Paragon of Sin

Chapter 465: Framed!

Instantly, the beam of light flared and everyone besides the two Holy Sons were moved far, far away. For ten miles of distance, only they were untouched. Even the large Voidships were pushed back by the light, unable to resist. 

”What ’s happening?! ” Those two words left the mouths of too many, nearly forming an artificial echo. Everyone present, be it peak powerhouses or elite experts, were astounded by this development. A challenge?!

This was possible?!

They didn ’t even know Holy Children could challenge each other! Furthermore, the light that came from the skies was well-known as the light of Divinity, so this was something approved by the Gods?! Uncertain how to respond or if their response even mattered, they could only look on and watch with confusion and anticipation.

Ai Yin and Si De were stunned, they even tried to resist the light initially, but were left defeated. They stared at the curtain of light that separated them from Wei Wuyin, their worried emotions betrayed by their expressions. They didn ’t know what this was or why this was happening, but they prayed for Wei Wuyin ’s safety. Grand Priestess Si De even started chanting a prayer.

But the one they worried about was laughing loudly in his heart. Oh, and in reality. 

The Holy Son of Dark Lightning was deeply startled by the sudden environmental changes. He found himself standing on a floating platform of solid light, surrounded by a cylindrical curtain of light that shielded him from seeing the outside world. ”What is this?! ” He questioned with a tinge of fear quivering within his voice. 

While he couldn ’t see the outside world, everyone could observe the inside. The two Holy Sons were a mere hundred meters away from each other, on a battle platform constructed from pure light. The light was the same divine light they were familiar with.

”Battle for the Elementus Tokens will soon begin! Both Chosen Candidates shall fight until victory is claimed! Surrender is impossible, but mercy can be displayed. ” A booming voice filled with divine majesty erupted, causing everyone present to tremble!

The Voice of the Gods! 

While the others were immersed in awe, Wei Wuyin knew the truth. It was just the old ghost acting as the overseer for this trial. While he was an Immortal, likely having a profound cultivation prior to losing it, he was merely a Spiritform servant at the moment. If he was a god-like existence before, he could be considered to have fallen.

Regardless, he faintly smiled. 

While the Holy Bloodline awakens every hundred years, after an Inherited Holy Child reaches three hundred years old, it moves to the next available Awakened in the lineage. This was clearly designed in the case of unexpected deaths.

But it matched with the trial ’s requirements, ensuring the competitors were always in the same age range. If not, he would have to face that Starlord! That would be utterly impossible. Still, this Chosen Candidate of the Lightning Element Badge was merely a few decades beyond two hundred. His cultivation was not laughable by any means.

Despite his current age, this Holy Son of Dark Lightning was a genius that outmatched every normal genius in his starfield. He had reached the Light Reflection Phase, the Fifth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, and seemed to have been in that phase for a few decades.

Even Lin Ming was only at the Soul Idol Phase, and he was a Blessed who obtained the legacy of the Divine King Han Xei. It was clear that background, environment, and instructors bore a heavy factor in one ’s cultivation base. 

The Holy Son of Dark Lightning turned to Wei Wuyin after realizing the voice ’s intentions and desire. They were to fight! And the winner will obtain tokens? Were they the Badges of Divinity?! 

”You…you want to take my Badge of Divinity! ” The Inherited Holy Son screamed. He found this ludicrous. How was this even possible?! Was it because of what he said? That Wei Wuyin had no right to act against his subordinate?! A dark, heavy sinking feeling of regret swarmed his heart.

Wei Wuyin had killed a Realmlord! Not defeated, killed! While he was an Inherited Holy Son that rarely fought anyone other than teachers and practice partners! When has he ever been put in real danger before?! When would they ever allow him to be in real danger?!

His life was extremely precious, and he had a posse of Realmlords and two Timelords watching him at all times. Even while he slept, while he ate, while he indulged in sensual pleasures!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t care about his panic or struggles. 

”Begin! ” The voice shouted.

”…W-Wait! ” The Holy Son of Dark Lightning shouted in abject fear, not wanting to fight. He forgot to even protect himself. Unfortunately, surrender wasn ’t an option. And his Holy Bloodline? Well, it wouldn ’t exist after he loses his badge. As for himself? Well, he was irrelevant.

Wei Wuyin used his two fingers, outstretched them, gathering saber light at their tip and sliced it across the former Holy Son of Dark Lightning ’s neck without moving an inch. A flash of saber light erupted for a brief moment.

”Gargh! ” A choked sound filled with blood and struggle resounded. Despite his cultivation base being profound for his age, what was he before Wei Wuyin? Even at the Soul Idol Phase, those at the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Gravity Emission Phase, were absolutely fragile before him. And that wasn ’t even using his saber force.

With eyes filled with grievance and fear, a horrific angle overtook his head as it slowly slid off his shoulders. A heavy thud and a sickening spurt of blood from the decapitated head ’s mouth occurred. The head even rolled a few feet away, its eyes twisting around uncontrollably.

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

Everyone, EVERYONE, was silent. 

Some expected an epic battle after hearing the rules.

Some expected a discussion between the two.

Some didn ’t know what to expect.

But no one expected this.

It was an absolute execution.

Was there such a vast difference between Inherited and Ascended Holy Children? Was it really so terrifying?! Furthermore, did they just witness the death of a Holy Child?! When had that ever happened before? Has that even happened before?!

Wei Wuyin was unbothered by the shocked silence. After the Holy Son of Dark Lightning ’s death, a light flew towards him and arrived in his hand from the sky. The two Tokens of Elementus, one of Lightning and one of Earth, had merged together forming a larger triangle. The badge now emitted a strange lightning aura alongside the Grand Earth Intent Aura.

He assumed this was Dark Lightning Intent, the Apex-level Lightning Intent! 

Abruptly, a surge of information entered his mind, he was absolutely shocked by his discovery! He had seemingly gained control over a portion of the Central Regions. If he willed it, no one could step forth in his territory during the Season of Devils or Grace. Furthermore, he felt as if there was an existence sealed within his territory, under his direct control. When he thought about it, his eyes lit in shocked surprise.

”Was it the Starlord? ” Wei Wuyin was quite curious as to why he felt as if he was in control of this existence ’s life and death. The platform and curtain of light soon encapsulated around his figure and soared away. He was brought back to the side of Si De, his Grand Priestess, in an instant. When he regained his senses after the sudden transport, he held the merged Badges of Divinity in his hand.

With a faint smile, he turned to look at the Lei Clan Envoy and asked, ”Do I have the right now? ”

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