Paragon of Sin

Chapter 415: What He Needed

Combat between experts was often swiftly concluded, decided by overwhelming power or decisive tactics. This was a well-known, indisputable principle of the cultivation world that many knew of. It led to fights that were explosive and chaotic, forcing most to be unable to hold back lest they suffer.

Wei Wuyin once more basked in the brilliance of combat, observing his animated dragons flow throughout the world domineeringly and imposingly. He clenched his fists, feeling a strong and potent sensation resurge within his heart that had been absent for a long time. 

Since his arrival at the Myriad Monarch Sect, he ’d been so focused on handling matters and concocting products that he had somewhat forgotten how killing intent felt, forgotten how it felt to end a life with his own power. The white elemental origin dragon that had chomped Ai Sanyuan whole crunched its teeth, grinding sounds resounded as her fleshy body was refined by elemental powers.

It seemed to smile as it did so, causing ordinary people to feel an icy chill run down their spines. There were also ordinary people who were watching these events.

Far away, observing behind a semi-transparent white ward, the human captives were watching the battle with awed expressions, their mouth agape and their eyes like full moons, widened to their limits.

”He…she ’s dead…? ” The battle was far beyond their level, so witnessing such terrifying beings clash was a thunderously lively event in their hearts. Ai Shanyuan wasn ’t someone they were unaware of. They were Seekers of The Desolate Lands, so they all purchased the basic information of who ’s who amongst the Grey Sand Elves.

Ai Shanyuan was a talented genius who brought her Earth Intent to extremely high levels, allowing her to govern a city. One must know, there were only a few hundred cities amongst the Grey Sand Elven Tribe, divided by the Nine Grand Clans, and Ai Shanyuan controlled an entire city. Her talent, strength, and reputation was not little by any means.

To see her be eaten, devoured so mercilessly by that white dragon, and have it smile as it rejoiced in her seemingly delicious flesh and bones, made their scalps turn numb with horrified emotions. 

And they were humans, so the reaction of a Grey Sands Elf would be even more intense, and it was!

Ai Juling was awake and spectating, her eyes stared at the nine dragons swarming through the clouds, sundering the ground casually, and twisting playfully amongst themselves. She gulped, but her heart sank and she closed her eyes. Her cultivation base was currently sealed by a spell, so she didn ’t even try to run away.

To add, she was shrouded by a white ward that shielded her from the shockwaves and aura of the fight. 


The nine white dragons roared as the one who ’d devoured Ai Shanyuan finished its meal. They twisted around it, seemingly excited by their victory. Wei Wuyin took a small breath for himself, and then he executed a handseal. The Multi-Link Spiritual Astral Array exhausted an enormous amount of mental and spiritual energies to maintain, so he began to unravel the array.

The white dragons roared once more before dissipating into white mist that surged towards Wei Wuyin. With his mouth open, his eyes flashed with seven-colored light as he rapidly re-assimilated the astral force used to maintain the bodies of the nine dragons. This was an advantage of permanence, the ability of self-sustaining in the external world, and that was the retrieval of one ’s powers.

Of course, these powers must be actively controlled and connected by his spiritual strength without any period of disconnect. If he did disconnect, the astral force would rapidly integrate with the surroundings, becoming real and true existences thriving on the world ’s ambient mana. If it wasn ’t for that, he could theoretically have a near-limitless amount of astral force externalized and then re-up whenever he was low on reserves.

When all the white mist entered his mouth after a minute or so, he deeply exhaled as he felt his astral force within his Astral Core recover to over eighty percent. He had consumed roughly twenty percent of his astral force from that move, a rather costly price considering his ten centimeter-sized Astral Core. 

To put it into perspective, that was roughly the level of four ordinary Gravity Emission Phase of astral force reserves. This was an absurd amount of astral force, enough to shatter planets many times over. 

”She wasn ’t that strong. ” Wei Wuyin remarked as he fully retrieved his powers, obtaining a spatial ring as spoils of war, and feeling that Ai Shanyuan ’s foundation was severely lacking. When her body was refined into nothing by his elemental origin powers, he felt her level of Soul Idol, Spatial Resonance, and Light Reflection. She had seven-rings, six-ripples, and yellow-colored Primary Light. 

This was slightly stronger than Tuo Bihan ’s former strength. Moreover, her astral force lacked permanence, meaning her Astral Soul hadn ’t reached the Zenith Mortal State. She might ’ve been at the 7th or 8th Mortal State, he wasn ’t exactly certain.

If he was at her cultivation level, a mere breath of his could ’ve obliterated her existence. This was what he earnestly felt, feeling a little intrigued. The cultivation society of this world realm was extremely advanced in comparison to his starfield ’s fallen state, especially since these elves that hid themselves from humans weren ’t the strongest race present.

The humans here must be extremely strong by comparison, and this caused his eyes to narrow. The Divine King established this trial and its clear the cultivation level needed to effectively survive in this world as an external genius was higher than what his own, likely at the Light Reflection Phase.

Wei Wuyin chuckled to himself, thinking the Divine King had used the standards of the starfield ’s golden age to establish this trial by. It didn ’t matter, what comes will come. He ’ll handle all of it regardless.

With a twist of his body, he flew towards the spectators. When he arrived, he saw Ai Juling who seemed to be unconscious, laying down on the ground defenseless. Wei Wuyin felt this was interesting and ignored her feigning attempt, turning to the separate astral ward containing the human captives. 

He didn ’t undo his protection. The environment still contained desolate power so he walked into the ward, then his fingers flicked with spiritual light that entered the bodies of everyone present. Their flesh glowed slightly as the shackles that had binded their flesh and cultivation bases were removed. 

They were initially startled by this development, but their eyes were soon fixated on Wei Wuyin with awed expressions. The elderly man felt his cultivation freed, flexing his strength a little to reveal his cultivation at the Soul Idol Phase. From the faint spiritual aura emitted, he had a five-ringed Soul Idol. 

He clasped his hands and deeply bowed, ”Thank you for saving me, Senior. ” As the first to regain his composure, he took the lead in giving his thanks to Wei Wuyin. Regardless of how young Wei Wuyin seemed or what he thought of him before, Wei Wuyin was a bonafide expert. He had defeated a City Lord of the Grey Sands Elves, an existence that could spit on him and cause his death, so he revealed the utmost respect.

The others soon followed, giving their deepest thanks. Even the man who ridiculed and mocked him prior bowed, his bow the deepest and most energetic amongst the group. There wasn ’t much fear in his heart because if Wei Wuyin wanted him dead, he ’d be dead, not freed. As for apologizing? Would his apology matter to such an expert?

Wei Wuyin once more found it strange to be referred to as Senior by those hundreds of years older than him, even if it was a custom amongst cultivators. But being referred to as Junior by those who were weak by comparison would similarly feel wrong, so he wasn ’t certain how to respond to this feeling of his. After all, he was referred to as Prince Wei, Lord Wei, Heavenly King Wei, his majesty, Ascendant Emperor Wei, or simply Wei Wuyin in his starfield. His status and reputation was simply that great.

”The Grey Sands Elves of that city don ’t seem to be pursuing, so you ’re all free. ” When Wei Wuyin stated this, their heavy hearts felt relieved. They won ’t be sold off as Energy Converters or Alchemic Proxies! This was great news. As for the Grey Sands Elves hunting them down? Unlikely.

They ’ll be focused on Wei Wuyin, not them. They were just small fries in comparison. But this left everyone a little uncertain how to proceed. If they left now, they might be recaptured, but if they stayed and stronger forces arrived and eventually killed Wei Wuyin or he was pushed to the point of fleeing, then their deaths were clear.

Most of the Seekers decided to return to hunting, exploring the world on their own. They used all sorts of tools, clothes, and their own forces to resist the desolate power and departed in different directions. The only ones who stayed were three individuals: the bald man, the elderly man, and the man who mocked Wei Wuyin.

These three were named Huang Yu, Chu Leitao, and Li Wang respectively.

The elderly man, Chu Leitao, cautiously spoke at this moment: ”Senior, may I ask where you intend to go? ” 

Wei Wuyin inspected this elderly man with a muscular body and felt that he was quite perceptive. He was also the one who answered his questions the most, so he liked him enough to give him some respect. ”I don ’t know exactly. In truth, I ’m not familiar with The Desolate Lands. What I do know is that I need to find a human city to gather my bearings. ”

The bald man ’s eyes brightly lit as he jumped with excitement. After receiving the glances of the others, his face turned a little red in a blush. Huang Yu truly had a child-like quality about him, and this caused Wei Wuyin to like him as well. After a moment of silence, the bald man avidly spoke what was on his mind.

”There ’s a city called the Grandquake City! It ’s nearby and I have a residence there within my clan! If…if you want, I can bring you there. ” Huang Yu stammered at the end, a little uncertain if Wei Wuyin would accept his invitation, but his excitement at the prospect leaked uncontrollably.

Wei Wuyin ’s face formed a slight smile, ”Alright. ” 

Chu Leitao was startled by the ease at which Wei Wuyin accepted such an invitation, but considering he wasn ’t familiar with The Desolate Lands or the ways of the world, he might be ignorant of the implications of being invited to a clan. 

Li Wang was silent, merely watching the conversation. He decided he ’d travel with them and return to Grandquake City. He was a member of the Central Region, so he didn ’t have a clan stationed here like Huang Yu, who was clearly a native of The Desolate Lands.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t mind his inclusion, wanting to ask a few more questions and clarifications regarding this new world. With a wave of his hand, he brought Ai Juling into his arms in a bridal carry, her head on his shoulder. Her delicate body trembled a little, but she remained ’asleep ’ so he didn ’t bother with her.

”Let ’s go. ”

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