Paragon of Sin

Chapter 475: San Yonglis Book of Heavens Path

nd with ease.

Ming Shufeng knew San Yongli was powerful, so she wasn ’t shocked by hee display. 

”Wei Wuyin never became the Holy Son. He wasn ’t the one who should have taken over the Central Region, and they never entered such a disastrous war before. Everything changed, and I can ’t be certain of anything anymore, ” San Yongli said.

Ming Shufeng frowned, ”Did someone else in your book do this? ”

”…Yes. The True Elemental Emperor. He became a Holy Son, and fought the Holy Clans. He won, becoming the possessor of the three badges. After, he united the humans and the elven race violently rebelled. ” She explained this with a contemplative hand on her chin. 

”Rebel? Why? ” Ming Shufeng might be a Heavenly Seer, but the course of history had already changed from what San Yongli knew, so it wasn ’t possible to peer into those answers with her cultivation. 

San Yongli shook her head, ”It had to do with the True Elemental Emperor forming an irrefutable conflict with the elven tribes. I don ’t know the exact reason. ” Since nothing was going as expected, she was thoroughly lost. She had even left Lin Ming enough resources to keep the events consistent. 

She was terrified that a single change would alter everything, but how could she not act with her foreknowledge? After all, she wanted to experience a better life in this second chance of hers. But then Wei Wuyin abruptly arrived without warning, a character that shouldn ’t be relevant at this current point in time.

San Yongli even suspected that he was like her, someone who came from the future, likely holding a similar book in his hands that detailed certain events of the future. How else did he change everything so drastically, acting completely different from what was written? 

It was also possible that her actions prior to this, something very small, erupted into a tempest of unfathomable change. If that ’s the case, then her every action, no matter how small or careful, had the power to alter history drastically. The Book of Heaven ’s Path would soon become absolutely useless lest it changes, capable of adapting.

Just as she thought this, a minuscule golden flash of light flickered at her glabella. It was swift, unnoticeable. Her crimson eyes behind the shade of her hood brightened soon after.

”You okay? ” Ming Shufeng asked after realizing that San Yongli was acting a little strange.

Suddenly, San Yongli spoke: ”The True Elemental Emperor becomes the Holy Son tomorrow. But… ” She frowned, peering into the second figure that had caught her eye. The Grand Monarch…

”What? Tomorrow? ” Ming Shufeng was startled. Wasn ’t it supposed to happen a month from now? Why did her prediction suddenly change? Incredibly curious, she waited with expectations about this development.

”They are no longer male? A female? What…? ” San Yongli was extremely confused after reading the changed contents in the Book of Heaven ’s Path that was within her Sea of Consciousness. According to it, the Grand Monarch was given the title the Grand Monarch Wu Baozhai, not Grand Monarch Long Chen. Furthermore, prior to this, it detailed Long Chen ’s advantages, struggles, and fortuitous encounters for the next decade.


There was no mention of Long Chen. 

At all.

…what the hell happened?

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