Paragon of Sin

Chapter 507: A Price

e asked this, her heart was shaking with hope. If the Grand Priest couldn ’t undo the Spiritual Spell, then it was highly unlikely that she, a Light Reflection Phase Cultivator, could do so. 

”… ” There was no answer from the surroundings. 


At this period of time, several miles away from the Voidship, Bai Yuxi was currently looking at a series of spatial ripples that revealed a silhouette of a figure. The figure was clearly a woman, yet there were no other distinctive traits that could be determined.

”Venerable Spiritwalker, I can only request this from your esteemed self. ” Bai Yuxi had sent her plea towards the Dharma Protector of Tang Xingyun, seeking out an avenue to remove the Spiritual Spell Restriction placed on Lin Ming. She had already gone to the Dharma Protector of He Yanglei, hoping the other might take action out of a grudge against Wei Wuyin, but she was sent away before she could even speak a few words. 

The other Dharma Protectors were hidden in the shadows, with no intent to interfere with anything regarding this training grounds lest it concerned their charges. She had tried to contact one of them, yet they didn ’t even give her a reply.

The one called Venerable Spiritwalker was her last resort.

”…It ’s not impossible. ” The voice that had sent Wei Wuyin away, enforced that one-year agreement, said with a vague implication. 

Bai Yuxi ’s eyes brightened, finding hope. ”Please instruct me, Venerable Spiritwalker. ” She bowed in respect, understanding that a request was incoming.

”The Spiritual Spell placed on that young man is extremely thorough, quite affixed to his critical areas with vast, powerful spiritual strength. Even those newly Ascended would find it difficult to undo, ” the voice explained up to this point, pausing to allow Bai Yuxi to digest these words.

Indeed, Bai Yuxi was fiercely shaken by those words. Even those newly Ascended would find it difficult to undo? How strong was this spell? Did Wei Wuyin use a powerful external device to cast it? But she had to find a way to break the spell, or Lin Ming would lose this chance forever.

The voice continued after seeing the determined light reflected in Bai Yuxi ’s eyes, ”But I can undo the spell. However, you ’ll have to ask yourself if this young man is worth it. After all, I ’ve already taken action once, why should I do it again? ”

Bai Yuxi was startled by her words. Clearly, whatever Venerable Spiritwalker intended to ask in return was not going to be a low price. Her emotional connection to Lin Ming was brief but not shallow. This could clearly be seen as Lin Ming was fully willing to surrender the title of Chosen for her, despite it being just an illusion.

”I ’ll do anything, ” she answered.


In the True Desolate Temple, Wei Wuyin stood at the entrance with a gaze fixed on the horizon. As his silver eyes gleamed with calculative light, a soft voice resounded behind him.

”What are you thinking about? ” A soft hand touched his shoulders, caressing it until it became a gentle massage. The light-bronze skin of that hand was quite delicate.

Wei Wuyin knew it was Ai Yin, but his eyes remained fixed on the horizon. ”I have to make a trip to the Scorched Skies. I ’m wondering if I can make it in one go. ” The Scorched Skies contained the last piece of the puzzle in forming his Elemental Heart Intent: high-level Fire Intent.

”Make it? ” Ai Yin was confused by Wei Wuyin ’s words. It took her a moment to come to the conclusion that Wei Wuyin was somewhat concerned if it was safe to travel there, being the last territory not under his control. ”You shouldn ’t have any issue traveling there with our power. Me and Si De will protect you. The entire Grey Sands Elves are by your side. ” 

Wei Wuyin faintly smiled, touching the back of her hand that rested on his shoulder. ”Thank you, but that ’s not what I meant. ” With a lift of her hand, he smoothly turned around and gave it a quick kiss. 

”I ’ll be right back, ” Wei Wuyin said, using her astral force to float within the air. He turned into the direction of the Scorched Skies and kicked off in mid-air. His body vanished leaving endless spatial ripples in his wake!

Ai Yin ’s mouth went wide.


Over one hundred thousand miles away from the Desolate Lands, faint ripples in fixed space occurred for a brief moment. These ripples continued to expand from the size of a small coin to a man-sized oval! 


A figure shot out from this oval. Instantly, he was welcomed by falling grey ash that seared the flesh and a bleak sky that hid the Solar Star. 

”I did it! ”

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