Paragon of Sin

Chapter 568: Left Behind

While the inhabitants of the Neo-Dawn Starfield were experiencing one mysterious phenomenon after the other, not everyone was panicking or reconciling in the face of these unfathomable events. A single man had made it his life mission to secure the future of his lineage, to usher the remaining generation to better prospects.

This single man was Qingye Yun, the Alchemist Association ’s Grand Association Master. The elven leader that head the Neo-Dawn Starfield ’s foremost authority on the Alchemic Dao. Since the abrupt and mysterious departure and collaose of the Auric Sea, followed by the sudden existence of various gargantuan beasts lingering within the Dark Void, he sought to find his descendant—Qingye Ying.

At the moment, he had found her.

She was located within the Desolate Lands Grandquake City, under the protection of the Ascendants. However, the Ascendants and various Myriad Monarch Sect members who had overtaken the city was currently immersed within a strange silence.

A week ago, the beastmen of their units vanished without any explanation. Even Tuo Bihan, their Realmlord, the strongest expert of their starfield, was utterly clueless as to this event. What was worse, this vanishing act wasn ’t a limited or restricted event; wherever there were beasts or beastmen, they were taken.

This included the tiny fishes in ponds or rivers. There was no beasts or those of beast lineage remaining anywhere. The most frightening aspect was the disappearance of the Ascendant Emperor ’s sole concubine, Xue Yifei. After cultivating the True Dragon Transmutation Method, forming her Spirit of Cultivation within her heart, her body generated draconic blood intermixed with human blood. She was no different than a hybrid, close to a genuine beastwoman. 

Xue Yifei ’s disappearance instilled endless panic that they so scoured the entire city and even interrogated everyone within it. Yet only when they received direct orders from Wei Wuyin himself did they calm down. After receiving his calm set of orders, without a hint of panic, they calmed down yet the situation still weighed on their hearts.

Hong Chunhua was standing before Wu Baozhai, and next to her was a refreshed, cleaned up, and gorgeous Qingye Ying. After suffering such traumas of being an Alchemic Proxy, she had lost a large portion of her haughty edge, but her eyes reflected a thick will. This will could only be forged by adversity and fear, only seen in survivors. 

”Did Wei Wuyin send anymore orders? ” Qingye Ying asked with a wisp of anxiety painting her expression. While she may have been hardened by her experience, the various changes in the world was a little frightening. They were all in the World Realm, and somehow it had been shifted to Planet Wuyu. This was just before an annihilation-like force was about to leak from the shattering sky. 

They had all saw their deaths at that moment. However, Wei Wuyin ’s voice echoed out, and then the sky vanished and replaced by hexagonal-patterned walls. Then, without warning, they arrived here. Seeing that Wei Wuyin was heard saying what he said, she felt he had answers for why all these events were happening.

Hong Chunhua frowned, ”You can refer to his Majesty as Ascendant Emperor Wei or Lord Wei. ” She was aware that the Alchemist Association was just a faction of the Ascendants now, and she didn ’t like the casual reference. 

Qingye Ying shrunk back, nodding meekly. She was clearly a little intimidated by this auburn-haired swordswoman that saved her life, deciding to spare her life and not end it. She quietly replied, ”Sorry…Lord Wei. ”

Hong Chunhua nodded approvingly, turning to Wu Baozhai and seemingly using her eyes to convey her similar question. But Wu Baozhai shook her head, a worried glint in her eyes. She had lost men too. Other sects like the other Hegemonic Forces might not deploy beastmen often, but the Myriad Monarch Sect had no qualms with it. 

They were essentially the beastmen ’s haven for powerful cultivators. Zen, the former Grand Imperial Sage of the Extreme Monarch Mountain, is the epitome of this truth. Roughly 90% of all top-tier beastmen lineages belonged to the Myriad Monarch Sect, either within their territory or the sect itself. 

Just as they were about to continue, a flash of silver light erupted above them. They lifted their heads to see Tuo Bihan floating there, beside him as an easily recognizable elven figure.

”Grandfather! ” Qingye Ying exclaimed emotionally, delight and surprise within her tone. Qingye Yun looked below and his eyes exploded with elation, and those very eyes had bags that revealed his exhaustion. With a swift fall, he landed. It didn ’t take long for Qingye Ying to throw away all her demeanor as the Princess of Everlore as she dove into his embrace.

The two hugged for a long, passionate moment. They had both experienced so many emotions and hardships over this period of time that left them different individuals with different priorities. Qingye Ying had experienced an elevation with hope after regaining her talent, achieving her goal, and then suffered as an Alchemic Proxy for over a year.

Qingye Yun was sent into a terrifying state of guilt and depression after learning about the collapse of the Auric Sea and the various beasts that swam nearby. Unable to approach and investigate, he deeply regretted listening to that Heavenly Sage and sending Qingye Ying to her death. It was only recently that he was made aware of her presence. But he didn ’t dare approach the Four Extreme Continent after unknown cultivators reported to be at the Realmlord level had randomly emerged. 

It was only after he managed to contact Tuo Bihan that he learned of Qingye Ying ’s current location and was able to gain passage to her through him. With Qingye Ying in his arms now, the flood of relief was pouring into his mental state. 

However, Qingye Yun didn ’t hesitate after a little while longer. The touching reunion was amazing, but he needed to confirm something. He sent his spiritual sense into Qingye Ying, inspecting her cultivation and meridians, and his eyes brightened.

”We need to go, ” Qingye Yun said. He opened his embrace and allowed her to go, albeit reluctant, Qingye Ying did. With a swift turn, he clasped his hands and bowed to Tuo Bihan. ”Thank you for protecting her, ” with a solemn expression, he offered his greatest thanks. 

Tuo Bihan knew a little about Qingye Yun ’s story, and he found it inconceivable that he sent Qingye Ying, this Alchemic Astral Soul talent, to a foreign World Realm with unknown dangers. She had the lowest possible combat power imaginable for a cultivator, and she was extremely beautiful. That was a dangerous combination. 

However, it wasn ’t his place to comment. In the end, didn ’t it all work out in the end? With a light nod, he vanished in a burst of silver light. 

Qingye Yun was unbothered by Tuo Bihan ’s attitude and grabbed Qingye Ying ’s arm. He was about to take off on flight, establish a temporary Void Gate, and leave this planet. But Qingye Ying halted him with a pull, taking him aback. 

She looked a little reluctant to leave, turning to look at a location in the distance. There was a human girl with her same name that had sacrificed her talent and meridians for her. She had promised her one thing: freedom.

She was unwilling to leave her behind. ”We need to take one person, ” Qingye Ying turned to her so many greats grandfather with a firm, unrelenting look. She wasn ’t going to leave her behind, no matter what!

Qingye Yun frowned, ”You need to leave. ” When he said those words, he left heavy implications.

Qingye Ying ’s eyes widened with shock, and she felt her heart quake fiercely in response. Understanding his meaning, she bit her lower lip and turned to Hong Chunhua. She performed a heavy bow, lifting herself up and looking at Hong Chunhua ’s eyes.

”Thank you for saving me. But I have a request, ” Qingye Ying said. This caused Hong Chunhua to be surprised. With Qingye Yun here, she expected this so-called Princess of Everlore would be forgetful. Her opinion of her bettered as a response.

”What is it? ” Hong Chunhua asked, observing this gorgeous elf that was highly regarded amongst the starfield. She was even considered Wei Wuyin ’s rival in the field of Alchemy.

”Please take care of that human woman with my name until I come back. If you do, I promise that one day I ’ll repay you with any favor you wish. ” This request was filled with an earnest tone.

”… ” Hong Chunhua didn ’t expect this type of request. The human woman with the same name was almost fully crippled, her ability to cultivate was severely restricted. She frowned for a long moment, before she sighed. With a soft nod, she agreed. It wouldn ’t hurt to have an alchemist ’s favor.

Qingye Ying joyously smiled, giving another deep bow. She gave one last glance at the direction that the other Qingye Ying rested. With a silent vow, she grabbed Qingye Yun ’s hand and they vanished.

The two would leave via a temporary Void Gate, arriving on the planet Myriad Transformation, and the Gate of Myriad Excellence Tower was opened and closed. 

Her official journey as a true Alchemist with an Alchemic Astral Soul had begun.

Shortly after, the World-Shifting Net formed and encapsulated the entire starfield. This brought another wave of panic as Void Gates no longer functioned. Trapped on whatever planet or continent they were on, the inhabitants had more reason to panic.

What the hell was happening?!

Soon after, amid the panic, a tall, handsome, and silver-eyed figure flew towards Grandquake City.

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