Paragon of Sin

Chapter 367: Soul-Pulse Manifestation Tribulation

disturbed by all forms of life. He couldn ’t find any other Intents that fit with the other elements, even trying to comprehend Aquatic Intent wasn ’t appropriate. It seemed he had to find compatible Elemental Intents.

After a while, he decided to focus his attention elsewhere and strive to complete his Elemental Origin Intent in the Gateway Door. 

”Let ’s start! Let ’s start! Let ’s start! ” Ori rushed.

It was anxiously excited, wanting to ascend to the next level with greater enthusiasm than even him. He knew they were all waiting for him. They required his comprehension of the next realm, but their foundations with the various energies had already reached their limit, unable to be increased by a single iota more for more than a year now. 

Due to their extremely fast refinement speeds, they absorbed endless alchemical products to grow until their limit. This was why they each had one centimeter-sized Astral Cores, the limit of a Sky Ruler. They had similarly done this in the World Sea Phase as well, reaching four millimeters. 

”Okay! ” He withdrew his Celestial Eyes and interfaced with Ori. The distinctive sensation of a tribulation trigger was present, wrapped within his endless insights into Soul Idol Formation. He unhesitantly triggered it!

Fortunately, he made ample preparations to prevent the soiling of his pants in case his Astral Souls felt mischievous once again! He had learned his lesson! Therefore, when he was washed once more in that familiar feeling, he welcomed it with wide arms. 

Lifting his head, he instantly felt the world go silent. As if he was isolated from existence, and an existence beyond his understanding had faintly decided to glance his way. His heart tightened. This familiar feeling existed in every trial.

He knew it was the world, maybe even the Heavenly Daos themselves, observing his state of cultivation to determine the Astral Tribulation needed. It exerted an oppressive force into the very mind, forcing one ’s thoughts and ideas to contort in unique ways. For some, fear might develop within their hearts. For him, a sense of fearless strength swelled within him. 

”Yi! Yi! Yi! ” This strength was the shared emotional connection he had with Ori. It was very animated as it excitedly shouted various noises. This caused Wei Wuyin to quietly await any changes with stability in mind and soul. In his Sky-World Lightning Tribulation, Ori and the others had somehow manipulated the Astral Tribulation to amplify itself. Then, they fused it into one to spontaneously refine their personalized mana.

Their Zenith Mortal States had evolved into Zenith Origin State. This higher grade of mana brought about numerous changes, including an increased control over his Intents, capable of exciting ambient mana into a frenzy, and capable of creating higher-quality products.

He hadn ’t explored all the benefits yet, but simply these three aspects of the Zenith Origin State were heaven-defying to him. He had his suspicions that the Zenith Origin State might involve the secrets of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, but even Wu Yu was clueless regarding its name. This surprised him, so he wasn ’t exactly certain. But, Wu Yu was merely a First Stage Mystic Ascendant, who hadn ’t yet explored the true depths of that realm. He was somewhat unreliable. No, extremely unreliable.


A sound erupted, like the strange bellowing of a great aquatic beast. His heart pounded as he stared at the sky. He felt the world twist, contort, and change in an unpredictable fashion. He realized the colors of the world were changing and moving, forming a kaleidoscope-like effect of perfect symmetry. But this was only from his point of view.

All those present on the continent felt a looming pressure that pressed against their souls, their spirits, and their minds. Some, a few who were trying to reach the Qi Condensation Realm, unable to connect with their souls, throbbed intensely as they felt an enlightened sensation surge throughout their bodies. Immediately, they cultivated without hesitation and started to form their Heart of Qi. 

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes shrunk to needlepoints. The world above him had changed in an instant. He was always watching the sky, but it was as if there was no indication of change as nine objects appeared. The sensation of watching something intently only for a new object to emerge without rhyme, reason, or indication caused his mind to stumble.

It was so disconcerting that even Ori went silent, feeling shocked to its core. Its playful yelps ceased entirely. Especially due to the sheer presence of these nine objects! The only thing that remained in his thoughts was one word: Incredible!

Up above, nine cyan-colored rings had appeared. They were of varying sizes, but their sizes were massive, with the smallest, the closest, being hundreds of thousands of kilometers in size! As for the one above, it was larger! It was thicker! It was more radiant than the three solar stars themselves!

It didn ’t stop.

As it got further away into an impossible distance, the size, thickness, and radiance of each following ring became even brighter forming what seemed to be a cone of rings with him, no, the continent, as the tip. He gawked, his heart beating with the might of a million drums pounding in unison!

The last ring seemed to encircle the starfield or perhaps even greater. He felt his mouth go dry as he recalled the details of Soul-Pulse Manifestation Tribulation!

He had to race through each ring!!

His mind flared as he questioned Ori, ”WHAT DID YOU DO?! ” 

”…Yi? ”

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