Paragon of Sin

Chapter 275: G.S.T Qing Qiumu

Su Mei descended onto Junia enshrouded by spatial energies. She landed in an area of rich grass and a crystal clear lake. It emanated rich water energies that reminded her of the Muu Lake within the Myriad Yore Continent. This area was quite suitable for water cultivators.

When she arrived, she wasn ’t met with any beast or the sight of anyone. Therefore, she quietly inspected the lake and her own reflection. Seeing her face caused her eyes to brighten. She recalled when she was merely a little girl from a small village, unable to lift a finger in protest when selected and taken away from her family.

Now, she was a Sky Ruler. Her cultivation base joined the ranks of millions in a world of tens of trillions. It felt like a dream. She squatted, touching the surface of the lake with her delicate fingers. The flow of water flowed calmly along, and she felt a sense of peace. Within this flow, she saw the image of a bright-eyed, strong figure that smiled back at her.

An irresistible smile formed on her lips. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and felt the world. °I won ’t fall behind.° Her thoughts contained unshakable conviction and vigorous intensity. And her cultivation base proved her will.

The sounds of ruffling resounded nearby. A tall set of bushes on the other side of the lake were in constant movement. Her eyes opened as she stood up, her hands on her saber. But she halted her intent, slowly releasing her saber and allowing Darklight Force flash between her fingertips.

As this trial penalized killing, she should rely on suppression and non-lethal methods. As for her Saber, it was for claiming lives.

The ruffling of the bush soon revealed the figure of a young elven girl with long black hair. She looked as if she was nineteen or twenty, with a naturally gorgeous appearance. While it wasn ’t top-tier, it was sufficient to gain a lot of attention. Her eyes were bright and curious, a trace of vigilance within. Su Mei saw her, her perception noting her cultivation level and attire. She belonged to the Sacred Light Palace and her cultivation was equal to her own.

The young girl also saw her, her eyes scanning Su Mei. But unlike the members of the Myriad Monarch Sect, she sported her own jet-black battle armor that emitted faint dark light. It was tight-fitting, accentuating her curves and revealing her strong physique without losing mobility. She seemed like an independent cultivator or someone from a lesser force. In truth, she wasn ’t a part of the Myriad Monarch Sect in any capacity, serving Wei Wuyin and Wei Wuyin only.

This echoed true for Zuhei as well. His status as a member of the sect had been revoked upon his crippling, and he was no longer a part of the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s hierarchy. He, like her, was simply representing Wei Wuyin who stood with the Myriad Monarch Sect. Their win would translate to his win which meant the sect ’s win.

As Su Mei was about to leave, the young girl called out. ”Big Sister! Wait! ” Despite Su Mei ’s cultivation level, she had ascended late, so while she was around Wei Wuyin ’s age, she, like Wei Wuyin, looked to be in her early twenties. This gave her a strong and stable appearance that only highlighted her looks. But this was usually indicative of her innate energies waning.

While she could change her facial age with alchemical products, since Wei Wuyin hadn ’t done it, she certainly would not resort to it. She halted her steps.

The young girl took this as a good sign and flew forward. Her manner of flight was graceful and practiced, like a young immortal fairy. When she descended, she revealed a smile and asked: ”Big Sister, it ’s fate that we ’ve met! My name ’s Fu Linhua. How about we team up? ” Fu Linhua ’s was direct, but her tone held a wisp of superiority within. This might ’ve been intentional, but the keen of hearing could quickly capture it.

Su Mei inspected Fu Linhua. She contemplated for a moment, and then she directly turned around and left. ”No. ” Her actions and words were incredibly blunt, ignoring Fu Linhua and moving forward on her own. Su Mei wasn ’t an anti-social woman nor someone beyond teaming up, but she knew that the Sacred Light Palace had attempted to assassinate Wei Wuyin. If it wasn ’t for the rules of the Trial of Beasts, she would ’ve already attacked with lethal intent.

Therefore, she declined and left.

Fu Linhua stood there, shocked by Su Mei ’s actions. For a moment she was completely stunned and unable to accept this. She was from the Sacred Light Palace. To receive this treatment felt like an affront to her dignity. If it wasn ’t for the rules of the trial, she would ’ve directly removed Su Mei ’s head from her shoulders.

How dare a lowly cultivator without any status decline her? A baleful light emerged in her eyes. Her killing intent was ignited and she was set in her heart to deliver revenge.

But, something unexpected happened. Su Mei had returned. When she did, she said: ”You ’re right. We should team-up. There ’s a Grey Starred Beast up ahead. We should be able to capture it together. ” Her words caused Fu Linhua to pause for a moment before she gloated internally. Sensing a creature at the same level, and she immediately returned to ask for help?

These lowly cultivators that weren ’t nurtured by the four hegemonic forces were truly pathetic. But she ’ll be benevolent and allow Su Mei to experience the height of true elitism. After, she ’ll give her a talisman that she could track in the second trial. Then, she ’ll let her know about her true strength.

She put on a gleeful smile, ”I knew you ’d come back! Let ’s go! ” With a hop, she flew into the air.

Su Mei nodded, taking to the skies and flying in the direction she came from. Fu Linhua remained calm, but as she saw how unpracticed Su Mei was within the skies, she sneered in her heart. From Su Mei ’s appearance, she felt that she had to be approaching nearly three hundred years yet she barely reached the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm. How pathetic!

While this could be referred to as a talent in the overall scheme of things, before these true elites, she was far too lacking.

”It ’s here. ” Su Mei ’s voice sounded, prompting Fu Linhua to lift her eyes and notice a blue scaled serpent that was coiled into a bundle, clearly asleep and dormant. She couldn ’t tell the beasts type, and with the suppression of spiritual sense, she couldn ’t gauge its bloodline intensity well. Furthermore, she didn ’t dare do an intrusive search.

If this was a Grey Starred Beast, it would be easier to launch a surprise attack and prepare formations and arrays while it slept. Su Mei seemed unbothered, directly pressing forth. Fu Linhua nearly screamed at Su Mei for her recklessness. It was true that lower leveled cultivators were idiots!

Su Mei stopped, turning towards her and directly asked with a raised brow, ”Are you scared? ”

Fu Linhua felt stifled and stunned. She? Scared? She suppressed her rage to retort and mustered up her courage. Right, a little cultivator like this wasn ’t scared of this beast, so why should she? She landed beside Su Mei and walked forward with confident steps.

Su Mei saw this and nodded as if she respected her decision, following along as they approached. The serpent ’s size was thick and tall. Despite being coiled up, it reached twenty meters in height and the thickness of its body was about five meters. Its scales glistened with a luster that mesmerized. There seemed to be potent water energies flowing within its body. Its head was hidden, so discerning its strength based on its star was difficult.

Just as the two arrived about ten meters from the serpent ’s, Su Mei turned to Fu Linhua and smiled. ”Let ’s set up a multitude of Spiritual Formations, to trap, suppress, and attack. ” Unlike arrays that utilized external materials, Spiritual Formations were purely constructed by a cultivator ’s power. Su Mei started to quietly mobilize her spiritual force.

Fu Linhua winced slightly as Su Mei started to mobilize her spiritual force, but seeing the serpent remaining undisturbed. She calmed her heart and started to do the same. Her spiritual force was utilized to set a formation beside the serpent. Her confidence soared as she reached completion of about twenty percent.

Then, Su Mei halted and dashed forward. Without any warning, she used her astral force and palmed the serpent. Its scales bent and its flesh exploded. Her palm contained considerable strength. Fu Linhua was startled, but before she could react, Su Mei had vanished. It seemed she had melded with the ambient light of the world, disappearing from physical senses.

Fu Linhua was thoroughly confused. Her brain lagged as an unfathomable chilly pressure descended upon her body. She shuddered, her eyes moving from Su Mei to the revealed head of the serpent. It was a python, its triangular head bore a colorful star. She could barely move as she noted the color.

Her eyes became needlepoints as her flowing blood stilled. The pressure released was stifling, as if standing before a monstrous god.

”G…Gol…GOLD! ” She shrieked. Her mind was exploding with shock and fear. ”AHHHH!! ” Her astral force tried to exert its strength, barely using her robust foundation by this era standards to break free and try to fly away. Her flight lacked any hint of grace, but the serpent cared not. With a casual receding of its neck, its lower and upper jaws separated revealing pink flesh.


It snapped forward.

The still screaming sounds had become muffled before a crushing and agonizing cry erupted and gradually faded. A slight booming sound later, and serenity was resumed. The serpent looked around, swallowing its meal. After several seconds of finding no one else, it resumed its quiet rest.

A few miles away, Su Mei ’s form seemingly materialized. Her eyes were cold. That moment of baleful intent from Fu Linhua was the moment her death was decided. It wasn ’t as if she didn ’t have any means. She picked a random direction and vanished.

In the Sacred Light Palace, there was a group of elves watching Fu Linhua, and their eyes were red, their mouth gaped, and their hearts filled with shock. They had just watched the most talented descendant of their clan in three hundred years be consumed and killed by the schemes of another.

”That bitch! I ’LL KILL HER! ” An elven man with facial features similar to Fu Linhua exclaimed. His eyes were the reddest and filled with profound regret and blazing anger.

However, his anger and regret did him little. From the beginning of the Grand Spirit Trials, it was stated: Be warned; your life is not guaranteed.

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