Paragon of Sin

Chapter 590: Spiritwalkers Envoy

The Solitary Saber Sect was a Gold-tier force that focused on the saber. The details in the scroll stated that the Solitary Saber Sect was the second-oldest Gold-rank force in history, and it had no backing of a Mystic Tier force. It, however, was mentioned to be on friendly terms with the Godforge Association, one of the two Mystic Associations alongside the Everlore Association.

Since the Everlore Association and Godforge Association never endorsed any force, they were considered neutral forces amongst the Aeternal Sky Starfield. 

The Solitary Saber Sect was located in the Skyrend Domain. However, their territory was marked as independent. This intrigued Su Mei, as she wondered what that meant. She noticed that the other sect listed was also declared as an ’Independent Force ’ in the scroll. 

There wasn ’t a specific explanation. She figured it meant that, like the Scarlet Solaris Sect inside the Wu Country, they operated upon their own rules. As long as they don ’t directly infringe on the Liu Clan ’s interests, they would have full rights to handle their territory as they pleased without interference or oversight. 

Considering San Luoyang explained Clans as Nations with multiple monarchs and democratic practices, this made the most sense. 

Su Mei decided to enter the Solitary Saber Sect. She had birthed Saber Intent long ago thanks to Wei Wuyin ’s help, and while her Spirit of Cultivation wasn ’t Saber-focused, she cultivated the saber wholeheartedly. One of the requirements to become a higher-than-entry level sect member was to have a Saber Soul or Saber Intent. 

Qing Qiumu was in a dilemma as well. None of the Gold-rank forces was appealing to her. The herbal association was perfect for someone like her, a Wood Cultivator who possessed the Nine Meadow Wood Intent, an Apex-level Wood Intent, but it didn ’t match her personality. 

She could only delve into the Silver-rank forces. After searching for hours, she finally found one. Furthermore, she was startled by its name and details.

The Sacred Forest Sect.

One of the recruitment details stated that to be a higher-than-entry level member, one didn ’t need to be a Wood Cultivator, but they had to be of the Elven Race. This was the first force that explicitly stated its racial requirements. While all races could join, why would they if their futures were limited?

She wondered if the other forces had hidden requirements that weren ’t listed, and the Sacred Forest Sect was just more open about it. This thought caused her to glance at the sides, viewing all the spectators that belonged to Silver-rank forces.

She quickly noted that over ninety-five percent of them had human auras, untainted by any mixture of other races. They didn ’t even bother concealing their auras. Her eyes twitched, and she glanced at the youths around her.

She then came to realize that besides her, there were only eighty-three other elves. The discovery caused her heart to race. Even if one considered the total population of their starfield, elves surely made up more than thirty percent. This was thanks to the Sacred Light Palace founded by the Sacred Elven Queen and the Myriad Monarch Sect. Their Astral Territories were filled with those of the elven race.

Even the Alchemist Association ’s Qingye Ying, the Princess of Everlore, was an elf. 

Yet the number present barely reached 0.1% of the total participants. While the rest were humans. The demons were even less. 

Her heart started to fiercely throb as she recalled San Luoyang ’s warning before that families shouldn ’t separate if they were integrated with more than one race, indicating they choose the planet created for them to live on. 

Was the Aeternal Sky Starfield discriminatory towards non-humans? If this recruitment was any indication, then absolutely. 

Qing Qiumu quickly found the female elf in the stands. She was beautiful with long, sleek dark-green hair and light-green eyes, a willowy waist, and a pair of sharp-tipped ears. She resembled the Verdant Forest Elves from the Four Extreme Continent. This was certainly the Sacred Forest Sect ’s representative.

Furthermore, the representative was staring at her with a faint smile, a bright joy flashing in her gaze after being noticed. However, she didn ’t speak or try to mouth words. One could see her desire to pull Qing Qiumu in, yet she couldn ’t act in the same way as the Gold-rank forces. 

Qing Qiumu realized she wasn ’t left with much choice. She decided which force she ’ll join.

Na Xinyi ’s option was clear. The last Gold-rank force was a female exclusive force called the Dark Yin Palace, a sect that fostered female cultivators using Yin Methods, Spells, and Arts. As a Four-Point Yin Physique Female Cultivator, was there any other choice? With her unique physique, she was bound to elevate to a higher-ranked member.

When Wei Wuyin arrived, she was determined to let him see her outstanding achievements.

There were numerous females that chose this force as their destination, unaware of the true darkness behind its existence, behind its purpose. 

Lin Ziyan chose the Clear Water Pavilion. She wanted to keep a low profile, and gather information and status to grow her force as a Valkyrie. Her intentions to challenge herself had changed after learning from Wei Wuyin that the Sacred Elven Queen might be within this starfield, and when she heard that the Everlore Association existed, this only firmed her desire to remain low-key.

Long Tingyu chose the Dark Yin Palace. She expected her Big Sister Na Xinyi to choose the same, and a female-oriented force will allow her to not be hassled for her beauty. She could focus on cultivation. If it was allowed, she could bring Xiang Ling with her.

The selection process took several hours, and no one rushed these youths either. This choice will define their future. But what San Luoyang and the others didn ’t know was that their choice will not only define their future, but the future of the entire starfield.


While these youths were deciding their futures, another youth of the Imperial Dawn Starfield was floating in the boundless Dark Void of the Aeternal Sky Starfield on a Voidship.

Alongside this handsome youth were two women that carried outstanding auras and exquisite figures. They formed a united picture that could manifest awe and praise in the hearts of many.

They were Lin Ming, Bai Yuxi, and Senior Sister Lin, and their expressions weren ’t as outstanding as their auras and appearances. They all carried a solemn light in their eyes as a giant Voidship over twenty-times theirs blocked their way. At both sides of this Voidship ’s hull was a single character shining brightly in fiery light: ”Spiritwalker. ”

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