Paragon of Sin

Chapter 618 - 613: A Unique Dynamic

en next to Anu. Anu lowered his head, closing his eyes as they started to spiritually communicate.

”Are you okay? ” Anu asked, concerned. Since they were taken, he was capable of restoring the rescued dragons back to a healthy state, but they were still trapped in this World Realm. He had tried to resist initially, but three Mystic Star Phase experts instantly arrived and beat him down until he couldn ’t move for a month.

They left, telling him not to act recklessly and this situation was temporary. However, his race had been imprisoned and subjected the torture for thousands of years. How could he casually trust these humans?! So he waited, built up his strength to one day break free.

But he met Xue Yifei one day, and he realized she contained the soul of his great grandmother. He also noticed her aura was familiar. When she learned about the silver-eyed cultivator she called her husband, he was stunned. It was the same little boy that he met decades ago! The one who gave him lifeforce!

Her aura was filled with his because she consumed his alchemical products religiously, not refining out his aura as she did as normal. In a way, this was her act of proclaiming herself as fully his. She would never turn away from her choice.

Xue Yifei smiled, rubbing Anu ’s pretty scales. A single scale was bigger than five of her. ”I ’m fine. They lack resources, but its acceptable. ” If anyone in the Aeternal Sky Starfield heard this about the Golden Life Pavilion, they ’d spew out massive buckets of blood, likely died on the spot from sheer ignorance!

Shockingly though, they would be the ignorant ones!

Anu sensed Ma Ru nearby, quietly watching. This petite girl was not to be underestimated. She was one of the Mystic Star Phase experts that beat him down before. He had a healthy dose of caution towards her.

”What about you? You ’re not doing anything reckless, are you? ” Xue Yifei asked, her tone caring and concerned. The memories of the Demonic Dragon and the residual emotions were still present within her, and while she could ’ve expelled them, she didn ’t. Therefore, she felt maternal care for Anu in much the same way as Anu felt a filial affection towards her.

”Reckless? No. ” Anu was still waiting for a prime moment to sweep up his fellow dragons in his Internal World and burst out of this cage. Even if he had to destroy the World Realm ’s Core!

”You ’re not to do anything until Wei Wuyin arrives! You understand me? ” Xue Yifei knew of his habits, hurriedly saying with a fierce, unyielding tone.

Anu lowered its head further, snorting softly, but didn ’t refuse or accept her demand. This Wei Wuyin fellow can ’t be all that? And so what if he arrives, can he do anything to that Ascended in just a few decades?

Xue Yifei sighed with a wry smile, rubbing Anu a little more softly. ”Please, just wait… ” She didn ’t want Anu to act, and they dealt with him to avoid any problems. Her worries were, of course, not needed. The Golden Life Pavilion had innumerable ways to handle Anu without lethal actions.

Anu ’s eyes opened, and he faintly nodded his gargantuan head. ”I will, alright? ” His voice had relented. Their dynamic was different from what anyone could expect from a human and a dragon, especially with such a vast power gap.

Xue Yifei beautifully smiled, ”Perfect. When he comes back, I ’ll be sure to ask him to concoct some products for you. He ’s good at making things for beasts, very good. ”

Ma Ru couldn ’t fathom how this unruly dragon became so tame, but she didn ’t mind. Considering how protective and careful the dragon was with Xue Yifei, she just remained as a silent observer.

The two kept talking about various things, such as the treatment of the dragons. After learning of what they experienced before, Xue Yifei had a distinct hatred towards those who would be so despicable. Similar to Wei Wuyin, she saw herself as much as a dragon as she did as a human.

She would never wish for that on humans or dragons, not even demons or elves. Actually, anyone! It was incredibly cruel and vicious, and their struggle had brought enraged tears to her eyes when she first heard it. She even decided to help Anu get revenge if possible.

The entire dragon lineage of the Desolate Dragnet Stellar Region deserved that.

While their conversation continued, a figure arrived beside Ma Ru. Ma Ru immediately noticed this dark-grey haired figure, and hurriedly bowed: ”Ma Ru greets Assistant Manager Sujiang. ”

Ma Sujiang wore her standard issue black toaist robes with silver embroidery. Her youthful appearance was unchanged, but as she observed Xue Yifei, there was a particular glint in her eyes. But she quickly concealed that, making her presence known:

”Xue Yifei, you have a visitor. ”

Xue Yifei ’s eyes opened, looking at Ma Sujiang with a little shock. That shock turned into joy, then hope, and then happiness!

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