally. This led to it inadvertently being used as a tempering grounds for disciples.

There were numerous disciples of the Mortal Common and Earthly Elite who set up their base here to develop their lower-ranked disciples. With the high population of beasts, including some lower-leveled Star Beasts, they were hunted with vigor.

The Monarch Spirit Trials was determined to occur in one of these hunting locations. The sect collected wild beasts of the Star Beast level and gathered them within a restricted area. Of course, the total area of this location exceeded the entire Myriad Monarch Continent. Therefore, it was still expansive enough to have Sky Rulers and Soul Idol fight to their fullest.

As for destroying the planet? A planet was far, far harder, and more durable than a continental flat earth. To even damage the normal ground of a planet required a Soul Idol cultivator to strike at their fullest, so to think they could cause massive devastation was a delusion dream.

The only ones who have been noted to have the potential to destroy planets with a little bit of time were those at the Realmlord level and beyond. This was mostly because they could refine a planet if they were freely acting with their External Realm Territory.

On the planet, in this location, there was a platform that floated high within the first Sky Layer that expanded a hundred kilometers. This platform was translucent, and it allowed light to permeate through without casting a shadow below. On this planet was Qin Rui, Tuo Bihan, and Ji Changkong. Beside them were other Imperial Sages, Prime Imperial Sages, Earthly Captains, and Heavenly Commanders who were here to observe the promising disciples below.

They were invested in who would take first place within the Monarch Spirit Trials and obtain the eighth-grade Spatial Spirit Pill, forging a potential path to the Grand Imperial Sage.

However, they weren ’t calm and acting as spectators, nor was the competition started. Below, there were two groups of young elites gathered together. The first group was dressed in the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s signature attire, but the second group was divided into two factions. The first had all white with a Nine-Colored Swirl embroidered at their shoulders, back, or chest. They sported this symbol with pride.

They belonged to the Elemental Heaven Pavilion. They were lesser in number when compared to the Myriad Monarch Sect, but their auras and cultivations couldn ’t be underestimated. As for the other faction, they had a cauldron with glittering stars exiting out of it embroidered on them.

There wasn ’t a single person in the Tri-Vision Starfield who would be ignorant of these two symbols, especially not the latter. It belonged to the prominent and highly renowned Alchemist Association!

Above the platform, the Myriad Monarch Sect elites were watching another group with tense, cool, cold, or indifferent expressions. This group belonged to the Elemental Heaven Pavilion and Alchemist Association, and their auras didn ’t lack when compared to the Myriad Monarch Sect despite having far fewer individuals.

Qin Rui ’s concealed expression was the pinnacle of icy-cold, her eyes blazing with murderous intent, but her aura was restrained. If it was just the Elemental Heaven Pavilion, it was all too likely that Qin Rui would strike without holding back. But because the Alchemist Association was present, she restrained herself.

Ji Changkong spoke, his eyes piercing and sharp. ”Qingye Yun, I never thought you would use your invitation to bring…uninvited trash here. ” His words were direct, sharp, and clear. However, the expressions of those elders on the other side, belonging to the Elemental Heaven Pavilion remained unfazed. They knew that Ji Changkong was like a Sword and Saber, his sharpness was unable to be contained.

Seeing his insult being treated like hot air, Ji Changkong ’s hands simmered with traces of sword force. The sword light emitted was quite blinding, seeming ready to pierce into the eyes of these nonchalant Elemental Heaven Pavilion Elders.

Qingye Yun replied with a calming voice, ”Ji Changkong, there ’s no need to be hostile. I ’ve brought them here to help settle an issue you have with them. ” He was an elf, his bright cyan eyes and milky skin gave him a sense of aesthetic beauty often praised amongst elves. With a hair of gold, he was like a god of tranquility and beauty.

Qingye Yun was the Grand Association Master of the Alchemist Association. Not only was he a prestigious Alchemic Emperor, but he was also a cultivator at the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the only expert solely belonging to the Alchemist Association.

Ji Changkong frowned, his sword-light remained. ”Issue? ”

Qingye Yun smiled and explained, ”Regarding the…Door. ”

The eyes of all those in the know had their eyes shrink slightly.

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