Paragon of Sin

Chapter 464: Badge Get!


The Lei Clan Envoys were stunned. Similarly, the experts of the Four Extreme Continents were briefly taken aback, but after noticing the Lei Clan Envoy accused of holding stolen item originating from the Grand Earth Cache hesitate, and the fact that Wei Wuyin, the Holy Son, was the one who spoke, they acted!

The first to act were the Grand Kings of the Desolate Lands. As if under concerted agreement, they evoked their Worldly Domains and blurred into an encirclement formation around the Lei Clan Envoys.

”Stop the VOIDSHIP! ” Wei Wuyin added, a little disappointed that these Grand Kings were only acting in a limited manner. Fortunately, this order ignited the suspicions and caused the Timelords to act. They all burst with imposingly devastating auras, changing the topography while they turned into comets of multi-colored lights. 

The ship couldn ’t even move before the Timelords surrounded it. The Realmlords below from the other regions of the Four Extreme Continent decided to take action as well, supporting the Timelords and even surrounding the Shuang Clan ’s Voidship.

Wei Wuyin wanted to give these proactive individuals several thumbs-up. 

”What is the meaning of this?! ” The Lei Clan Envoy who lost an arm to Grand Priestess Si De shouted in anger, his aura surging in retaliation. But his aura was thoroughly suppressed by the combined efforts of two Timelords. His expression became extremely ugly, as if he was forced to eat disgusting feces. 

When has the Holy Clans ever been treated with such disregard? Such disrespect?!

The Shuang Clan Envoy, the ash-colored hair young woman tried to remain calm, but between her trimmed brows were a wisp of anger. ”Holy Son of Grand Earth, what is the meaning of this?! My Shuang Clan demands an explanation! ” Clearly, she felt that the Holy Son was responsible for all this. 

Wei Wuyin looked at this Shuang Clan Envoy with an internal smile but an external frown. ”Meaning of this? MEANING OF THIS?! You steal from the Desolate Lands, from the people of the Four Regions, and you dare have the gall ask me such a question?! Outrageous! ” Wei Wuyin spat. His words affected these experts, fueling the anger, confusion, accusations, and dislike they held towards the Holy Clans. This was especially so for the four Elven Tribes. 

They were particularly incensed and hateful, clearly hating the Holy Clans more. In fact, the majority that surrounded the Shuang Clan proactively were the elves. While Wei Wuyin had Ai Yin, an elf, beside him, all the other Holy Clan members were humans and treated them as lesser beings.

”You should give us an explanation! You dare steal and attempt to run?! ” Hu Ran ’s imposing voice erupted, directly placing guilty crimes on their heads. Everyone was too riled up to realize that might not be the case, and in truth, a few of them didn ’t even care. They just hated the Lei Clan.

The Shuang Clan Envoy was thoroughly enraged. ”What explanation, prey tell, do we owe you? ” Seeing their normally calm and gentle representative reveal such emotions, those aboard the Shuang Clan ’s Voidship who were watching all this with gnashed teeths and twisted expressions.

The injustice!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t want this to go into a rabbit hole of arguments and have everything unravel. Instead, he demanded from the Lei Clan Envoy who struck him, ”You, empty your Spatial Ring! For everyone! Show us your guilt! ” 

The fact he wanted the Lei Clan Envoy to empty everything before everyone was shocking to everyone, but then they agreed internally. They felt invested in this. Everyone present felt that they had a chance to obtain the contents of the Grand Earth Cache, left untouched for thousands of years, containing the blessings of a Divinity! 

Did the Lei Clan steal from us?!

These were their thoughts. It wasn ’t just Wei Wuyin ’s Grand Earth Cache, it was theirs!

The old man and the young woman watching from a distance wore very animated expressions. The former was utterly awed, almost applauding. The young woman was thoroughly shocked. What was happening?! Did the Lei Clan actually steal the Grand Earth Cache?

The Lei Clan Envoy gritted his teeth. He asked in a dark voice, ”You want me, ME, to show my spatial ring to everyone? You wish to humiliate me, US?! The Holy Clan of Lei! Do you?! DO YOU EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT?! ” The Lei Clan Envoy raged. The contents of someone ’s spatial rings were sacred and precious, often containing their life ’s greatest secrets. To ask for it to be shown to everyone was of the utmost disrespect.

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes brightened. Everyone here is deserving of thumbs-up all around! They are just playing into the perfect scenario! He couldn ’t have done it better himself even if he played all the roles! 

Just as he was about to speak, putting the nail in the Lei Clan ’s coffin. A voice, calm and authoritative, spoke out. ”He doesn ’t. ” 

When the voice resounded, everyone turned to the Lei Clan ’s Voidship, their eyes narrowed and the light of surprise emerging. A young, handsome youth that was a little on the chubby side yet still extraordinary, soared out of the Lei Clan ’s Voidship with flickering bits of lightning around his entire body.

He was dressed in a white robe! The signature white robe that all Holy Children wore!

The Lei Clan Envoy who lost an arm exclaimed and hurriedly kneeled mid-air, ”Holy Son of Dark Lightning! ” 

His words made everyone realize who this individual was. The Inherited Holy Child of the Lei Clan! Also, the possessor of the Lightning Element Badge! The badge itself floated above his head imperiously, sending crackles of violet lightning surging about as if it was a divine object of lightning. 

Wei Wuyin inspected this newcomer, sneering inside his mind. The badge ’s astonishing display of lightning wasn ’t a function of the badge itself, but some external formation placed on it. How flamboyant. 

Regardless, he had walked right into his scheme. Truly, he couldn ’t have planned it better. At first, he was thinking of using these experts to drag this Holy Son out, but to think he came out himself.

From the beginning, Wei Wuyin knew his greatest obstacle to obtaining the Badges of Divinities would be the Holy Clans. Because to obtain the other badges, he originally thought he needed to kill the other Holy Child. After obtaining the Badge of Divinity, he discovered he was half-right.

The trial was still a trial and the participants, native or foreign, were all competitors. There was a hidden function within the badges to allow one to obtain the others directly, but one has to be in close proximity to activate it. Considering the Holy Children stayed inside the Holy Cities, he needed to lure them out.

Technically, he could stealthily enter into the Holy Cities and challenge them, but what after? What if these Starlords could sense him prior to the challenge? What if the formations were too complicated? What if they could interfere in the challenge?! What if…? Too many what ifs were involved, too many variables. 

For one, he didn ’t feel like getting instantly killed due to being ignorant nor swarmed. That would be too bothersome.

The Lei Clan already had notions of killing him, removing him from the equation, so he might as well act first. And now? He had an army of the world ’s greatest experts to prevent any form of swarming tactics! And with good reason!

Wei Wuyin looked at the Holy Son of Dark Lightning, his eyes narrowed. ”I don ’t? ” He inquired with a sinister tone.

The Holy Son of Dark Lightning was unfazed, ”You don ’t. ” His words were a direct challenge. While he might be an Inherited Holy Child, he had the backing of a Holy Clan, a Starlord. He feared no one here. Not even Wei Wuyin, this so-called Holy Son with the most nascent of foundations. To him, it was laughable that Wei Wuyin would even dare to challenge him.

”… ” A silence was birthed as the confrontation of two Holy Children, one inherited and one earned, began. 

Wei Wuyin took out his Earth Element Badge with a faint smile. ”I don ’t? ” Wei Wuyin asked again, but people saw that he wasn ’t directing the question to anyone in particular. He started to slowly fly towards the Voidship, looking at the Holy Son of Dark Lightning with a glimmer in his eye.

The Holy Son of Dark Lightning was startled for a moment. In a flash, a dozen Realmlords surrounded him like guardian angels, dead-set on protecting him with their lives. And he felt relaxed and confident, revealing a fearless smile. 

Wei Wuyin slowly approached, causing a tension to form in the air. Ai Yin was directly beside him with Si De. They flew with him, one on his right and one on his left. 

The Lei Clan Envoys saw this and blurred to a mirrored side at the Holy Son of Dark Lightning ’s side. Despite the piercing light shining on one, they still looked imposing. The other Timelords didn ’t stop their movements, curious about this development. 

Wei Wuyin kept approaching until he reached a hundred meters from the Lei Clan ’s Inherited Holy Son. When he did, he internally frowned. Why did it require such a close distance?! A hundred meters might be large for mortals, but it was less than a tenth of a step for cultivators at their level.

How difficult would it be to approach someone at this distance without being noticed?! He wasn ’t an assassin! That aside, he relaxed. 

”I ’ll show you my right, ” Wei Wuyin declared. Rising the Earth Element Badge of Divinity in his hands, and then he shouted: ”I, Holy Son of Grand Earth, challenge the Holy Son of Dark Lightning! ” These words were merely for show, not required.

But it added to the theatrical effect!

The crowd was shocked! And then, the two badges whirled rapidly and shot into the sky like comets. They vanished for a brief second before two light beams engulfed Wei Wuyin and this Inherited Holy Son with speed that even Timelords couldn ’t react to.

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