Paragon of Sin

Chapter 51: News of a Decade

nsation cultivators unless they were in the First Phase, Sixth Phase, or Eighth Phase, attempting to reach the next.

As for him using these stones to buy things, with his position, someone without any combat abilities, what would he need to buy? The sect provided any and everything he needed. As for protection? He would mostly stay within the sect ’s territory or be protected by Grand Elder-level characters. What better protection was that?

As for the essence stones, they were an empty gesture. The ’Wei Wuyin ’ at the time didn ’t care. He was like a blank slate that was going with the flow, but now! Wei Wuyin had a vital need for the thousands of essence stones within his ring.

The raging greed inside him was sated by his newfound wealth. With this, ascending to the Seventh Phase, Sublime Qi, was a certainty now. With his Externalize Heart Qi Method, all except his Alchemic Heart of Qi would reach that level very shortly.


In a city within Wu Country, Jade Lotus Domain, Hollow Way City, a rest area for weary travelers and traders, a young man dressed in dark brown robes sat in a particular restaurant. With a cup of tea in hand, he sat alone and quietly waited.

A few minutes later, a young waiter arrived, his eyes respectful and his movements practiced. He didn ’t speak, placing a thick menu in front of the young man and walked away with a smile.

This young man was Wei Wuyin, and this menu wasn ’t a menu, but a dossier of information regarding the events of the Wu Country in the last ten years. Its been six days since the collapse, and he had gone to great lengths to find an info hub to purchase news from.

He had found this restaurant in his search and knew it dealt in information and other shady dealings. Those included purchasing and selling illegal materials or even slaves. However, despite being shady, he was satisfied with their due diligence in their performance of given tasks.

He opened the dossier and read it silently. From time to time, his expression would brighten or grow darker, other times he would smile or frown. After finishing the entire dossier, he only sighed.

While the dossier contained an enormous amount of information, the vital parts weren ’t much. First and foremost, the Scarlet Solaris Sect was safe. Well, in a relative term. It had engaged in many battles against the Jade Lotus Sect and Earthly Titan Sect as of late. Furthermore, the most vital aspect was the full blown war it had against one of the two great clans, the Ji Clan.

The two great clans were the Ji and Bai Clans. Their individual standing was high and even slightly exceeded the Five Great Sects reputation and strength. These clans were notable because of their Godlords.

However, the conflict with the Ji Clan seemed to originate from the Young Master of the Scarlet Solaris Sect. When he recalled that this very young master was the reason the Violet Moon Sect was wiped off the face of the earth, he understood that a woman had to be involved.

The Violet Moon Sect was annihilated only because of a beautiful woman that he wanted, but didn ’t respond well to him. Whenever he recalled this, he felt a feeling of pity for all those people. They had died or suffered worse fates because of a woman they likely didn ’t even know.

A large amount of his flamboyant and aggressive actions had to do with his backing. His father was a Godlord while his mother was the Sect Leader of the Scarlet Solaris Sect. He also had numerous connections with the Wu Imperial Clan, giving him quite the overall status of importance.

It seemed that over the years, he had become more and more aggressive with his actions. In fact, he suspected Jiu Lang had a relationship with him in some way. Otherwise, how could a beauty like that escape his eyes?

The other piece of news startled him greatly: Mei Mei had returned six years ago!

Not only did she return, she had become a Mortal God, reaching the Sixth Stage of Qi Condensation, and became the disciple of the Helios Witch, who recently broke through to become an official Godlord! The Helios Witch also relocated to the Scarlet Solaris Sect! With an additional Godlord backing, its no wonder the young master of the Scarlet Solaris Sect became even more brazen.

This nearly caused his head to spin. He had complicated feelings in his heart, not knowing if he should sigh with relief or bite his lower lip in frustration. Recounting his suffering, he felt that holding those feelings were irrelevant. He only just sighed, deeply sighed.

Supposedly, Mei Mei had become the most talented disciple in the Scarlet Solaris Sect ’s history, reaching the Mortal God status before the age of sixty, and it even stated that she was in the top three characters of the younger generation in Wu Country. The other two were members of the Sky Sword Sect and Wu Imperial Clan.

Her status had risen so much that they gave her a new title rank within the Scarlet Solaris Sect: Chosen.

Chosen was a very interesting term used in the previous era to denote individuals of outstanding talent that were ’chosen ’ by their sect to be fully cultivated with everything they had. It had faded with time, but it had once more resurfaced in the world.

There was also news of him. Five years ago, it was said that he had died after venturing outside the sect. The details weren ’t very specific, but it was a confirmed fact. He didn ’t know why that was the case.

”Haha, I guess I kind of did, huh? ” Shaking his head, he rose from his seat. While ten years had passed, much of the information wasn ’t important to him. He needed to figure out what happened to Du Ling, Su Mei, other members of his faction since his disappearance, and see Mei Mei personally.

”I ’ll prepare some gifts! ” When he thought about seeing Mei Mei once more, he wanted to impress her. That was the least he could try to achieve given the circumstances. Also, the incident where their trust had shattered still made him feel slightly insecure.

He departed after leaving an essence stone on the table.

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