Paragon of Sin

Chapter 275: G.S.T Qing Qiumu

move forward to the next. Even to her, the first trial wasn ’t too important. It was the second trial that brought about great danger and conflict. Participants can plunder from each other, points, and life.

”Where are the weakest beasts? ” She asked. In several minutes, she soon received a detailed report as the plant life seemed to be interconnected with each other in a fantastical network, capable of communicating with each other. While most were immobile, they were still aware of their surroundings. One couldn ’t call them intelligent, but they certainly weren ’t normal.

After all, they contained exceptional levels of wood energies and life force. While they weren ’t sentient, she could use her Violet Forestry Palace to instill them temporary mental strength that she could later receive and comprehend. Others wouldn ’t be able to do this without an exquisite spell, but she could do it.

She melded her aura with the ambient wood energies and life, slowly moving towards the west to remain concealed and away from that beast. With this means, she could walk by most individuals in such a wood rich environment and be invisible to senses. If she went further, she ’d be able to merge with the bark of trees, a giant leaf, or bushes and thoroughly conceal all traces.

In this environment, she had many avenues of safety.


A bestial roar resounded, thunderous and ferocious. It sounded like a lion, fiercely releasing a roar of authority and majesty. Qing Qiumu started, her eyes shifted to the east. The roar originated from there and it was incredibly loud. Her ears hurt somewhat.

”What ’s happening? ” Her mental energies infused with the surrounding plant life and she connected with them, receiving their detailed stories.


Her eyes widened. From above, it was as if the sun was eclipsed. Her head lifted with a sharp jolt, seeing a dense layer of feathers and a sun-blocking body that soared above. A crow, as black as night, yet as large as a whale, was flapping its wings above. She was deeply shocked, realizing the speed of this crow had surpassed her senses.

She hadn ’t even noticed its approach.


Her feet shook. She felt the ground rumble causing her to use her astral force to stabilize herself. An explosive sound erupted, loud enough to sweep hundreds of miles and shaking the hearts of everyone within range. Her heart raced as she saw a protruding shadow in the distance hundreds of miles away. It was becoming larger and larger like a spontaneously created mountain.

A hiss. It was low, but it sent chills down her spine. It came from the mountain. From this mountain, a gold star was at its peak, bright and clear for all to see. Her eyes shrunk to needlepoints. ’Gold Star! ’Her shock was endlessly yet it refused to calm as these beasts started to converge in a certain location with explosive ferocity.

”?! ” She felt uncertain and unsafe. Her first instinct was to leave, and that ’s what she did. She went the opposite direction and left at the swiftest speed she could. As she did, there was a shrill shriek that seemed to originate from a crow. She turned and saw a river of blood shot into the air, but the crow was alive. It twisted its body and revealed on its forehead a gold star.

Her heart wasn ’t racing anymore. It was leaping and going out of bounds. But fear never overtook her heart, her clarity of thought was still present and she booked it at a faster speed. ’If the crow and serpent are gold star then the other creature must be too! Why are there three here?! ’ She couldn ’t even begin to fathom it.

While there should be feral creatures placed by the Myriad Monarch Sect of this level, should there be three gold star ones without restrictions? Isn ’t that completely unfair?! Or…were they provoked?! What idiot provoked them!?!?


An explosive sound erupted behind her. Her heart jumped as she felt ferocious wind pressure sweep her. Those emerald eyes of hers closed instinctively as an object flew in her path, prompting her to halt and shield herself in a ward of wood force. A horrifyingly explosive impact of an object meeting ground resounded, and her feet left the ground as a huge depression formed directly before her.

If that object had hit her at its speed, her body would ’ve exploded into bits and pieces, turning into mush.

The crashing object had created a crater of a deep depth directly before her. Before she could escape, look inside, or turn back to inspect others, three sounds resounded that sent her heart into overdrive. If it wasn ’t for her strong heart reinforced by Wood Yin Energies, she might ’ve died from a heart attack.




The sounds of the sky being flown through, the ground stomped by a powerful body, and the slithering quakes of a large creature resounded. And they were getting closer!

’They…oh no! ’She realized they were after the object. Without hesitation, she turned away and tried to run. As for melding with the environment, that was useless. Every action of theirs could topple mountains, even on a planet like Junia. She would be standing waiting for death, but her speed wasn ’t fast enough.

They were here.

Surrounded by three creatures, her eyes widened. A flash of fear finally flickered within.

”Urgh… ” A groan sounded. This prompted the three beasts that arrived to linger, not taking immediate action as they observed the crater like curious creatures. But the vigilance in their gazes betrayed their fear.

Qing Qiumu turned her eyes to the crater. A hand clutched to edges, pulling itself up. A face revealed itself, covering in dirt and dust. But a set of eyes that were unmistakable were clear!


”Damnit Kratos! Rein in your pride, okay? So bothersome. ” The voice was casual, berating someone or something. When the unearthly handsome face finally revealed itself, Qing Qiumu ’s heart once more moved, but not with fear or shock. Those silver eyes soon swept the surroundings, meeting her.

”Qing Qiumu? ” The question was followed by a brief leap that caused the beasts lingering about to flinch, their auras, and bloodline pressures exerting itself. They were ready to fight, to kill!

”Hey! ” Wei Wuyin ’s bright smile completely overtook all else.

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