Paragon of Sin

Chapter 526: The Core The Original Plan

Wuyin wore. Except one pillar, the last and largest pillar that contained the Combat-Type Voidship that Da Shan was on. Her golden eyes watched as Wei Wuyin seemed to take everything, and her heart fluttered with all sorts of emotions!

Was his domineering?

This was domineering! 

Two Chosens? He claimed the entire cache for himself, defeating the other Chosen with a single move, and all while wearing a smile! She knew the value of all these pillars, finding rare and exotic materials that were extremely expensive, and some of them were enough to rival the worth of small-sized planets in their starfield by themselves!

There was an internal pride and intense love building within her heart. The more she thought about her relationship with Wei Wuyin, the more unbelievable she felt it was. This young, handsome, and awe-inspiring human had just walked into her life with a radiant smile and a firm stance. They fought it out in a battle of strength, and after she was repeatedly defeated, things soon led to now.

Because of him, she got her lifelong revenge for her family with her own hands that allowed her to sleep peacefully and comfortably since. Because of him, she had reached a cultivation level that she hadn ’t even had hopes of. 

The Light Reflection Phase! 

Since she started cultivating, she knew her limits of talent, resources, and background was likely leading to her reaching the Spatial Resonance Phase after centuries at best, and her foundation would be littered with flaws and deficiencies, but now she had a stable and excellent foundation alongside her youth. There was no immense build-up of impurities in her body or Spirit of Cultivation. 

This all felt so incredibly surreal to her, and while she never told Wei Wuyin, whenever she woke up beside him, comfortably lying on his chest, she always felt as if she was dreaming all of this up in another world where she laid at her deathbed with endless regret of her unfulfilling life. 

She never expected a single choice carried so much possibility in life. If she had been obstinate, or brushed Wei Wuyin off as a pesting human that day, she would be just an ordinary cultivator still struggling in the Sky Ruler Phase. After these thoughts flashed through her mind, her body grew hot and her face flushed as Wei Wuyin ’s image branded itself permanently within her heart.

Wei Wuyin was unaware of Da Shan ’s blooming feelings of love, focused entirely on ensuring every last pillar was sealed and kept within his spatial ring properly. After a brief sweeping of his spiritual sense, he relaxed. 

He lifted his head to see the continuous outpour of golden light. With a serious gaze, he asked: ”Wang Yutian, can you act against me? ” 

Wang Yutian was enthralled by Wei Wuyin ’s means, so he was taken aback by this question. ”What do you mean? ” The remaining panels of the sky rippled in response. 

”As Chosen, if I were to bring harm to the World Realm, can you act against me? ” Wei Wuyin clarified.

”… ” Wang Yutian was silent for a long moment. ”I ’m unable to act against any Chosen Candidate, and its within my oath to ensure you remain protected and alive so that the True Element Sect ’s Secondary Overseer can take you to the sect for your official coronation as a Chosen. ”

Wei Wuyin realized he hadn ’t officially gained the title of Chosen from Wang Yutian ’s words. It likely encompassed an oath and ceremony similar to the Grand Prince ’s. It might be more luxurious and impactful than it. 

”Then, I have a question: What would happen if this World Realm ’s Core was destroyed? ” 

”… ” Wang Yutian this time was even more silent for longer. After a long moment followed by trembling ripples of the sky panel, ”The World Realm ’s Independent Space will grow unstable. It would lead to the eventual collapse of it, followed by the changing of its landmass ’s Void Coordinates. The resulting collapse would send a wave of erupting power that would eviscerate every last living lifeform on the inhabited landmass. ”

Wei Wuyin nodded. His eyes narrowed even further at the golden light that leaked through the false sky. He had been trying to obtain a Chosen title to restrain Wang Yutian from acting against him by his oath. That was his original plan, and he could simply ask for its location if it was within his rights. If not, he might be brought near the core, which likely was the location of the final cache.

He had schemed earlier against Lin Ming. so that he would be forced to be first pick, and Lin Ming, by oath, would be forced to bring him to the Elementus Cache to do so. This was in the event that he wasn ’t able to reach the World Realm ’s Core himself. Of course, he had contingencies in place.

The Elementus Token had his power within, and he was planning to use his Infinite Void Wings, his Void Dragon ’s Bloodline Ability, to breach the space to arrive here if Lin Ming somehow avoided his oath or found some disgusting loophole he neglected. He had other ways too, but they were less reliable.

Wei Wuyin withdrew a few peak-quality ninth-grade pills and elixirs he ’d prepared. He downed them all. His Astral Souls, namely Ori and King, went into full force to refine them. He started to repair the self-inflicted damage he ’d done on them, sitting down in a cross-legged position.

Wei Wuyin closed his eyes, focusing fully on recovering his consumed astral force and their Astral Core ’s original state. 

Wang Yutian felt that Wei Wuyin ’s aura was filled with a steel, devastatingly terrifying willpower to perform the absolute daring of feats. He hastily reminded, ”The World Realm ’s Core isn ’t something even an Ascended would casually destroy. Furthermore, it has a protective layer that would require dozens of Starlords to bypass. ” The tone he spoke with was filled with anxiety. For some reason, his mental fluctuations were rapidly beating like a heart.

What did Wei Wuyin intend to do?!

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