Paragon of Sin

Chapter 291: G.S.T Converging

With the end of the Trial of Beasts having arrived, the Grand Spirit Trials as a whole continued into the next stage, the Trial of Light. Participants and spectators alike were gearing up for the ultimate clash of geniuses where they would see the mettle of these youthful elites in its fullest. The first trial had been rather eye-opening to some, even downright brutal and unfortunate, but it highlighted the fairness and ability that these trials tested.

Intelligence, means, courage, and strength.

The intelligence to analyze rules, the situation, and the devise plans. The means to take advantage of the rules and situation while surviving. The courage to meet unexpected challenges and the willingness to overcome. Last but certainly not least, the strength of one ’s cultivation. It was essential that not a single one was lacking lest they be met with misfortunate, which many had.

While quite a few knew they weren ’t capable of claiming the crown in the end, quite a few had their own agendas, intentions, or felt that this was a good trial by fire that could stimulate their potential and allow further breakthroughs of their cultivation. Perhaps a few merely wanted to join the liveliness. And it was quite lively.

The Trial of Light was very different from the first trial. It initiated abruptly, there was no relocation of individuals. Furthermore, the general rule that prevented cultivators from fighting each other had been thoroughly removed, with a lighter rule taking its place: Those of a higher cultivation was forbidden from assaulting those of a lower cultivation intentionally.

But as a few had already learned, some at the cost of their lives, they could utilize the beasts they ’ve tamed from the Trial of Beasts to assault without restraint or restriction. And they were not subjected to penalty if beasts killed other beasts, which still carried over to this trial.

Spirit Points were the unified goal of all participants, so losing even a single point was damning for many, especially those who were seeking that crown. Across the entire planet, ten thousand locations were deliberately designed to host the purpose of the Trial of Light—Pillars of Light. In each of these ten thousand locations were pillars constructed from very faint, nearly indiscernible light that pierced into the clouds, and each pillar was an opportunity to claim Spirit Points. They all contained their own unique trials divided into three categories:

Sealing Formations, Combat Arrays, or Mystifying Tribulations.

Each category was divided into two types, and upon successfully overcoming a trial, the individual would be rewarded with a certain amount of Spirit Points. These ranged from 1 to 1000 Spirit Points, and the two types were Fixed and Varied. Fixed Locations had a set difficulty and rewarded a set amount of points regardless of who completed it. Therefore, those of higher cultivation that met these locations of weaker difficulty might be able to easily claim Spirit Points.

As for Varied Locations, they too had a set difficulty, but the higher one ’s cultivation base, the lower the awarded Spirit Points, and vice versa. As an example, if a cultivator at the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm completed a trial that was set at a difficulty level of the Spatial Resonance Phase, the Fourth Stage, they would earn roughly a thousand points.

To put this into comparison, it had the same reward as if they had captured or tamed a Gold-Starred Beast in the Trial of Beasts. If the opposite situation were to happen, they might be awarded a single point at most. Fortunately, this was more talent-based as Formations, Arrays, and the variety of tests might not require a strong cultivation base, but knowledge, discernment, and skill.

If a skilled Architect that focused on the study of formations was met with a Sealing Formation, it was more possible to overcome and had a less lethal threat to their lives.

That being said, the lethal components of the trial were not the pillars of light, but the other opponents. Without the protection of the rules, those of the same cultivation could viciously engage in battle without restraint, claiming lives and even Spirit Points of others.

The true battle had yet to begin.


Near a crystalline lake that had a verdant green color effusing a unique combination of water and wood energies, Wei Wuyin quietly laid on the lakeside with his hands upon his head, his closed eyes facing the sky. Several months had passed since Wu Yu had come into his possession, and the Trial of Beasts had concluded, but he was incredibly relaxed.

If one were to take ten thousand steps back, they would notice a body that seemed like a minor white mountain. The surface was furry and it seemed to be breathing. In the sky, an black winged creature soared in circles. Within the crystalline lake, in its depths, a shadow flitted about.

Around Wei Wuyin ’s neck were two objects that hung elegantly, a crescent moon and an unassuming black ring. The ring flashed briefly. Wei Wuyin had long since become accustomed to Wu Yu ’s method of exchange. Unlike normal spiritual transmissions others, it was a mental transmission that went directly into the mind. It was very difficult to discern or discover lest you had a keen awareness towards pure mental energies.

This was why Wei Wuyin was the only one who noticed Wu Yu ’s existence, his Alchemic Eden Spirit belonged to the Mind Dao, its Qi at the time harnessed profound mental strength, subsequently allowing him to be sensitive to its fluctuations.

At first, it was slightly jarring. It was as if someone had invaded one ’s mind and planted a thought. It took a little while to get used to.

”I ’ve been meaning to ask this, but why are you participating in this trial? ” Wu Yu ’s voice resonated. The Grand Spirit Trials, a rename from the Monarch Spirit Trials, was designed as a trial by fire, but Wei Wuyin ’s strength and innate abilities were far, far too great. Furthermore, the rewards were offered by him. As for the other rewards? If Wei Wuyin wanted, a single eighth-grade product would easily obtain them.

If Wei Wuyin were to say it was to ensure victory in the trial, he found it unlikely that Wei Wuyin cared. Whether win or lose, it wouldn ’t matter much to him. If he hadn ’t known that Wei Wuyin was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist and knew of their boundless abilities, he would somewhat accept this. In fact, he felt it was a massive waste of time.

During this period, besides testing his Intent with his little snake pet, Wei Wuyin had accompanied Qing Qiumu for a period and then just did mostly nothing. Besides some idle concocting that shocked even him, he rested and slept. It bewildered him. Of course, he was unaware that Wei Wuyin had a clock over his head that was ticking down. But if he did, he might be even more confused.

Wei Wuyin kept his eyes closed as he moved, taking a light breath. ”For the future, ” was all he said.

”… ” Wu Yu couldn ’t understand it.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t mind Wu Yu. After learning about his desire to resurrect, he wasn ’t hasty or rash. While he had the means to concoct an Ever-Rebirth Pill to some success, he still had some misgivings. However, a Mystic Ascendant could be the ultimate assurance in case his demise was…

In the end, he decided to put it off until his plans for the Grand Monarch Lineage was settled. Considering Wu Yu had already agreed to his conditions without restraint, he simply needed to handle all of this before moving forward.

At this moment, the Trial of Light began!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Wei Wuyin ’s jade tablet began to emit light. Then, he was enshrouded in a faint glow as the light from the jade tablet started to intensify.


Wei Wuyin finally opened his eyes as he saw the planetary formation start to revolve, and in the matter of seconds, lights of four different colors and varying intensity shot into the sky and formed pillars of light. There were black, grey, silver, and gold lights.

Wei Wuyin ’s own was grey, denoting his status as a Sky Ruler Cultivator. This light was incredibly bright, and could be seen from tens of thousands of miles away. Furthermore, its intensity was great, a representation of his Spirit Points.

Myriad Monarch Participant.

Sky Ruler Cultivation.

Spirit Points: 1500.

In fact, his light was the most intense out of all, like a light bulb to fireflies. This meant that he had the most Spirit Points at the moment, so his pillar was incredibly glaring to the eye.

”The ten thousand locations are difficult to locate, but us participants, heh. ” Wei Wuyin shook his head, his eyes turned to the far off horizon. It seemed his days of relaxation might be coming to an end.

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