Paragon of Sin

Chapter 335: The Year of Wen Mingna

”It is not a lie. ” 

The eyes of all the Elders present shifted to the leader position, one of the two Realmlords that exist in the San Clan. Their eyes reflected a feeling of reverence and also envy. Who didn ’t know that the only reason this individual held any sort of power was because of luck. They had taken the World-Infusing Realm Pill, granting them the strength of a Realmlord without any risk.

Still, there was a lack of disdain or contempt in their eyes. Because this individual had strength.

”I felt it. He rightfully ascended. ” The voice that originated from the misty veil rippled outwards, containing an innate regal charm that had been developed from ruling the starfield for a millennia. 

”… ” They all remained silent, realizing their hopes were dashed. While they didn ’t know the true strength of a genuine Realmlord, they were aware of the strength of a false one. Moreover, the records that state a False Realmlord had very little ability to fight a genuine Realmlord. Even if they were to bring Tuo Bihan into a trap, did they have the sufficient strength to deploy the means to kill him?

As for luring him to Everlore and using the planetary formation to kill him? That was completely and utterly impossible. Without even considering whether Tuo Bihan would do something so stupid as entering a planet with a Mystic Ascendant-level formation, but the Everlore Mystic Aegis Formation was purely defensive. It was designed to protect, not slaughter.

The San Clan ’s Emperor, the man behind the misty veil, the False Realmlord, broke the silence. ”The era has changed. Our era has passed. ”


Those were cracked and destroyed their hearts and will. While they knew that if a genuine Realmlord was ever produced, they would soon be relegated to a lesser position, they didn ’t want to accept such a reality. The Tri-Vision Starfield was theirs for over a millennia! Their bloodline had controlled and decided matters for so long, receiving resources and worship from the masses. Should that all come to an end?

Is this really the end of their era?

First, it was this Prince of Everlore. Then, it was the Princess of Everlore. And now, a Realmlord was born. 

All of these things happened in less than two decades, causing them to be unable to appropriately react or prepare. This so-called Prince of Everlore was mostly protected on the Myriad Monarch ’s Main Planet throughout most of the time his existence was known. The Princess of Everlore had ascended the Astral Core Realm with an Alchemic Astral Soul. Tuo Bihan ascended beyond their calculations, an event that shouldn ’t even be possible.

Will the Imperial Heaven Starfield once more be revived? It felt too depressing to think about.

An elder, one of the youngest present, eyes gleamed with a mysterious light. A will of unwillingness exuded from his body, ”I can not accept this! ” He fiercely roared, sweeping his ardent gaze across all the elders before landing on the San Emperor himself. It was as if his gaze could pierce the misty veil that shielded them from being gazed upon.

”Why the loud noise?! Are you trying to scare us? We understand, you ’re unwilling, but what of it? ” An older male elder spoke. Clearly the two had a very close resemblance, likely the younger elder was a descendent of his.

The young elder glared at the old man, his eyes burning even brighter. ”We ’re derived from the honored lineage that served the King of Everlore! The glorious origin of our bloodline was bestowed nobility by the greatest of our race! We can overcome this! I have a plan!! ” When he shouted, he was filled with passion and ferocity. It caused everyone to feel a wave of heat surge within their chests. That was right! Their lineage served the King of Everlore, a figure that defined eras! We took an era for ourselves, why must we allow ourselves to be overtaken by another?!

The San Emperor was silent for a long while before he said, ”Let ’s hear it. ” This glorious figure that ruled for a millennia hadn ’t noticed it yet, but there was a puppet master behind this event. An event that shouldn ’t have happened in this timeline.

The young elder said with enthusiasm, ”The Gateway! ”


In the Elemental Heaven Astral Territory, there was a particular planet that was engulfed by a nine-colored radiant glow that looked absolutely gorgeous. The Planet Divine Element housed one of this starfield ’s hegemonic forces, the Elemental Heaven Pavilion. 

Since the loss at the Grand Spirit Trials, the Elemental Heaven Pavilion had been in a constant state of strict cultivation, making ample preparations to send their most elite juniors into the Gateway Door alongside the Myriad Monarch Sect and Alchemist Association.

They had long since decided who would be participating, and one of which was a young man that was now quite famous, regarded as having a demon-level talent and potential, and even received the full support from the sect. Despite having disappeared after suffering a devastating injury that sheared off his skin, he had still revealed strength that was extraordinary beyond belief.

A Nine-Ringed Soul Idol! 

Elemental Origin Intent! 

Zenith Mortal State!

With these three aspects of his cultivation state, how could he not be well-regarded? 

At the moment, the young man was cultivating near a pond of an extremely rich environment. The nine elemental energies congregated here in the most natural manner, being purified by an external formation, allowing for cultivation to be extraordinary. Even the astral essence within the air was equivalent to the eighth Sky Layer of the Myriad Monarch Sect.

He maintained a stable breathing, situated in the most perfect lotus position. The ambient elemental energies swirled around him, and every breath would devour a bundle of energies and astral essence. Even his body had a faint glow.

Lin Ming had recovered from his severe injuries thanks to his Senior Sister ’s extraordinary means. The blazing confidence that had once stayed firmly between his brows had mellowed out. His battle with Zuhei had allowed him to understand that even a declining starfield couldn ’t be underestimated.

Whenever he recalled Zuhei, then thought of his Senior Sister ’s words that said there were even greater monstrous geniuses out there, his drive to cultivate continued to rise. He wanted to reach the peak of the Martial Dao, and that meant traversing the best path with the greatest effort. He couldn ’t slack.

Not far from him, a figure emerged as if appearing from thin air. She had scarlet hair and a face hidden by a veil. If one were to observe simply her eyes, they would understand that the face hidden was ungodly gorgeous, likely exceeding the natural limits of beauty in the Mortal World. 

A wisp of relief emerged in her eyes after seeing Lin Ming cultivate diligently. Despite his newfound status within the pavilion, he hadn ’t allowed it to slow him down. In fact, he seemed to become even fiercer.

When he arrived before her via the protective formation she had laid into him, she was startled and afraid. His appearance was exceptionally gruesome, being skinless and hairless. But what truly shocked her was his tenacious smile filled with excitement, one he held before he directly lost consciousness. 

After learning about the events that happened, she knew that she had severely underestimated this starfield. They were showing signs of rise after their decline, a very rare event. First was this Prince of Everlore, but she didn ’t consider him of any importance because of his lack of an Alchemic Soul. Only with that can one create products that exceed Mortal Limits. Still, from what she learned, his production rate was quite frightening.

There were very few alchemists that she knew in her own starfield that held such a high rate of production.

Then, there was the Princess of Everlore. She was quite intrigued by this woman, but after learning of her particular flaw, she found it very laughable. It became even more so when she realized what the Alchemist Association wanted.

Just now she learned about the newly ascended Realmlord. She had just returned from checking on him, and she was shocked within her heart. The rumors of his Six-Ring Soul Idol and Six-Ripple Spatial Resonance was a lie. From her senses, he possessed a Nine-Ring Soul Idol and Nine-Ring Spatial Resonance. Even more surprising, he was a legitimate Purist.

These types of cultivators had long since fallen out of flavor in more advanced starfields because of the importance of Intent. This was her first time meeting a Realmlord purist in her lifetime.

Regardless, the starfield seemed to be changing for the better. 

Lin Ming ended his cultivation, feeling a gaze on him. He turned around to see his Senior Sister Lin standing there quietly waiting. He smiled an exceptional smile and rose, ”Greetings, Senior Sister Lin. ”

Her eyes fluctuated with emotion. ”The Gateway will open soon, ” she reminded him. 

Lin Ming was briefly taken aback before swiftly nodding. ”I ’ll be ready. For anything. ” 

”You must succeed. Otherwise… ” the woman ’s voice trailed off. Lin Ming was someone she had chosen when he was unassuming stone, and his every step and path had been fraught with difficulties. Slowly but surely, he emerged as a diamond from the pressure. She couldn ’t bear to think of the consequences of failure.

Lin Ming ’s heart warmed, and his gaze softened. ”I ’ll succeed. I promise. ” He had a disappointment of a family growing up, never feeling concern or a hint of genuine worry from them, so he wouldn ’t, no, couldn ’t disappoint the one figure in his life that truly cares for him. No matter what, he ’ll succeed.

Even if gods, devils, buddhas, or ghosts laid in his path, he ’ll slaughter them all to the peak! This journey, this starfield, it was merely a stepping stone to the grander world!

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