Paragon of Sin

Chapter 256: Mediate Into A Wager

ent, clearly she viewed the upbringing and innate talents of the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s juniors as superior to the others. This wasn ’t without justification.

These youths were forced to navigate through schemes, stronger opponents, and cultivate with the utmost diligence in a highly competitive and deadly environment that was the Myriad Monarch Sect. The vast majority of resources they received were earned by their own effort, intelligence, and strength.

Other sects were knee-deep in nepotism, choosing their descendants over talent. But the Myriad Monarch Sect treated everyone equal, and while backing can help you in certain manners, it wasn ’t a reliance. However they wanted to decide the allocation of spots, if it was to compare their younger elites, they would take the vast majority with relative ease—at least in their eyes.

Tuo Bihan, however, shook his head. ”The Monarch Spirit Trials is to decide the chosen member of our Heavenly King Wei ’s Spatial Spirit Pill. The purpose and sanctity of the event isn ’t something we can disturb simply for our dispute. ” His words caused Ji Changkong to stop laughing.

It was only with this reminder did he recall their purpose. He had nearly lost himself in their provocation. This trial was important, likely the next Grand Imperial Sage will come about from these young talents. They ranged from the first stage to the third stage, but they were all under three hundred years old and exceptionally talented.

Qingye Yun seemed entirely unbothered, but the slight moment when ’Heavenly King Wei ’ was mentioned, his eyes slightly twitched unnaturally. He said, ”You ’re right. It wouldn ’t be fair. So, how about we place something also as the first place prize? If we do, then the winner will take all prizes and there should be no unfairness. ”

The eyes of Qin Rui brightened. ”All prizes? ” If they wanted to add their own prizes into the trial, it would have to be equal or greater than a Spatial Spirit Pill.

Lin Ruyan seemed to have expected Qingye Yun, clearly they had coordinated previously as she hadn ’t skipped a beat before she responded: ”Grand Association Master Qingye is right. It would be a little unfair to intrude abruptly, so how about my Elemental Heaven Pavilion places a drop of Spiritual Mana. ”

”What?! ” The elders of the Myriad Monarch Sect were in shock. Spiritual Mana? A single drop of Spiritual Mana was beyond rare! That was because it was man-made. Liquid Mana can be produced by refining mana through unique formations over decades or by a natural process through various special circumstances. Liquid Mana can help enhance a Natal or Astral Soul ’s Mortal State, even produce Mana Essence to reach the Zenith Mortal State.

But Spiritual Mana was different, far, far more special, and endlessly beneficial to all cultivators. The difficulty was in the time to produce and the man-made component. It required liquid mana to be refined constantly for at least a century in spiritual energies of a dozen Soul Idol cultivators. After it was produced, it was said that it can increase the Soul Rings around an Astral Soul by at least a ring, at most two rings.

While this might seem small for such a sacrifice, if someone like Tuo Bihan could obtain it, he could retroactively increase his Soul Idol from six to eight-ring, the resulting strength might give him sufficient confidence to ascend the Seventh Astral Tribulation. Each ring of a Soul Idol essentially doubles the innate spiritual qualities of a cultivator and having a higher quality of spiritual energies also enhances the quality of one ’s Astral Force.

It was boundlessly useful.

If someone at the Sky Ruler Phase were to obtain it, they could amplify their innate spiritual qualities to attempt to obtain a seventh, eighth, or even ninth-ring Soul Idol!

While the shock of this gamble hadn ’t left their faces, Qingye Yun added with a calm voice: ”Since a Spatial Spirit Pill was the first place prize, I ’ll add a Soul-Spirit Pill. ”

”…! ”

A Soul-Spirit Pill was similarly an eighth-grade pill, but it can increase the spiritual qualities of one ’s Astral Soul. Be it strength, aura, sense, or energies, it was beneficial to those at all phases. This was especially so for Sky Rulers, giving them the confidence to assail the Soul Idol Phase and reach the five-ring Soul Idol at minimum.

Given to a talented genius, even a six-ring Soul Idol could form! If these three treasures were used by one talent, if they were properly nurtured, their chances of ascending to the Realmlord level would be the highest in the starfield!

Tuo Bihan frowned, even his heart was moved by this!

Just as he was about to deliberate with the other Grand Imperial Sages, after all…this was a matter of utmost importance. But a voice resounded, cool and calm as the vast blue sky, ”We accept. ”

Everyone turned to see a figure flying over!

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