Paragon of Sin

Chapter 581: Thinking Ahead

d nails. Tuo Bihan placed his hand over hers and executed the spell to transfer spiritual seals. 

Wu Baozhai saw a spiritual light infuse into her skin and vanish. Curious, she glanced at Tuo Bihan.

”The Grand Monarch, please, ” Tuo Bihan asked as he held out his hand. Wu Baozhai hesitated for a moment before she removed the unassuming black ring and placed it on Tuo Bihan ’s palm. Another spiritual light flashed and integrated into the ring before vanishing. 

Tuo Bihan didn ’t hesitate after that. He withdrew two rings from the silver box, finding it incredibly strange. The silver box didn ’t feel like a spatial object, but when he went inside, it did. It felt as if it was an independent space. When he pulled out the two rings, it was almost as if he pulled out two objects from his storage ring.

There was a trace of shock and fear in his eyes as he watched the rings for a few seconds, expecting them to vanish like the others, yet nothing occurred. With a soft sigh, he realized the box might have a different type of function. While similar in feeling, might not be in function. 

He returned the unassuming black ring and the two spatial rings to Wu Baozhai. ”There ’s a letter in each ring. Be sure to read it. ” 

Wu Baozhai nodded, taking the ring. When she did, the spiritual light that had hid within her hand flashed, integrating into the ring, and then a burst of light shot out and entered Wu Baozhai ’s mind. 

She was about to instinctively fight against it when she recalled Tuo Bihan ’s words, settling her thoughts and accepting it. 

Tuo Bihan was shocked. Wasn ’t the letter material? The moment he thought about this, he realized that if it was the case, there was no need to remind them of it. Likely, Wei Wuyin meant to tell them that there ’s a message within each ring so they don ’t destroy it by mistake. He did stress the importance of that.

The unassuming black ring also moved slightly, touching the ring in Wu Baozhai ’s hand with the etching: Wu Yu. A surge of spiritual light flowed out of the Wu Yu ’s ring and into the spatial ring. Then, another spiritual light shot, returning to Wu Yu ’s ring. 

Wu Baozhai had her eyes closed, her eyelashes flickering as she perceived the entirety of the message. It read:

”I learned about your astonishing feats after I left. I must say, I ’m thoroughly impressed. You exceeded my expectations and then some. You were always the rightful candidate to take the Grand Monarch throne in my mind. I knew you were a natural-born leader from the moment I saw you all those years ago. 

”I guess that ’s enough praise for now, leave the rest for in person. After all, I ’m sure you hear more than enough already. Within this ring contains alchemical and material resources that I ’ve carefully selected to nurture you, and for the future of the Myriad Monarch Sect and its members. You should already be clearly aware of my hopes for you by now, so I won ’t say more on that. I can ’t wait to see how far you go, Grand Princess Wu Baozhai.

”If Wu Yu is still with you, he has a ring as well. Within it is a Ninth-Grade Ever-Rebirth Pill that will restore his body, and supplementary resources that ’ll restore his energies in the quickest manner I can conceive. I know you ’ll focus on maintaining the name of the Myriad Monarch Sect, you don ’t seem like someone who quits when the unexpected occurs, so I had to make sure it wouldn ’t be too difficult.

”Good luck. And remember: Once an Ascendant, always an Ascendant. ” 

Those words were said with a distinct warmth that caused Wu Baozhai ’s heart to race for quite a while before she calmed down, settled herself, and located Wu Yu ’s ring. 

In Wu Yu ’s spiritual space, he was similarly receiving a message from Wei Wuyin.

”I won ’t say needlessly sentimental words. Within contains the Ever-Rebirth Pill, peak-quality, and some energy restoration products to ease the resurrection of your body and cultivation. Your only job, until I come back, is to ensure that all those who are present are protected. If I find out you didn ’t do everything in your power to do so, when I return, I will take back everything I ’ve given you.

”Especially Na Xinyi. Her life and yours, it is one and the same. But you are not to restrain her personal growth, protect her from the shadows unless absolutely necessary. ” Wei Wuyin ’s voice was calm and clear, lacking any warmth.

But Wu Yu didn ’t feel that this was offensive, and even held a little bit of admiration. He would be a fool to not complete the task of a talented Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. With his body restored, protecting some Astral Core Realm fledglings should be easy!

There was a faint roar of joyous excitement from within the ring that only Wu Baozhai could hear, due to her connection with him. It caused her to sweetly smile, creating a picturesque scene that would be priceless on the market. 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t forget them.

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