Paragon of Sin

Chapter 335: The Year of Wen Mingna

all the miraculous and incredible events that surrounded Wei Wuyin. She hadn ’t interacted with him much after her settling in, but she wasn ’t the needy sort that sought attention. She was given alchemic resources, an extremely well-designed environment, and status. That was more than enough.

As a member of Wei Wuyin ’s faction, even leaving to see more of the sect or planet wouldn ’t bring any issues. In fact, numerous individuals, those she had once looked up to and regarded as beyond her limits for at least a few decades to centuries had become extremely well-mannered and kind to her. They would offer support in any activity she did, trying their damndest to establish friendly connections.

Just the emblem of the fledgling organization had enough presence that the Knights of Enforcement would actively avoid her with gentle smiles. She wielded an ungodly amount of power without effort, merely because she was a part of Wei Wuyin ’s organization. She faintly felt that the Myriad Monarch Sect was his. It was terrifying when she thought about it.

It had been merely a few years since he had arrived. Not only was he a household name, not only had he demonstrated extreme talent, but he had also snatched incredible influence and power into his grasp. The level of intelligence and means needed for such a feat were…indescribable.

When the event of Qing Qiumu ’s scheduled execution was settled, the Ji Clan, a clan that had existed for centuries, had simply vanished from this world after a single sentence of his. It was unheard of for anyone to wield such power. It was…extremely alluring and attractive.

But even after all this time, Wei Wuyin had merely accepted her into his faction, busying himself with other matters. While a year was an extremely short period of time for cultivators, it still made her feel strange. While her cultivation jumped by leaps and bounds, her status had undergone a change, she no longer allowed her face to remain disfigured, hiding behind a mask.

She had regained her original beauty befitting a Princess. Her full, soft like water, oval-shaped pink lips had regained their supple form, capable of alluring the eyes of many men. Her brown-hair no longer was fashioned in a blonde-layered crop with highlights, but had become slightly exceeding shoulder-length, wavy like a waterfall, and well-cut bangs. Her skin was no longer artificially dampened, recovering its impeccable clarity and smooth jade-like complexion. 

While her innate noble air had been chiseled away, she still had a heavenly-feeling about her that added to her already beautiful facial features. 

One day, for an inexplicable reason, she decided to visit Wei Wuyin. He had a newly rebuilt Sky Palace, and it was said he was making preparations for the clash of an era-defining generation with the Princess of Everlore. It was already being marketed as the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn Vs the Successor of the King of Everlore, the Princess of Everlore.

Few were talking about if this would decide who was truly the successor any longer, because it was impossible for Wei Wuyin, who many believed lacked an Alchemic Soul, to ever truly obtain that title. But Qingye Ying, the Princess of Everlore, had taken an Everlore Ascension Pill and ascended to the Astral Core Realm with an Alchemic Astral Soul. It was the exact path of the King of Everlore, and even the pill made it seem as if she was the rightful successor. The only possible successor.

It was now a clash between the most talented alchemists in this generation, in this entire world ’s history if the King of Everlore was excluded. But even at their age, the King of Everlore did not have such status, such influence, or such power.

When she arrived at the Sky Palace via Bo Kay, an Earthly General-class Elder, who had been relegated to a shuttle service in some ways, she tried to announce herself. But Su Mei wasn ’t present and Wei Wuyin was seemingly preoccupied. She didn ’t know what to do after showing up unannounced, but when she tried to enter the palace as a last-ditch effort, she was allowed entry.

She realized that the emblem she carried allowed her to freely enter despite the protective formations and arrays present. She quickly felt strange. There was no way any member could simply waltz in like this. Was she special?

This thought spiraled her fantasies. While Wei Wuyin had sworn to not forcefully take advantage of her, she couldn ’t help but have her thoughts wander. How would it feel to become the wife of the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn? Even if she was a concubine, wouldn ’t this still be exceptional?

Furthermore, he had no clear flaws. His looks were so extraordinary that even she still felt uncertain if he was real. He lacked that feminine charm that some beautiful men had, and was purely handsome. It felt surreal, like how you would expect the perfectly sculpted man by the gods to be. Whether it was talent, wealth, strength, demeanor, or influence, he lacked none of it.

What made it even sweeter was his identity as an Alchemist. Unlike the normal standard of riding on the dragon ’s lap to rise, this particular dragon could transform you into one and both of you could soar amongst the clouds freely and together for thousands of years. The more she thought about it, the redder her cheeks became. 

She soon found herself unknowingly before a room that was emitting a dense alchemical smell and effused light from its normally-insulated corners. She was startled that a light could be so strong that it was actually breaching such powerful restrictions. 

’What is that? ’ She slowly reached out, about to touch the door, when…



The door opened!

A pleasant voice filled with excited surprise resounded from within accompanied by an exquisite smell and radiant light. ”Wen Mingna! You ’re finally here. Come in. ”

She hadn ’t known it at the time, but when she unconsciously entered that room with a smell and light so attractive that every cell in her body screamed at her to step inside, her life was on a path that would change it forever.

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