Paragon of Sin

Chapter 433: The Hunting of Wei Wuyin

r?! ” Wei Wuyin exclaimed a little, feeling startled that he was discovered without warning. He hurriedly tried to use the Celestial Eyes to gaze into events of the world, but he couldn ’t use it!

His Celestial Eyes had deactivated somehow!

How did he not notice her before though? Despite the pressing situation, he didn ’t panic and remained unfathomably calm and collected. While he often planned matters too thoroughly, he would never panic in moments of crisis. His silver eyes reflected his calm state as he contemplated for a brief moment, and without hesitation, ran!

He used his physical body and blurred with large, impactful steps as he blazed through the grey dirt lands with frightening speed! With a quick swipe of his hand, he wiped off the blood stains, interacting with his Astral Souls to see what their states were.

But he became solemn as he noticed their states were exhausted, with King suffering the most damage somehow. Its coremost innate energies were almost completely exhausted! While Eden was unable to be observed currently, Ori was heavily exhausted as well. As for Kratos, its Bloodline Source was intact, untouched, but his heart suffered heavily and even stretched out and thinned as a result.

As he saw this, his heart was rippling with unfathomable warmth and awed emotions. He wasn ’t an idiot, realizing what they had done to ensure his survival. Furthermore, they didn ’t try to break him out of his state of comprehension, which would ’ve been too easy to do! They trusted him, believing he would finish before the female Realmlord arrived!

This level of trust was dangerous but also heartwarming to the utmost limits! He couldn ’t let down their faith, his eyes brimming with determination and resolve. Therefore, he exploded with further speed!

Several dozen kilometers away, the female Realmlord arrived at Wei Wuyin ’s previous location. She observed the crumbled mountains, spreading her spiritual sense to inspect the area. She noticed the specks of grey blood that carried a unique aura that caused her heart to tremble.

”What ’s this aura? ” She questioned for a moment, but checked her glowing parchment soon after. She grinned, ”Running? Too late. ” With a stomp, she blurred towards Wei Wuyin ’s direction!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t look back, but he felt her approach. ”She ’s locking onto my aura somehow! But how? ” He started to think, and with a few handseals, he was about to conjure a few clones to mislead his pursuer, but he grimaced in pain. This caused his expression to become slightly unsightly!

His spiritual energies, astral force, and various powers gave a scathing feedback, making him realize his astral souls were not just exhausted, but heavily damaged. They had pushed themselves so far so quickly, causing him to feel a little frustrated, but after realizing the gains he had obtained, he sighed with thankfulness in his heart.

He hurriedly tried other avenues, but even his bloodline abilities had no fuel to use. While his Bloodline Source was fully intact, he had no forces to activate it! He needed to use pills and elixirs to help their recovery, but in their current states, how could they externalize and rapidly digest the products?

At this rate, she would reach him in a minute or so! Considering the vast open field and her status, he didn ’t have the time to find a city and hijack the city-wide array! While his cultivation had risen, his power had skyrocketed, who could ’ve guessed he would be in this type of situation?

”Fine! Then, I ’ll just kill her. ” Wei Wuyin declared to himself, stopping on the spot. He didn ’t like being hunted nor being passive either, so if she wanted to court death, then he would give it to her in full! 

He turned around, his aura changing imperceptibly. He no longer drew upon their powers, deciding to rely on his other identity! A Mortal Sovereign Alchemist!

With a wave of his hand, two large pellets the size of baby ’s fist emerged in his palms. With a sharp, lethal light in his eyes, he was going to risk it all! 

Just as he withdrew the ninth-grade pellets, his eyebrows rose as he inspected the pellets, and his expression twisted fiercely! They were being suppressed by some strange power emitting from the continent!

He didn ’t hesitate to spin around, speeding away once more! He couldn ’t use pellets if they were being suppressed! Maybe he could resist the force or tweak it if he was at full strength, but now? He didn ’t hesitate to keep his pellets and run! It seemed if he used these pellets, it wouldn ’t be the female Realmlord courting death but himself!

Ten or so kilometers away from Wei Wuyin, the female Realmlord finally spotted Wei Wuyin running swiftly with her spiritual sense. With a cold and sinister smile, she chuckled and explosively accelerated! In less than ten seconds, she would catch up to Wei Wuyin!

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