Paragon of Sin

Chapter 299: G.S.T Gather

The second trial had, far from anyone ’s expectations, met an unforeseen conclusion for many. The Trial of Light that tested the capabilities, preparations, and foresight of the young and vibrant elite participants was met with an overwhelming force: Wei Wuyin. He had explosively arrived and, albeit indirectly, caused the swift elimination of over sixty percent of contestants.

The hopes, dreams, and beliefs of the various forces living within the Tri-Vision Starfield had been met with a dark wall of incredible despair and unexpected misfortune. Unfortunately, these frightening surges of negative emotions could only be built-up and released in silent whispers and self-contained curses as the resounding reputation behind the one responsible only swelled as a result, making it impossible to retaliate.

The Prince of Everlore.

In the homes and abodes of many, those who weren ’t nearly as invested or had anything riding on this competition just thought, in some form or another: ”What did you expect? He ’s the Prince of Everlore, tch! ”

The circulation of this spontaneous thought was not widely spread by conversation through various channels but birthed from the events in people ’s mind of their own will, because it was ’only natural ’. 

This was heavily influenced by the unprecedented magnificence of the King of Everlore. A figure renowned as a benevolent sage so great, so exceptional, that he defined three eras since his birth. If a ’little ’ trial like this wasn ’t dealt with utter ease by his potential successor, this would be laughable, no? Unbelievable, right? So of course it was natural; an event to be expected.


On Junia, a particular light pillar fluctuated like a mirage before abruptly shattering into bits of dazzling light. From these scattered fragments of light, a figure emerged. 

”The formation trials are too difficult, ” the voice begrudgingly muttered. The figure looked at the scattered pieces of light that formed a relatively gorgeous array. Despite their beautiful appearance, these fragments that fluttered all around him felt reminiscent of human mockery. With clear discontent between his brows, he frowned.

Wei Wuyin felt as if he wanted to cry but had no tears. This particular trial was one that tested one ’s knowledge of Astral Formations, and it contained a puzzle that required one to solve by finding out the intrinsic properties of the formation. But, he had horrendously failed.

After entering the trial, he tried to solve this puzzle only to be lost like a child trying to solve world hunger. He had no idea where to even start or how to begin. If it wasn ’t for the trial ending, he might ’ve been stuck in this trial, unable to leave without forceful means, forever. So his expression, no matter how good-looking he was, had turned a little ugly at this moment.

If anyone knew that he, the revered Prince of Everlore, had struggled on this particular pillar so fiercely, would he become a joke? 

In truth, this couldn ’t be attributed to him being useless, but his time spent on this subject. While he was proficient in astral formations, arrays, and inscriptions to a certain extent, it was merely limited to surface-level knowledge, at the Qi level, or related to alchemy. In regards to knowledge of slaughter, illusion, trapping, or any other type of formation at the Astral level, he was relatively weak. Embarrassingly so.

With that said, he had already overcome dozens of other trials that ranged from combat to spiritual means.

”Haaa… ” He sighed, analyzing and reflecting upon his recent failure. Accepting that, despite being extremely talented with a good head on his shoulders, having almost endless resources, he did not have endless time. Once more life reminded him that there were things in this world that required in-depth studying, practice, and experimentation to become skilled in. Not everything will come as naturally as his mastery of Alchemy.

In the end, he could only shrug off this unfortunate but acceptable reality with a bitter smile. With his Celestial Eyes and extremely powerful spiritual sense, he could perceive through most formations or arrays, attacking their weaknesses and shattering all obstacles, so he didn ’t want to refocus his attention on them nor could he.

He glanced at his right arm, his silver eyes flickered with a mysterious and unfathomable light.

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, he felt a heavy vibration from the tablet for the Grand Spirit Trials. Retrieving it, he realized there was now a black and white map of Junia ’s planetary landscape and a specific location that had been brightly highlighted in red.

The location for the third and final trial of the Grand Spirit Trials: the Trial of Combat. 

Wei Wuyin felt somewhat relieved that the end was coming. While the trials themselves couldn ’t be considered long in relation to cultivator ’s average lifespans, it still cut into his plans to concoct alchemical products and prepare himself for the inevitable future. A future he hoped to see come into fruition. 

He swiftly determined his current location and shortest route to take. Beneath him, the ground trembled. Above him, a black shadow loomed. And approaching him, a white tiger the size of a small mountain approached.

It had eyes that were extremely fierce and sharp, but as it arrived, those eyes revealed happiness and excitement. Wei Wuyin softly smiled, jumping upon the White-Blaze Tiger ’s large head and giving it a soft rub. With a soft roar filled with elation, it seemed to become invigorated and dashed off.

Since he ’tamed ’ these creatures, they ’ve grown incredibly fond of him and he wasn ’t any different. Despite their originally fierce natures, it didn ’t take long before their relationships grew close. He provided them with infusions of his various energies, and alchemical products that brought a notable increase to their bodily strength and bloodlines. Not to mention, even their intelligence had experienced massive improvements since.

They, kings of their respective worlds, immediately became docile and friendly like domesticated pets. It seemed that even beasts knew who to cling to for food. Furthermore, they were originally captured and taken away from their homes for this particular event. If saddling with Wei Wuyin allowed them to become stronger, or better, give them a taste of freedom once more, they seemed more than happy to accommodate. 

As for Wei Wuyin, his original intentions of making these three beasts his personal Sky Palace guardians had been adjusted. That being said, they had already been taken from their homes long ago, so they would likely return to an entirely new environment if arbitrarily freed. So, he decided to allow them to become guardians of the entire Myriad Monarch Planet.

This plan might be a little extravagant, but beasts were theoretically easier to nurture than cultivators. They only required resources, a good environment, and specified care. There was no need for them to learn spells or arts, severely reducing the time needed to improve themselves. Perhaps one day, they could even become like Anu or mightier. While he might not have the ability to allow these beasts to reach such a profound level like Anu in his prime, he could certainly grow their strength to the Grand Sage level with a little elbow grease and a lot of products.

Moreover, they could roam the planet and mark out their own territory, rebuild their homes and families, all while freely receiving the reverence and respect of numerous cultivators. 


A crow ’s cry resounded above. Wei Wuyin looked upwards to see the Three-Eyed Tenebrous Crow soar in the air whilst doing various maneuvers, causing him to faintly smile. As he did, he couldn ’t help but recall a distinctive figure that was the exact opposite of the dark, dusky shape above. A white, proud, and enchanting figure that graced the sky as freely as the wind itself.


With the end of the Trial of Light, numerous figures that had properly made it to the next trial started to slowly emerge from their pillars of light or secluded and hidden cultivation locations. They were prepared for this final battle that will determine the ultimate winner of the Grand Spirit Trials.

In one of these secluded and hidden areas, a female figure slowly stood from her originally sitting position with a tablet in her hand. Her countenance was exceptional with a gorgeous shade of violet, while her figure was exceptionally well-endowed from top to bottom, and her height of nearly eight feet established her presence to most cultivators. A beauty of extraordinary flavor.

She swept her set of golden irises over the tablet and a flicker of dark, fierce emotion emerged from within. Her hands that were imbued with exceptional strength couldn ’t help but clench a little, nearly breaking the tablet. In the end, she relaxed her grip, saving her from the fate of being unwittingly eliminated.

”The time has finally come, ” she faintly whispered before leaving this hidden location, trekking towards the location specified on the tablet.


On a planet far, far away from Junia within the Tri-Vision Central Territory, and location of the San Clan ’s Imperial Palace, the ruler of this entire starfield, an indistinct figure cloaked by misty veil was watching a watery screen that revealed the Grand Spirit Trials events. 

Their eyes were not to the screen, but looking upwards at the ceiling of the palace. A soft voice resounded that contained an inmate imperious domineer, ”World Genesis Star Tribulation? ”

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