Paragon of Sin

Chapter 333: Thoughts & Concerns All Around

ce, effusing a light of renewed vigor. He placed all these thoughts behind him, replied to Xue Yifei, and set his next goal. In one month, he was scheduled to face Qingye Ying, or the Princess of Everlore, in an All-Alchemic Clash. This will be an event witnessed by tens of billions, known by trillions. 

He should refine his skills a little. 

It ’s been a while since he concocted a Ninth-Grade Alchemical Product.


In the Tri-Vision Starfield, there was a particular planet that was the most known, most highly regarded location. It was named Everlore. It was the location, the planet, that the King of Everlore himself resided in, developed, and established his forces on. After his mysterious disappearance, it had been left to his servants that had remained behind.

One of these servant lineages were the San Clan, who now used the planet as the base of their rule, their Imperial Capital. It was a planet originally completely devoid of war and conflict, being respected by every single hegemonic force throughout the eras.

Then, when the era reached its current decline, the San Clan abruptly rose with two Realmlords that suppressed the entire starfield. This planet was no longer a designated safe haven, being transformed into a planet that had a set of ironclad cultivation rules like all the others, rife with internal strife and conflict, and fights of greed and desire. 

It could be seen as a blasphemy to the King of Everlore ’s name, but nothing could be done about it. The San Clan had the highest cultivation base for a thousand years, and the other hegemonic forces could merely look on as it was changed to what it was now. The planet that was once free of conflict, lively, and a safe haven for all alchemists and cultivators, had truly been eradicated. It existed merely in name.

At the moment, on this very planet, within the San Clan ’s luxurious and grand Imperial Palace was a gathering of dozens of elders within the Grand Hall. The atmospheric tension was thick, and concern and anxiety was etched into the foreheads of them all. 

At the leading position of the group, a figure cloaked entirely in a misty veil was sitting from an elevated position. While the figure couldn ’t be seen, the faint trembles of space around them suggested that they were a Realmlord.

These were all Elders of the San Clan, members of elite positions. But if one looked at their cultivations, not a single one amongst them had reached the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Gravity Emission Phase. Despite that, they all contained the distinct bloodline aura of the San Clan, determining them as legitimate descendants. 

They were clamoring amongst each other, discussing a single topic that had many of them filled with trepidation and uncertainty: the Myriad Monarch Sect. The discussions were animated and heated.

”For over a thousand years, we ’ve ruled this starfield! It was left to us by the King of Everlore himself! I say we use the full strength of our clan, bring this so-called Prince of Everlore and Grand Sage Tuo Bihan to a kneel! ” An aggressive grey-haired elder argued, shouting out with spittle.

”Nonsense! The Myriad Monarch Sect ’s Main Planet is protected by its Planetary Formation, something devised by Grand Monarch Wu Yu himself. It would be impossible to breach, are you asking us to die?! ” Another Elder rebuked.

”Tch! We have two Realmlords, they have one! We can plan a tactic to bring them out and suppress them. ” The grey-haired elder slammed the table, causing the others to become even more invigorated in their arguments.

The arrival of a naturally ascended Realmlord had threatened their position, leaving them extremely nervous of the future. For over a millennia, they enjoyed the benefits of an Imperial Clan, the ruler of an entire starfield. The vast majority of these elders were born into royalty and nobility, and it was something they refused to surrender. 

A female elder interjected, ”How is this even possible? According to our records, it should be impossible for Tuo Bihan to ascend! Tuo Bihan had a far lower foundation than that pure-blooded elf from the Sacred Light Palace, and he was similarly a purist. Is this merely a lie conjured to entrap us or bait us? ” 

Her words caused the room to simmer into a silent deliberation. They, too, had this very question on their minds. According to the King of Everlore, the minimum requirement to succeed the Seventh Astral Tribulation was a 9th Mortal State Astral Soul, a fully-developed Intent, a Seven-Ringed Soul Idol, Seven-Ripple Spatial Resonance, and an Astral Core of at least a centimeter in size.

Anything less meant direct failure. This information was a secret that hadn ’t been spread, because it wasn ’t exactly conclusive. There were numerous other ways to survive and overcome the tribulation or exceptions, which is why the King of Everlore never publicized his hypothesis.

In fact, besides the one centimeter-sized Astral Core, Wei Wuyin had similarly conceived the same beliefs. Of course, with a better Soul Idol, a better Spatial Resonance, Zenith Mortal State, or a greater sized Astral Core, one could make up for any deficits in requirement.

”…It could be. ” A faint hope bloomed in their hearts at this thought. If that ’s the case, then they had ample time and could still maintain their position, but a voice had shattered this hope.

”It is not a lie. ”

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