Paragon of Sin

Chapter 442: Holy Ceremony of Divine Bestowal

y of True Desolate, purely quality-of-life formations. Additionally, there were too many variables in these so-called Grand Kings and Leaders of the Grey Sands Elven Tribe, the Nine Great Elven Clan Masters. 

He suspected their strength reached the Eighth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Temporal Eye Phase, and he didn ’t have absolute confidence in escaping the pursuit of one, let alone a dozen and a half. Without a powerful array to lock them down, he would be in a precarious position.

As for plundering from the winner of the competition, that was his only option left considering the circumstances. It was reliable, and it ’ll be much easier to steal away the badge from a newly accomplished Holy Son or Daughter. If he wanted to keep a low-profile, this was the best approach. 


Besides those discoveries, the details of the Holy Ceremony of Divine Bestowal was an open secret. Everyone knew what they tested, just not how great one needed to be to obtain recognition in each competition. The competitions themselves were extremely simple.

The first was a test of talent. It compared age to cultivation base. Each Astral Tribulation required comprehension and a strong foundation to assail, so your cultivation base in relation to your age was a good indication of relative talent.

The second was a test of cultivation foundation. It tested spiritual strength. The Astral Soul, or the Spirit of Cultivation, was the most defining aspect of one ’s foundation, and spiritual strength was defined by the combination of physical strength, mental strength, and purity of essence intermixed to form the Astral Soul. In much the same way spiritual energies were defined by physical, mental, and essence energies.

The third was a test of combat strength. While talent and cultivation foundation was important, a Holy Son or Daughter couldn ’t be lacking in martial might. If one ’s arts, spells, and control of astral force was lacking, then it ’ll be like a baby wielding a warhammer. You have the tools, just not the ability to effectively use them.

These tests might be difficult for others, some even lacking confidence in these areas, but he had complete confidence. Be it talent, foundation, or combat strength, he felt that he lacked none.

Wei Wuyin intended to shake things up, act against his innately low-profile nature, so he wasn ’t going to hide himself away! Let the entire world be aware of him, know that he was here! He was going to participate to become a Holy Son! 


As Wei Wuyin was mingling about, making a world-shaking decision. Two individuals, a young woman and an old man, were playing a board game at a playground. A short distance away, the joyful exclamation of human and elven children resounded as they played freely and without worries. It was pure music to the ears.

The old man made a humming sound before he picked up a piece, causing the young woman ’s brows to twitch. When the piece was placed down, the young woman felt her body go soft as she reeled in her defeat. 

”Again! ” With battle spirit in her eyes, she didn ’t even bother waiting, resetting the board. 

The old man chuckled, slapping his knee. Then, his eyes glowed faintly as he turned his head. ”It seems that that youngster is back. ”

The young woman ’s movement abruptly halted, her eyes glowing too with the same brilliance. A twist of her lips showed her dissatisfaction.

The old man laughed with a hearty smile, ”It seems your plan isn ’t going to work. You have to discard that piece of yours and enter yourself or he ’ll obtain that badge. And if he obtains it, I ’m not making a move, hehe. ” 

The young woman ’s twist of the lips transformed into a pout. ”We just need one item, it ’s nothing much. We can trade for it. ” She briskly remarked, ignoring the old man, continuing to place piece after piece. 

”He ’s in the Spatial Resonance Phase, just like you. There ’s no way he ’s going to give it up willingly. In fact, that might be his objective. Are you sure you won ’t participate? ” The old man grinned, clearly up to something mischievous. 

”Already? ” She softly exclaimed, turning her glowing gaze upwards for a moment. Her cultivation prevented her from seeing the depths of Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation. After a long moment, she sighed. With a tone of annoyance, she said: ”Fine. ” 

The old man laughed, ”The Pawn is removed, and the Queen enters the field. ” 

However, he tried to peer into Wei Wuyin ’s depths earlier and discovered that he could no longer see exact details, only his cultivation level.

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