Paragon of Sin

Chapter 563: Using Ones Time

’A product of failure? ’ Wei Wuyin ’s heart shook for a moment. He slowly rose from his kneeling position, absentmindedly waving his right hand as he sealed and encased the glowing glob of white light in astral force. With a thought, it was brought into his spatial ring and placed within one of the containment boxes forged for his ninth-grade alchemical products. 

Wang Yutian was so enthralled by his own emotions that he ignored Wei Wuyin ’s actions and continued with a voice containing disdain and ridicule: ”When one ascends, there is no ’true ’ failure, either death or success. Furthermore, it isn ’t difficult to do when the requirement is met. Well, I guess I ’m understating it. To explain, one must understand the Star Core Phase, the Ninth Stage of the Astral Core Realm and the requirement to ascend. Do you know about this? ”

Wei Wuyin shook his head. There were records of the Star Core Phase, yet they weren ’t the detailings of a Mystic Ascendant. They were from ancient Starlords that sought to leak the secrets of their cultivation. However, what he learned from experience is that cultivators at a specific realm or phase were almost never able to fully understand their realm or phase. It was extremely difficult for them to pass along the secrets, but when they exceeded that realm, it was utterly easy to explain all the phases of the prior realm.

This was seen by Wu Jiao, who, despite reaching the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm, had absolutely no idea how it worked. It was more accurate to say the secrets of his cultivation base weren ’t within his grasp and he lacked the necessary comprehension to explain properly. He, however, could explain the Qi Condensation Realm with absolute clarity that it helped individuals make breakthroughs on the spot.

Hence, he held little trust in these ancient detailings of the Star Core Phase. 

Wang Yutian was still caught off-guard by Wei Wuyin ’s ignorance. However, he collected his thoughts and proceeded to explain: ”The Star Core Phase is the amalgamation and condensation of the entirety of one ’s cultivation base: Astral Core, innate energies, Intent, Spirit of Cultivation, Domain Seed, everything. It gathers and compresses all of it into a single core-like object that has the appearance of a Solar Star.

”Not only does it have the appearance of a Solar Star, it can even become one. According to ancient records, most ordinary Solar Stars in this world were products of Starlords that died during their Mystic Ascension. This is both true and false. ” Wang Yutian halted for a moment, thinking about how to explain this profound aspect of the world to an Astral Core Realm cultivator without exceeding their comprehension.

And Wei Wuyin ’s mind was indeed blown by this reveal. Solar Stars were Starlords that have died? He couldn ’t help but look at the sky above, not at the two Solar Stars that he knew were crafted and conjured by Mystic Ascendants, but at the original Solar Star that existed since history could be recorded by the starfield.

That was the product of a cultivator? He recalled his idle thoughts long ago when he was younger and felt as if his mind was brimming with endless enlightenment. Even Kratos couldn ’t help but race.

Wang Yutian continued, ”As you know, the Astral Core possesses a World Sea, which is contained within that strange metaphysical space. Stored within the Astral Core is an astral force vast enough to encapsulate an entire planet, and in your case, you can probably engulf your entire starfield.

”When you condense your cultivation base into this Star Core, its actual size varies greatly. I ’ve seen some Solar Stars that can engulf a tenth of a small-sized Stellar Region, and some that can only look like the three Solar Stars in the sky above. Those are quite small, likely produced by true Ascended in the Second Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, the Soul of Mysticism Phase. 

”And while it is true that the majority of ordinary Solar Stars were products of Starlords, their relative lifespans are simply too short so most linger aimlessly in the Dark Void and are uninhabitable or unsuitable for living beings to grow and develop before its end. Almost all Solar Stars seen by mortals are either Solar Stars conjured by Ascended or naturally formed during the Stellar Region ’s creation, but those glittering stars in the sky are roughly all produced by failed Ascended. So yes, true and false.

”To ascend, a mortal cultivator must glimpse into a particular Intent that is universally referred to as Mystic Intent. Just like other forms of Intent, it can be divided into three states. All one needs is to birth a Seed of Mystic Intent from their comprehension, the embryonic state of this Intent. Most Mortals aren ’t able to comprehend true Mystic Intent. ” Wang Yutian paused once again, trying to formulate his thoughts in a linear fashion. It was quite difficult for him to explain these details with normal words. 

’Mystic Intent? Seed of Mystic Intent? ’ Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts went wild with all this new information. Was this the strange power that exceeded his understanding? He couldn ’t see through a Mystic Ascendants ’ power because of it being shrouded by an unknown force. He couldn ’t even sense them.

For example, he wasn ’t able to view the veil of Tang Xingyun or that mysterious young woman with his Celestial Eyes. They were likely using concealment tools that exceeded his comprehension, that went beyond the Mortal Limits!

That being said, he understood the three forms of Intent. Firstly, the Seed of Intent. This was a foundational level of comprehension toward Intent, and it alluded to the correct train of thought towards conjuring this type of Will. Yan Zhu from the Scarlet Solaris Sect had a Seed of Spear Intent. 

In truth, the vast majority of Astral Core Realm cultivators had Seeds of Intent, mostly attributed by the Mortal Star Formation Tribulation that gives blueprints of their respective powers ’ Intent. However, even in the Myriad Monarch Sect, over 90% of cultivators in the Astral Core Realm were unable to achieve true Intent.

One of the requirements to be a main member of the Ascendants was the formation of true Intent outside of the elemental attributes, such as Ying and Zuhei. When one comprehends Intent, they can naturally produce pure versions of their energies, making it stronger and more stable. The vast majority of cultivators, even in the Qi Condensation Realm, use cultivation methods to forcefully alter essence into specific energies that they store and cultivate.

This process was completed by spiritual energies, a pseudo-will so to speak. It was why cultivators could use lightning or ice Qi or Ice Force without possessing Ice Intent itself.

After the Seed of Intent evolves into true Intent, the next step was to incorporate one ’s will with the external world, producing Heart of the World, World of the Intent. At that point, ambient energies and essences can be directly infused with one ’s will and converted into specific types of energies. 

This was on a higher level than using a World Domain to convert ambient energies and essences into one ’s own strength, because if you used a Worldly Domain, then ambient water energies will remain ambient water energies. But with Heart of the World, World of the Intent, then water energies, fire energies, even light energies can become saber energies. 

The difference was unimaginable. 

This Mystic Intent must be the fuse to trigger a Mortal ’s right to ascend beyond the limits. 

”As for how one glimpses into Mystic Intent, it is always present. Even here, if you try and sense it, you will. The issue isn ’t sensing it, its being able to differentiate it. It is similar to mana in that regard. I remember the False Reality Phase, what a doozy that was. It stopped my cultivation for three decades, how terrible. ” Wang Yutian lamented. 

Simultaneously, as if agreed upon prior, both Wei Wuyin and Wang Yutian said: ”Cultivation is difficult. ”

”… ” A moment of solemn silence was born between them, as if they felt each other ’s struggles. After all, even with ninth-grade alchemical products and claiming the Primal Yin or yin energies of women who ’ve comprehended the phases, its secrets marked within, he was still delayed years. It was quite embarrassing to be honest.

It took Wei Wuyin a decade to reach the Yin Form Phase from the Qi Creation Phase, just three stages in the Qi Condensation Realm, so the saying was felt thoroughly by them both. However, it was worse for others. Some Astral Core Cultivators used up their entire lifespans, a thousand or so years, and never comprehend the intricacies of the Sky Ruler Phase, the Second Stage of the Astral Core Realm.

Wu Jiao was an example of this, needing massive support from the Myriad Monarch Sect to do so. 

Wang Yutian sighed. The mutual suffering created unseen yet remarkable bonds. 

Wei Wuyin was solemn for a while and then amused. A cultivator that later reached the Mystic Ascendant Realm, comprehending the Intent that exceeds Mortal Limits, took three decades just for the False Reality Phase, the Sixth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm. It truly showed that speed of cultivation was mostly irrelevant to the height one will reach. 

However, Wang Yutian hit him with the harsh truth of cultivation that changed his mentality entirely. 

”After one comprehends a Seed of Mystic Intent, it takes but a single thought to ascend. However, doing so requires a price: lifeforce. If one succeeds, the price is rendered negligible, but if one fails their ascension, their lifeforce is exhausted. If they don ’t have enough lifeforce, they will die, but if they do, they will survive.

”This is how Mystic Star Phase, the First Stage of the Astral Core Realm was reached and why most refer to it as the tenth stage of the Astral Core Realm—a product of failure. ” Wang Yutian scoffed, the disdain reemerging in his voice. It seemed he held true contempt for this cultivation stage.

Wei Wuyin was startled by this, unhesitatingly asking: ”How much lifeforce do you need to attempt an ascension? ” 

”Eight hundred years, ” Wang Yutian indifferently answered. After a moment of silence, he added, ”But most Starlords have a lifespan of fifteen hundred years. ”

”One attempt? ” Wei Wuyin ’s heart shook. 

Wang Yutian gave off a sign of agreement. ”For most. However, certain cultivators such as Wood, Yang, or Life-based Intent cultivators had much high natural lifespans. Some even reach two thousand years. So they can reach the Mystic Star Phase and attempt it again, but only them. ”

”… ” Wei Wuyin thought about Qing Qiumu and Lian Yu. They both possessed these traits, with the former being a Wood Cultivator and the latter possessing Life-based Intent of the Water Attribute. 

”What if a cultivator was eight hundred years old but only had fifteen hundred years of lifeforce total attempts to ascend? ” Wei Wuyin ’s heart, for some reason, was pounding. 

”Death. I said it before: death or success. There is no other result. However, the most difficult obstacle is comprehending Mystic Intent, forming a Seed of Mystic Intent. ” Wang Yutian pointed out, wanting Wei Wuyin to not fixate on this lifeforce requirement. After all, Wei Wuyin had ninth-grade alchemical products and was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist.

Perhaps for others, this was an obstacle, but Mortal Sovereign Alchemists had hundreds, if not tens of thousands, of listed recipes that can infuse lifeforce into cultivators. 

”What happens if one succeeds? ” Wei Wuyin realized crucial pieces of information weren ’t explained yet. If the Mystic Star Phase was a product of failure, the first stage of a Mystic Ascendant, then what about those who succeed their ascension? Furthermore, what constitutes failure or success? Why was the Mystic Star Phase named such?

”If one finds success in their ascension, then they ’ll reach what most cultivation societies consider the true first stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, the Soul of Mysticism Phase. They ’ll skip the first stage entirely. For example, all those little pesky Ascended you met are at this stage. However, the difference between the two stages is vast, unimaginably vast. ” Wang Yutian was annoyed recalling those Ascended that interfered with the trial. If he had the means, he would ’ve taught them a lesson.

Unfortunately, the trial was established by a cultivator at their level, so it was impossible to act against them without suffering catastrophic retaliation that could collapse the entire World Realm. The consequences of this was the certain death of every mortal on the Four Extreme Continent.

”I ’ll simplify the details of the phases, because I ’m unable to properly describe them, ” Wang Yutian directly admitted before continuing, ”The Mystic Ascendant Realm is divided into nine stages, and these stages from initial to pinnacle are: Mystic Star, Soul of Mysticism, Demi-Mortal Lord, Earthly Saint, Worldly Saint, Heavenly Saint, Ascended Saint, True Sage, and True Soul.

”The Mystic Star, once again, is a product of failure when the power of Mystic Intent merges its qualities with the Star Core yet halted at that stage, unable to be pushed further for any number of reasons. The Soul of Mysticism is the complete state when the power of Mystic Intent infuses with one ’s Spirit of Cultivation and Star Core, transforming their Astral Soul into a Mystic Soul and Star Core into a genuine Mystic Core.

”The Demi-Mortal Lord is when Mystic Intent is infused further into one ’s physique, bloodline, etc. All things physical, changing one ’s state of existence to beyond Mortal Limits. At this phase, Ascended gains an absurd amount of lifeforce, greater than any other phase in the entire realm.

”As for the Earthly Saint Phases and beyond, I can ’t explain those clearly. I can barely explain the first three stages well, ” Wang Yutian sighed. This was one of the main reasons cultivation was so terrifyingly difficult. It was almost impossible to pass along one ’s comprehension to the younger generation. If it was possible, then no cultivation society would ever decline.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t blame him. This was a very well known difficulty of cultivation even in the Myriad Yore Continent. Most cultivators struggled to birth Elemental Intent, so they were forever stuck at the Elemental Birth Phase. Some could never even sense their souls, so they were unable to reach the Qi Condensation Phase and form a Spirit of Cultivation. It was the lack of being able to pass along one ’s comprehension that made comprehensive talent so highly regarded, including alchemists who could concoct products like the Everlore Ascension Pill or the World-Light Reflection Elixir.

”What cultivation stage did you reach in your lifetime? ” After a moment of digesting all this information, Wei Wuyin curiously asked. 

”…I was a Worldly Saint Ascendant. ”

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