Paragon of Sin

Chapter 271: Grand Spirit Trials

Wei Wuyin was a high-profile figure, and despite the tension with the other Sky Nobles and Heavenly Kings, the elders and seniors knew of his importance. He was a future Alchemic Emperor with at least a thousand years of premium life. With this, he will be the father of many talents and experts in the coming future, likely establishing an era for himself.

The word ’likely ’ was used because of the Princess of Everlore. In their thoughts, Wei Wuyin had potential, but potential wasn ’t a certainty. There was once a thirteen year old Alchemic Lord two hundred years ago, and he was regarded as an exceptional talent in the Dao of Alchemy. There were numerous individuals who believed he would become an Alchemic Emperor within a hundred years, becoming the youngest Alchemic King. But when he faced seventh-grade products, the gate to becoming an Alchemic King, he failed. Even today, he resided in the Alchemist Association, and was merely a high-level Alchemic Lord

In two hundred years, he was unable to leap out of the river and into the dragon ’s gate. He remained a lowly carp struggling against the currents.

While the Spatial Spirit Pill was evidence of Wei Wuyin ’s talent, it wasn ’t a certainty in terms of how long he ’ll truly take to reach the level to concoct it without consuming the vital energies of the planet to reinforce himself. To them, they thoroughly believed the news released by Tuo Bihan, and felt that it was normal. However, that method couldn ’t be used otherwise the planet would decline.

There were a few seniors who walked forward and introduced themselves, and these few shameless seniors led to more individuals talking to him in a cordial manner. Wei Wuyin was an adequate conversationalist, so he met them head-on. They were excited to see his response, which soon led to him being swarmed with seniors.

Zuhei, Su Mei, and Hong Chunhua were soon forced to retreat while Wei Wuyin was surrounded by these renowned experts. They exchanged pleasantries and jokes, the atmosphere soon became quite lively.

In this group of young elites, Long Chen was there. His eyes were gazing at the crowd of old farts chatting with Wei Wuyin. He shook his head, ”Shameless. ” These elite experts were trying to form a relationship with Wei Wuyin, putting on a mask of friendly warmth. They merely wanted to seek benefits.

”They may be shameless, but it isn ’t necessarily bad. ” Within the ring, Wu Yu emotionally said.

”Not bad? ” Long Chen was stunned. These old foxes were maneuvering the favor of a junior, disposing of their dignified aura and lofty status for a chance at benefits. To him, they seemed like attention-seeking servants wanting to be the first to wipe Wei Wuyin ’s ass.

Wu Yu sighed, ”You don ’t understand how difficult cultivation is. While your path has been fraught with difficulties, challenges, and battles of life and death, cultivation itself is fundamentally different than those things. Those things you experience were brought about by cultivation, they aren ’t cultivation. Cultivation is peaceful, quiet, and time-consuming. ”

Long Chen was baffled. He didn ’t feel that was the case at all, and this was the first time he disagreed with Wu Yu on a matter of cultivation. How could he justify their actions?

Wu Yu felt Long Chen ’s doubt and went silent. It was hard to tell a talented youth that hadn ’t lived forty years yet but reached a level that those in his surroundings took nearly ten times as long to reach about the truth of cultivation. To them, their cultivation was rapid and unprecedented and they felt that they had the aura of a true elite, expert, or master.

In the end, he tried: ”When I was young, I was considered relatively talented amongst my generation. In fact, I was peerless. I dominated seniors and masters in my era five times my age. I cultivated daily, trained to my limits, and fought to pursue the vast Martial Dao. But when the King of Everlore emerged, his servants that were a tenth my age could kill me with a finger. ”

”What?! ” Long Chen ’s heart shook. He couldn ’t believe it.

Wu Yu continued: ”Fortunately, I was lucky enough to befriend him. He helped me with resources that I ’ve never seen or heard of before, allowing me to reach limits beyond my talent. If I was left alone, I would ’ve died never having become a Realmlord. In fact, I might not even have the qualifications to survive all my tribulations. Me, alongside six others, had gained his favor and changed their destinies.

”With our talent, we used what he offered to the utmost limit. We touched levels unheard of, godly powers we ’ve never even dreamed about. We could shatter continents, create continents, nurture planets, establish realms of our own, and soar through the Dark Void freely. But we didn ’t have to fight for this, we peacefully cultivated to that level with his presence. It was only after he left did we use our strength for… ”

He stopped speaking, but the meaning was clear. The King of Everlore ’s era was a peaceful era that covered the essence of cultivation. There was no plunder, claiming of territories, or battles to the death. Everyone was focused on purely cultivating in this peaceful era, and while deaths occurred, tragedies happened, they never defined the era.

Unlike the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s Imperial Heaven Era. They trounced the other forces beneath their feet, killing mercilessly and dominating all creation.

Or the Divine King Han Xei ’s prejudiced eradication of those of the Dragon Lineage. Those eras weren ’t about cultivation, but about other things. They were the exact inverse of the King of Everlore ’s era.

Seeing those seniors and top-tier characters of the current era smile warmly and speak with friendliness to a junior wasn ’t a disgrace in his eyes. If he had to, he would ’ve done the same. In fact…he was…

Long Chen clenched his fists. After learning that Wei Wuyin had successfully concocted a ninth-grade alchemical product and could be considered as a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist, he felt endless frustration in his heart.

”I ’ll reach your level without his help, ” Long Chen declared in his heart. If it was anyone else, perhaps he would be willing to befriend them, but not Wei Wuyin.

”Everything alright? ” A soft, gentle voice asked beside him. Long Chen snapped out of his emotions, turning to see an impeccably beautiful countenance before him. Those sapphire-like eyes were like the wells of calm, luring one ’s emotions to inevitably settle. This young woman was Lian Yu, and her aura had changed.

She was no longer at the Qi Condensation Realm, but had ascended to the Astral Core Realm. In terms of talent, she had ample amount. While she was often overshadowed by Long Tingyu, Qing Qiumu, and Na Xinyi, she wasn ’t to be underestimated.

She was participating in the Grand Spirit Trials alongside Long Chen, Qing Qiumu, and one other. It was Long Tingyu!

She wore a veil that covered the lower-half of her face completely, only revealing her charmingly lustrous eyes, thin eyebrows, and flawless porcelain-like skin. Just from those clear, violet-colored eyes one could tell she was a heart-crushing beauty.

She was no longer a child, possessing the body of a well-endowed young woman. Her perky, full breasts seemed carved from soft stone, and her hips and slim waist that were mouthwatering. Attached to which was a well-firm and bouncy ass that left one gaze unable to be pulled away with every movement. Her long black hair was pure and glistening from the ambient light.

She was a beauty through and through. And her talent was not lacking, her cultivation base was also at the Astral Core Realm. As she stood there, she seemed like an alluring demon that could attract the attention of the masses.

Xiang Ling was also there, and she was clearly distracted. Her eyes were focused on Wei Wuyin ’s direction, a hint of glaze within. It was as if she was recalling rather intense memories.

Long Chen gently smiled, ”Yeah. ” He unclenched his fist. Regardless of what, Wei Wuyin was still just an alchemist. Even Wu Yu had said that the Dao of Alchemy was too time-consuming, and the cultivation base of the King of Everlore had never been superior to those he nurtured. In the future, he ’ll exceed the Astral Core Realm and become a true expert with his own efforts. At that time, Wei Wuyin would only be able to look up to him.

”Master? ” Long Tingyu called out, her voice was like music to the ears. Those pure eyes were fixated on her master, her expression completely different from her normal calm, alluring, or focused ones she usually had.

Xiang Ling was still in her stupor. It was only when Long Tingyu tugged at her sleeve did she snap out of her daze, turning towards Long Tingyu. ”You said something? ”

Long Tingyu had never seen her master out of sorts like this. She traced her original gaze and realized she was staring at Wei Wuyin. Was she thinking of venturing over and making an impression?

”If you want to go over there, do it. ” If she was still young, she might ’ve been against it, but she no longer had her youthful bias. After all, Wei Wuyin had saved her life. If he hadn ’t intervened that day, she would ’ve been imprisoned even now. However, she didn ’t know about her master ’s thoughts and inner desires.

Xiang Ling blushed slightly, ”It ’s fine. ”

Confused, Long Tingyu looked at her master. Just as she opened her mouth about to throw an inquiry out there, the sky above parted and three figures descended!

As they did, most of everyone looked upwards to see the four figures! They were all Grand Imperial Sages, and their cultivation and status was matchless! The Extreme Demon Mountain ’s Grand Imperial Sage Yao Zhen, Extreme War Mountain ’s Grand Imperial Sage Ji Changkong, and Extreme Origin Mountain ’s Grand Imperial Sage Qin Rui!

Their auras were astonishing and impressive, and when they descended, they became the focus. As for Zen, she remained on the Myriad Monarch Planet, and Tuo Bihan was already on Junia. This will certainly be a spectacular event, and with so many top-tier experts watching, this was an exceptional opportunity for those participating. If they had a good showing and displayed their potential, they might be selected as a disciple or receive personalized nurturing.

In their hearts, they were already fired up.

When Ji Changkong landed, he swept his gaze across everyone. They all had respectful expressions and hints of reverence in their eyes. ”We ’re leaving. ” His words were synchronized with the activation of the Myriad Void Gate.

While it activated, Wei Wuyin ’s eyes looked towards Long Chen ’s group. He hadn ’t looked over for Long Chen, but he felt two sets of familiar gazes on him. He saw Qing Qiumu who was revealing a slight smile and gave off a little inconspicuous wave of greeting. He smiled back.

The other belonged to Xiang Ling, her curvy figure and full lips were immediately noticed. His eyes lit up slightly. That brilliance within was noticed by her, and like a shy schoolgirl, she waved with a pink blush. Wei Wuyin laughed in his heart. She was quite cute. It had been more than a year, no?

There was still a day left before the trial…

As this thought entered his mind, the Void Portal finished forming and led to Junia. Ji Changkong immediately ordered: ”Everyone enter! ”

Long Chen clenched his fist. He intended to claim victory in this trial. It wasn ’t just based on cultivation base, but talent and potential. It was fair for all cultivations, so he would truly soar and reveal his blinding brilliance.

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