Paragon of Sin

Chapter 456: Schemes & Desires

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes surveyed the kneeling figures of those below, praying and chanting loudly. Their cheers, excitement, and fulfilled hope was contagious. Even he couldn ’t help but feel his heart race slightly, and he had obtained the adoration and cheers of more than ten times this number.

Yet, it was quality, not quantity that mattered. These chants and cheers were based on the religious principle of a lifelong wish held by the masses throughout innumerable generations, an desired event that shaped their beliefs and existence today. They had confirmed something at this moment, something exceptional.

Inspecting himself, he found out that his black martial clothes had been vaporized and replaced by white robes by the bursting ray of light. They were fitted and made from soft material, so it was comfortable, but the color white didn ’t conform with his own preferences. Still, it wasn ’t so bad.

He turned his hand over to see a caramel-colored badge in his palm. It was shaped like a thin triangle with esoteric characters and markings on it, seemingly of a different language. It might be the language chanted by these people at times. This was the Earth Element Badge of Divinity, one of the nine Tokens of Elementus.

Wei Wuyin noted that his circular mark formed from three triangles had vanished, integrating into the badge that descended from the piercing light that engulfed him. This was clearly the work of the old ghost. As he inspected the badge, the Intent aura that lingered on his mark had merged with it, increasing in intensity. Furthermore, he could sense an aura that was extremely hard to describe.

”Genesis Essence? ” He guessed, feeling this was correct. If he wanted, he could absorb the aura from the badge in small quantities and refine it, likely giving birth to the badge ’s unique Earth Intent and merging Genesis Essence with his Elemental Origin Intent.

But this confused him.

”Why give Genesis Essence used to fuse Elemental Intents if I already have Elemental Origin Intent? ” This question didn ’t just refer to him, but it was given to the ’Holy Son ’ which required them to form Elemental Origin Intent prior. This befuddling mystery was one he was intent on finding out.

Putting that aside, he had now obtained a Badge of Divinity. Considering how this token was formed, if he had decided to wait until a Holy Son emerged, he would ’ve been greatly disappointed. After all, none of the candidates had succeeded and the young woman had withdrawn. 

The badge wasn ’t even held in the city, but with the old ghost, so obtaining it forcefully or sneakily was a dream and a half. It seemed sometimes caution and a low-profile was awarded with dejection and failure. While he hadn ’t personally experienced this lesson, he felt that he would ’ve in another life, so he slammed this principle in his head to never forget.

After several minutes, the mysterious power keeping him afloat had left, leaving him capable of freely moving as he wished. It felt quite strange to be held up in display before everyone, treated as a symbol. It wasn ’t humiliating but it also wasn ’t gratifying. Quite strange.

Wei Wuyin urged his astral force, stimulating his wind energies as he soared down below. He landed on top of the mountain, obtaining the intense gazes of the dozens of hooded figures before him. Soon, one by one, they removed their hoods.

A human male, middle-aged with dark hair and greyed edges who was quite handsome and cutting a heroic figure, clasped his hands and bowed. ”Hu Ran greets Holy Son! ” While he didn ’t kneel, from his cultivation base, this was a show of immense respect.

”…Bing Zi greets Holy Son! ”

”Hu Shu greets Holy Son! ”

”…greets Holy Son! ”

The other Grand Kings were briefly stunned, but then followed along, introducing themselves to Wei Wuyin. There were seven males and three females amongst them, and they were all middle-aged or younger in appearance, not a single one old looking. They also exuded a vigorous air, clearly greatest experts of their generations within the Desolate Lands.

These were the ten Grand Kings, the rulers of the native forces of the Desolate Lands.

The Grey Sands Elves Clan Masters were in a rather awkward and perplexing situation. They didn ’t know whether to greet this human Holy Son or…

Wei Wuyin knew a little about the long-standing conflict and hidden deals of the native elves and human forces of the Desolate Lands. He faintly smiled, not urging them to act or not. He wasn ’t prejudiced towards any race nor did he considered them any different from each other. He just considered them all as cultivators and mortals, there were no other distinctions needed in his mind.

Of course, he wasn ’t delusional and idyllic in his own beliefs. He completely understood racial and species differences, the divide and aversion that exists, and knew why it existed and how it retains a sense of one ’s identity and origins. Without that, people lose many things in their hearts.

A female Clan Master took the first step, bowing deeply to Wei Wuyin. She bowed much, much deeper than the Grand Kings had, shocking the Clan Masters and Grand Kings. ”Ai Yin greets Holy Son. ”

She was quite gorgeous, with brown hair and light bronze-skin, and her bow perfectly angled her body to reveal cleavage in such a way that Wei Wuyin was capable of peering into that ravine with a casual glance. He couldn ’t help but laugh inside, already being seduced in the first few minutes of receiving the title of Holy Son. The other Clan Masters didn ’t seem to understand Ai Yin ’s intentions, merely deciding to greet Wei Wuyin to not be awkward.

Wei Wuyin truly thought about how he liked the light-bronze skin of female elves. She must be the clan leader of the Ai Clan, and he seemed to have a fate with them. 

Finally, the Grand Priestess finally rose from her kneeling position, turning to face Wei Wuyin with a pious and fanatical glare in her sightless eyes. ”Holy Son, the True Desolate Temple welcomes your grandest arrival! Shall I— ”

Wei Wuyin interrupted her, ”Yes. Show me around. I ’d like to see this temple and the other things it has. ” When Grand Priestess Si De heard this, she was stunned for a moment. She was about to suggest something else, but she wasn ’t going to perform the duty herself. She had other matters to attend to, but Wei Wuyin ignored her.

He inspected the temple and waved her to follow him. He walked as if he owned the place, ignoring the Grand Kings and Elven Clan Masters on the surface. But in truth, when he ventured to the temple doors, every single member of these nineteen had glowing eyes with contemplative expressions filled with uncertainty or excitement.

Wei Wuyin had sent stealthy mental transmissions to each of them, containing different messages and causing different reactions. Ai Yin, for example, blushed. ”How about I accompany you, Holy Son! ” She said, following along without anyone else reacting in time.

Grand Priestess Si De noted the changes and her sightless eyes ’saw ’ Wei Wuyin ’s lightning-like transmissions of mental energies, shocked by his means and methods. She didn ’t know the content of these messages, but the varied expressions on these powerhouses ’ faces were telling.

She calmed herself, instructed the other members of the temple to complete some tasks. She moved quickly to follow Wei Wuyin, using a unique seal to open the temple doors. The three walked in and the doors closed.

Three entered, and for the next coming days, the temple was sealed and the people below prayed with elation. The entire world started to undergo subtle shifts as the third temple had been completed, giving birth to yet another Holy Child! 


Several days later, Wei Wuyin was surrounded by an elven and blind beauty on a silken sheet bed, both of which were extraordinary in status and still retained their purity, now taken away. They were asleep and laying in his arms, nestled into his chest with legs sprawled over his. 

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes contained a wisp of awkwardness as he recalled the events of what just transpired and his discoveries. Firstly, these women were absolutely wild and had some peculiar interests awakened from within him, shocking even himself. Who says virgins were delicate and pure? The liars!

But most importantly, he realized their cultivation bases! They weren ’t Realmlords! But genuine Timelords! If they harbored even the slightest intent to harm him during their romp sessions, he wouldn ’t be alive. He felt extremely strange thinking this…

To add, he hadn ’t needed to court the Grand Priestess at all! According to religious law of the temple, every woman of the temple was his, they were all virgins, and he was urged to have children with all of them to establish a clan, one that originated solely from his holy bloodline.

The other Holy Childs always chose to breed with their own race, so this caused the current climate of human superiority to form. It was also why Ai Yin was.readily willing to seduce him, offering her Primal Yin to a complete stranger. According to Si De, his yang essence had changed upon ascension, but he didn ’t feel any different.

”Hrrng… ” A soft groan turned his attention away as Ai Yin awoke, her ample chest rubbing against him. Whether it was intentional or not, he wasn ’t certain. But when it provoked a rise out of him, he felt swift movements and soon a wet, soft warmth engulfed his lower half. 

She was extremely proactive.

Well, he wasn ’t going to not enjoy this.

What ’s a few more days?

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