Paragon of Sin

Chapter 368: Whisked Away

ected an unfathomably fierce spirit that radiated from his very soul. He wasn ’t alone either, and if they were willing to push the tribulation to this limit, then all he had to do was accompany them! If he failed, if he died, so what?

Even if the Soul Pulse Rings were the size of thousands of starfields into one, he would still race through them without hesitation!

”You ready? ” Wei Wuyin sent to Ori.

”Yi?! ” Shocked, Ori could feel the fierce spirit from Wei Wuyin and soon rumbled with blazing excitement. The elemental origin energies and powerful astral force within started to thrum with a unique frequency. These energies were further bolstered by the might of the other three. 

”Yes! ” Ori, King, Eden, and Kratos.

While dormant, they sent their voices through Ori at this moment. Wei Wuyin grinned, pressing his foot against the Yellow Rain Continent ’s mountain peak. With an explosive push, he shot into the air like a hypersonic missile. The mountain peak crumbled!

In moments, he broke through the flimsy Sky Layer of a Continental Flat Earth, entering into the Dark Void. Within a split second, he felt the chaotically hazardous environment envelop him, drenching him in a horrific coldness he ’d never felt before. It didn ’t feel ’cold ’ but was extremely cold. Such a feeling was so hard to describe that it was impossible.

Because he could feel the heat rays of the three solar stars hitting his skin, but the coldness didn ’t dissipate. In fact, as he grew further and further away from the continent and deeper into the Dark Void, he felt this coldness increase until he felt it in his bones and spine. 

He instinctively tried to breathe, finding a complete absence of oxygen or other breathable gaseous within the world. His eyes bulged outwards, but he soon regulated himself. He used the innate energies within his body to sustain himself, and enveloped his body in Elemental Origin Force, creating a temporary atmospheric layer.

He could feel his astral force conjure an air-like substance within his lungs, feeling much relieved as a result. But he knew this was temporary as the astral force within him was decreasing at an extremely rapid rate! At this rate, even with four one-centimeter Astral Cores supporting him, he ’d last less than two minutes!

No wonder the Dark Void was an absolute forbidden zone for all those beneath the Realmlord level! The sustaining of atmospheric conditions was extremely difficult!! 

He didn ’t hesitate to ramp up his speed. He became a white-colored comet that exuded various elemental images as he raced towards the first Soul Pulse Ring. As he got closer, he felt a distinct spiritual pressure exert itself upon his body and Ori. It was extremely oppressive!

He felt his body temporarily slow down as a result, but this only hastened his consumption of energies. For some reason, he felt a wave of dissatisfaction from the dormant Kratos, as if he was offended. Unable to dwell due to the precarious nature, he ignored it and shot off. 

If he ’d known that Kratos was frustrated that their Bloodline Source exhaustion made them look so fragile, panicked, and fighting against all odds, he wouldn ’t know whether to laugh or cry. But he ’d also be a little shocked. 

While his current form wasn ’t able to exist in the Dark Void, could his Draconified Void Form? 

Unfortunately, he couldn ’t think about this as he reached a few kilometers away from the first ring. A wave of excitement entered his heart, but what happened next caught him off-guard.

Just as he was about to touch the ring, just a few brief moments away, his three dormant Astral Souls abruptly awakened!

”Finally! Our turn! ” Kratos roared with excitement. Raging draconic void force circulated throughout his body, resisting the coldness to an even greater degree! 

”Tch! ” A surge of silver saber force flowed into Wei Wuyin ’s hands, forming Element without his will. Grasping the saber, his body instinctively released an extremely imposing and kingly aura, as if all things could be brought to the end by his word, by his edge! 

”…It ’s time. ” Eden had remained completely silent since his decision to undergo his Astral Tribulation. For the first time, it had spoken! And Wei Wuyin could feel that it was the mastermind of what was about to come!

Suddenly, he felt the simultaneous triggering of three Astral Tribulations occur! The world shook for a fragment of a fragment of a second. He could very briefly see with his Celestial Eyes the eight other rings ahead of him vanish instantly without any sort of warning. He ’d entered the first ring at this very moment, and he felt himself shift at an unimaginable speed in less than a fraction of a fraction of a second. This was not something he could react to!

He found himself in an unknown location in the Dark Void, carried away by the Manifested Spirit Energies! Before he could get his bearings, a surge of extremely potent spiritual pressure encapsulated him! 

When that overbearing force pressured his body and spirit, he couldn ’t help but freeze in heart-sinking shock. This wasn ’t because of the pressure, but of what he was currently witnessing! If before the second Soul Pulse Ring was the size of a larger continent, now, he couldn ’t even see its edge! It was larger than the starfield!! As for the other seven?! He could see them being far larger, thicker, more radiant that he had no comparison of size.

When he realized this, a shiver coursed through his spine as he was reminded of being carried away. With shock and a tiny smidgen of fear in his heart, his head snapped backwards to see the situation behind him. When he did, his heart sunk into impossible depths.

There were three solar stars flickering in the far distance!!!

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