Paragon of Sin

Chapter 607: Prelude to A Shaken World

uite curious how you formed it. ” When Na Xinyi was startled, her Worldly Domain receded likely because of her unfamiliarity with it, so they couldn ’t perceive all its traits.

Na Xinyi frowned, thinking about if she should. After all, her Domain Seed was formed by Wei Wuyin ’s Alchemical Product. She wasn ’t certain if it ’ll cause troubles for him. The concept having a Worldly Domain at the Soul Idol Phase was likely inestimable in value. She could feel that from how her Astral Soul reacted.

Even now, she felt that many questions she had towards Spatial Resonance were finally solved. For example, the essence of fixed space and its innate energies. She felt impossibly close to it. Wasn ’t this a straight path to the Realm World Phase? Furthermore, the most important aspect was that one could face the purely lethal astral tribulation of the Seventh Stage with a Worldly Domain!

In the end, she decided to not keep it a secret. She feared her reluctance would cost her, and there was no way Wei Wuyin wouldn ’t think of this problem when giving them this product. 

And she was correct.

Wu Yu was currently watching her. And he also realized why Wei Wuyin was so serious when he told him to watch over them all. This development was too insane! But will he be able to resist the possible fallout?

But then he thought that most would definitely seek out how this pill was made, and likely wouldn ’t harm those who have already taken the pill. The fear of a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist or that imaginary background might be enough. He was likely just back-up.

Moreover, the Golden Life Pavilion ’s intentions were quite certain at this point. They wanted to have a firm connection with Wei Wuyin or the force behind him. They definitely wouldn ’t allow any ounce of harm to them, and if I did, they would be swift in retaliation. Did he calculate this too?

This man wasn ’t even here, yet the world was moving along his will. That was absolutely terrifying. He started to grow fearful that one of the alchemical products he took could strip him of everything…

Na Xinyi released her Worldly Domain! It extended until it reached fifty meters in diameter, then the distinct World Pressure was emitted.

The two were enveloped within it, but this World Pressure was insignificant to them.

”What?! ” Jun Baiyin was terrified! Not because of the Worldly Domain ’s strength, but its degree of influence!

”How is this impossible? ” Ma Sujiang had a heavy frown, her smile fading. 

Na Xinyi was confused, and her heart was seized by various emotions.

A False Worldly Domain, those of the False Realmlord level, had the ability to exude World Pressure. This pressure was two-fold in purpose, and one of those functions was the aspect control, well more ’convert ’. The World Pressure can convert ambient mana, energies, and astronomical forces into one ’s own power. It acted in a similar yet different manner as Intent. It didn ’t infuse, but grasped control over.

It was far more forceful.

But False Worldly Domains can only convert energies into their power, a single aspect, but this Worldly Domain wasn ’t just energies, but astronomical forces! This meant heat, gravity, fixed space, and other forces could be converted to their strength! 

While it lacked the aspect of ambient mana, the concept of converting astronomical forces into one ’s own was the principle for establishing a World Realm, flat continental earths, and creating planets! This meant this Worldly Domain between false and real was capable of performing feats of astronomical level!

Ma Sujiang and Jun Baiyin glanced at each other. They had to learn more!

Jun Baiyin hurriedly asked, ”How did you create this Worldly Domain?

Ma Sujiang corrected, ”Domain Seed. ”

Jun Baiyin realized what she asked wrongly and nodded, looking towards Na Xinyi.

Na Xinyi didn ’t hesitate to answer, ”I refined a pill called the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. It helped me manifest my Domain Seed. ”

Jun Baiyin ’s eyes shined. She had so many follow-up questions!

But Ma Sujiang ’s eyes explosively widened! It was a product of the silver-eyed alchemist?!?! She was well aware of Wei Wuyin ’s moniker, the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn! 

She abruptly vanished.

Wu Yu and her floated at the edge of the Sky Layer, their eyes locked onto each other. 

Ma Sujiang spoke plainly, ”Do you know the importance of this? ”

Wu Yu nodded, yet was entirely indifferent on the surface. But in his heart, his heart was like a wardrum! This was truly a little too much.

”You should kill her, ” Ma Sujiang said. 

Wu Yu glanced at the Dark Yin Palace, piercing into the room that housed the excited Jun Baiyin and Na Xinyi. He knew that Ma Sujiang was talking about Jun Baiyin, not Na Xinyi. 

But he shook his head, Wei Wuyin would ’ve given them orders if he wanted it to remain a secret. There was no need to slaughter for secrets. Furthermore, he wasn ’t aware of how many pills were out there and who had them. It would be stupid to slaughter everyone who found out, and that would certainly be noticed.

Ma Sujiang frowned, ”He wants the pill to be known? Does he know how this will shake the very foundation of the world? Those in this world aren ’t that generous if they can monopolize such an advantage. ”

But Wu Yu smiled, unconcerned. ”I think you should be worried about yourself. ”

Ma Sujiang ’s heart shook. ”Why? ” 

”If I know my Young Lord, the Golden Life Pavilion is about to receive some instructions. Have fun shaking the foundation of the world. Do survive, and prove you ’re worthy for his partnership. ” Wu Yu smirked. With a faint step, he departed. He had already left his protective means on Na Xinyi earlier. Even if Ma Sujiang wanted to harm her, she would find it extremely difficult. 

Ma Sujiang was stunned. Instructions?

Just at this moment, an old man entered the Third Branch ’s territory of the Endless Prosperity Domain, ruled by the Golden Life Pavilion, via a Void Gate. He had a weary expression, seemingly exhausted as he arrived.

”Ma Zheng, right? ” With his loose grey robes, he trekked forward to his predetermined destination.

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