Paragon of Sin

Chapter 514: Discussing In A Play

g storm. 

’Is this what they ’re trying to do? ’ Wei Wuyin inspected the formation, glanced at each individual ’s position, and seemed to think of something. This wasn ’t a simple recovery formation, but it was reminiscent of highly evolved Evil Methods. After the briefest of moments, despite his Sea of Consciousness suffering damage, he didn ’t halt his fear and surprise that showed on his face in a vivid and apparent manner.

”What the hell is that? How is his cultivation rising? Did he…what ’s happening? ” Wei Wuyin fumbled over his words, fear lingering within every strained breath, between every stuffy cough. His actions resulted in a sneer from Bai Yuxi.

Lin Ming faint smiled, feeling the immense power circulating through his body. He turned to Tang Xingyun, a delicately soft and gentle gaze revealed itself. Those emotions were deep and simple. ”Thank you, ” he said.

Tang Xingyun struggled to lift herself, nodding with a smile. If she wasn ’t concealed behind the guise of an ordinary-looking girl, perhaps the very heavens might be bewitched by such a genuine smile accompanied by outstanding beauty. 

Lin Ming wanted to help her up, but couldn ’t move. So he turned his gaze towards Wei Wuyin, knowing they had a few minutes of prep time before the attendant ’s turn began. ”You ’ve used despicable methods for power, and even disgusting illusions that play upon people ’s emotions to achieve your desire. Why do you think I ’ll ever agree to bargaining with you? ” With his renewed sense of strength, he was exuding boundless confidence and regained his normally heroic demeanor.

Wei Wuyin coughed a few times, looking at Lin Ming. ”I ’ll be direct: Even if you became a genuine Realmlord today, you won ’t win against me if I bet it all. Unless you ’re willing to die as well. ” When he said those words, the fear went away, once more revealing a look of absolute confidence, the demeanor that the starfield was familiar with, the disposition of the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn!

Lin Ming frowned. He felt confident in himself, but he knew there were some issues he hadn ’t noticed before. Firstly, Wei Wuyin never used those nine white dragons despite them entering the battle platform unhindered. This meant, while using that method of his, he could use those terrifying dragons that could exude World Pressure. In a way, he had seven Realmlords at his disposal.

There ’s no way these few hours would be enough to gain enough power to face such a devastating line-up.

”What do you want? ” Lin Ming spat. He was clearly dissatisfied, but he understood the reality of the situation. Bai Yuxi took a backseat to the conversion, allowing Lin Ming to speak. 

Wei Wuyin nodded, he withdrew the Octa-Elementus Token. ”Even if I become a Chosen of this sect, my current…condition isn ’t suitable for it. I can imagine the competition will certainly be fierce, and I ’m more renowned as an alchemist than a fighter, as you well know. ”

Lin Ming nodded. 

Wei Wuyin was known as the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, an outstanding talent in alchemy. It was incredibly unfortunate that he lacked an Alchemic Astral Soul. Despite beating the nubile Princess of Everlore, he had barely any chance of exceeding her after a few dozen years. This was what his Senior Sister Lin had informed him. Unless Wei Wuyin ascended, entering into the Mystic Ascendant Realm, his Alchemic Energies will never be on par with the Princess of Everlore ’s Alchemic Astral Soul at the Astral Core Realm.

The difference between them will only widen with time, and talent in concoction wasn ’t capable of carrying one very far for too long in the Alchemic Dao. 

Wei Wuyin continued, ignoring Lin Ming ’s thoughts, ”I didn ’t want to suffer such intense damage from my own actions. I ’ll need decades, if not a century, to recover even with products. But what I ’m concerned about is my mind and bodily condition ’s rate of deterioration. I might not live for a decade if it isn ’t solved. Even if I did, I ’ll essentially be considered a cripple in my current state. So I ’m hoping the final cache has an item or material or product that could help me in my goal; fighting you will only act against my interests, forcing me to use…it. ” 

As his words flowed, everyone ’s ears perked. Even Lin Ming felt various emotions at the honest reveal, but seeing his state, sensing it, it truly was horrible. Even his Astral Core ’s seemed to have stability issues, crumbling with each passing second. What type of method did he use?

Wei Wuyin sighed, a hint of defeat within, ”If I used it again, and its cost is just a little bit higher, I don ’t know if… ” While he spoke, he made sure to inspect and carefully say every word. He ensured there weren ’t any lies, and the vagueness was sufficient to pass as truth. He was aware that the guardian who acted before was present, he can ’t be caught in a lie.

All that was left was for the bait to be taken.

And it was.

”So the token for a chance at life? ”

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