Paragon of Sin

Chapter 39: Elemental Lesson

trolling and regulating the qi arts according to its described ways difficult, if not impossible. This flaw was likely why there were no Divine Heart of Saber Qi Methods, or any ’Divine ’ Heart of Ethereal Qi in the Scarlet Dao Temple.

Luckily, he hadn ’t transformed his Hearts of Qi into only saber qi.

Fortunately, his elemental qi could execute any elemental art and increase its base strength by nine-fold! The difference was clear. It was already far stronger than normal Elemental Qi Hearts, as even Jiao Ning, who possessed a Heart of Wind Qi, could only increase her wind qi arts strength by three-fold.

”It ’s just unfortunate, ” he sighed. ”I used six hundred and thirty-two essence stones to help transform my Heart of Qi. ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t need those essence stones for the Divine Heart of Elemental Qi. After all, his qi and core was already the nine elements to begin with. All that was required was a process of fusion and refinement.

This was why cultivating the qi method was too easy, but saber qi needed to be refined by his intent and infused. Luckily, his new Externalize Heart Qi Method sped up refinement speed by a tremendous amount. After all, essence stones were already refined essence to begin with, so it didn ’t need to enter his meridians.

He learned that using this method, he could drastically increase his cultivation speed and eliminate possible complications of pure energy or impure essence circulating within his body. Of course, there were downsides.

His Hearts of Qi were incredibly fragile to begin with. If he suffered an attack while cultivating while externalizing, it would be as easy as breathing for other cultivators to eliminate them. Therefore, he decided to only use it when he was absolutely assured of his safety.

Also, if he absorbed the Essence of Heaven and Earth, his Hearts of Qi would also absorb the impurities, bits and pieces of taint that would usually get filtered out by his meridians. This could lead to it becoming ill, slow in circulation, or weaker. Therefore, he couldn ’t rashly absorb the ambient essence from the world, having to rely on refined essence stones.

At the moment, he had barely any relations with anyone in Golden Milk City and no enemies, which was why he felt assured to take such a risk. However, in a place like the Scarlet Solaris Sect, even if he had a 99% assurance, he decided to never take it.

The price for a slight mishap was far too heavy.

After completing his transformative cultivation, he still had a few days before the month ’s due date was over. He used the Exteralize Heart Qi Method to rapidly absorb the remaining four hundred and so essence stones. He split the stones in half, and checked his progress.

If the False Reality Phase had percentages of development towards Sublime Qi Phase, then he was about forty-percent of the way there with both Hearts. He now knew that he needed about five hundred for each Heart of Qi.

Noting this, he finally left.

When he arrived at the Surabhi Emporium, it was still filled with a lively aura. He truly had nothing but praise to the one who devised such an establishment. It was suited for all needs, and sometimes, you might even discover something you didn ’t even know you wanted.

He even saw that friendly attendant just idling away, waiting patiently for confused or questioning arrivals. He softly smiled and went to Kosh ’s Energy.

Wei Wuyin saw the clerk who just sat in a chair with a look of boredom. Wei Wuyin realized that such an expensive shop didn ’t have a swarm of customers daily. After all, high-level essences weren ’t something just anyone could afford. Those who didn ’t have a strong backer or high cultivation base could only rely on lucky chances to obtain one.

The sheer prices were incredibly expensive, and if asked a year ago if he could buy a high-level essence stone for one hundred and fifty stones, he would ’ve laughed and called the person nuts.

When the clerk saw Wei Wuyin arrive, he slyly smiled with eyes containing a slight trace of mocking. Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother with him, as he just stood in a corner and quietly waited.

He paid attention to the time and waited. It should be an hour before the total time of a full month ends. In the cultivation world, every month was determined by thirty solar and lunar cycles. When the sun and the moon descends and ascends.

Therefore, he didn ’t hold any doubt about the time of the meeting due to the agreement.

Soon, the minutes ticked away.

Then, an hour arrived.

Abruptly, two hours came and went.

Wei Wuyin ’s expression turned uglier by the passing second. He had already thought of the various one-day orders he would ask for. He had a belly full of dark desires yet no outlet.

Three hours passed.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes were closed and the rage in his heart was becoming murderously fierce. Who liked waiting for someone? He sure as fuck didn ’t.

”You know, those two had already left the city. If you ’re thinking of begging for your magma essence back, you ’re out of luck. ” The clerk finally said after realizing the aura Wei Wuyin was emitting felt a little dangerous. At first, he found it funny, but Wei Wuyin ’s aura was causing him to shriek in fear within his heart.

”What?! ” He whipped his head fiercely towards the clerk. ”They left?! ”

The clerk took a step back, awkwardly laughing in hopes of defusing the tense and uncomfortableness in his heart, ”uh, yeah. They left the day of. I saw them leave the city, and I don ’t think they intended to come back. ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes were wide, disbelief at their gall and the utter shamelessness. You make a bet and then depart? Aren ’t you just cheating people? Can you even call yourself a Godlord?!

The respect he had for Godlord Lin dropped to the lowest possible point.

”Where did they go?! ” He was going to get his victory.

”Uh, northwest, I think. They should be heading to the Wu Empire ’s Capital City, Wudao. ” The clerk answered sheepishly.

”…Northwest? Fuck! ” Wei Wuyin viciously stomped his feet. An aura of white elemental qi entered the air. The world became cowed as the various natural elements went awry, matching his anger.

The wind currents became enraged, chaotic and everflowing. The moisture condensed into ice droplets and steam vapor. The floor softened, hardened, cracked, and shifted. A slicing air surged, overbearing, imperious, and murderous.

The disturbance caused all those on the above and below floors to feel like an earthquake was happening. There were yelps of panic, fearful shrieks, and confused questions slinging from the crowd.

Wei Wuyin rarely ever lost his cool, but the fact they essentially cheated him made him feel stupid and naive. In fact, he was essentially robbed, and he gave it to them with the utmost confidence. How could he not be angry? How could he not be enraged?! His trust in the honor of a Godlord had vanished into thin air.


He felt a spiritual sense sweep towards his area. This spiritual sense stopped on him. It was penetrating and daunting. A strong taste of metal entered his mouth, and faint tingling itched at his skin. He could feel a hint of qi within.

He calmed himself down after sensing this spiritual sense linger on his body. As he did, the manifestations of elemental chaos and slicing currents subsided.

”Thanks for telling me, ” he said, looking dejected. He directly left the emporium before the situation devolved into Mortal Gods descending to investigate. The spiritual sense followed him out and then withdrew itself.

Whoever that spiritual sense belonged to, he knew it belonged to a Godlord. That expert was likely the Godlord who ran the Golden Milk City. Wei Wuyin had no desire of enraging someone who ’s qi were infused with their spiritual strength.

He heavily sighed in his heart, his emotions already soothing out. He knew that overconfidence was a weakness, yet he was overconfident. He also knew that people were unreliable, yet he trusted people. The prestigious title of Godlord had blinded him.

”Tch. Lesson learned. Take it as a learning experience. ” Was all he could say to comfort his heart.

However, he will have his victory…one day.

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