Paragon of Sin

Chapter 536: Star-Devourer

erials, and herbs that it produced. This was why it could barely sustain itself after thousands of years without a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist.

There was the continued explanation that if the starfield only had a single Solar Star, the rate of deterioration of the Starfield would ’ve been explosively sharp. If eight thousand years had passed in that type of environment, then forget a Sixth Phase Expert, the cultivators would struggle to reach the Astral Core Realm.

The two created Solar Stars that were larger and brighter, sending out more power that gave birth to greater resources in terms of quality and quantity. In a way, Solar Stars were the main contributors to a cultivator ’s success and its civilization. 

For example, the Four Extreme Continent ’s World Realm extracted the powerful energies of the captured dragons to fuel itself. If not, the cultivators would severely struggle.

But Lin Ming was immediately confused by something. ”Why is it coming now? ” 

Bai Yuxi went silent, unable to answer as she looked to her Senior Sister. She didn ’t know this answer, so she could only look for someone more knowledgeable about the circumstances and habits of the Tiangou.

With a soft sigh, Senior Sister Lin explained: ”I don ’t really know. Roughly three years ago, its trajectory abruptly changed. In truth, the Everlore Association had set up formations that concealed this starfield from its senses. Even if it floated right by, it would just harmlessly pass by. It has happened many times before. ”

”But not now? ” 

Senior Sister Lin shook her head, ”Not now. The Everlore Association wouldn ’t take action if they weren ’t certain that the Tiangou had noticed this starfield. They spent years keeping track of its trajectory, even trying to redirect it to see if it was merely a coincidence. But it always corrected its course. After three years, they are certain its target is this starfield and its three Solar Stars. ”

The atmosphere went silent. The possibility that something was attracting the Tiangou was a definite possibility. But what? The Everlore Association had even sent some surveyors to see if they could find the cause, but there was nothing gained from their investigation. It was an utter waste of time.

So they had to take drastic measures.

”What about the other powers? What are they doing? ” Lin Ming was aware that this starfield had specific significance to certain forces in the Aeternal Sky Starfield, even the True Element Sect had its roots here. It was why it was protected and preserved, left untouched. Not just because of the vast distance between the two, but the significance of its existence.

To think they would be willing to allow the starfield to meet its end. It was a little infuriating. After all, he was raised here. 

”The True Element Sect and Everlore Association are the only two who have any connection to the Starfield. Besides the Void Voyage Sect that resides in an unknown location, being a secluded power for so many years, none of the others would even consider fighting the Tiangou or wasting their resources to do so. ” Senior Sister Lin lightly sighed. The Tiangou wasn ’t some middling existence that could be handled with some effort. It was beyond their power, so she understood their desire to not provoke it.

If they do, who knows if it wouldn ’t suddenly have an appetite for a greater Solar Star like theirs. There was too much risk, likely even the various powers were pressuring the other two to not do anything aggressive. 

”What does the Everlore Association plan to do? ” Lin Ming asked. He wasn ’t aware of the total strength of the Everlore Association, but it shouldn ’t be too weak.

Senior Sister Lin looked behind her, glancing at Lin Ming. ”They intend to relocate. ”

”Relocate? ” Both Bai Yuxi and Lin Ming asked simultaneously. What did that mean? The starfield had hundreds of trillions of lifeforms that were intelligent and capable of cultivation. How would they relocate these individuals?

”Yes, relocate. They ’ve sent the order to have every human, elf, and demon sent elsewhere. ” When she said this, there was a dark, depressed quiver to her tone.

Lin Ming was still immersed in his thoughts, thinking about how terrifying must their power be to achieve such a feat. Unfortunately, he didn ’t realize who the order Senior Sister Lin mentioned neglected. There were two:




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