Paragon of Sin

Chapter 620 - 615: Predestined Owners

’A visitor! ’ Xue Yifei ’s excitement brightened her expression to the zenith, giving her a unique charm unlike anything before. If there was a visitor, then it could only be Wei Wuyin or one of Wei Wuyin ’s subordinates, such as Su Mei. She wished it was Wei Wuyin, but a faint fluctuation in her heart told her that it wasn ’t. Furthermore, it wouldn ’t be a good thing if it was.

She wasn ’t certain about this Golden Life Pavilion ’s objective, but she realized that they valued Wei Wuyin. It was best to not interact directly with these people until he could reliably protect himself. She didn ’t want him to be relegated to a pill dispenser, enslaved, or forced to compromise unfavorably for her.

Ma Sujiang turned to Ma Ru, ”Find these two: Nyla Shur and Zuhei. They are respectively a beastwoman of the Havana Feline Lineage and a beastman of the Sirius Canine Lineage. Go. ”

Ma Ru diligently nodded. She vanished from sight.

Xue Yifei was startled out of her thoughts. Nyla Shur and Zuhei? Was Wei Wuyin actually here? Did he ask for them or were they bringing members close to Wei Wuyin? Unsure, she wore a neutral expression and took a firm, stable breath. It seems that her thoughts and their situation might not be so simple.

Anu eyed Ma Sujiang. There was a cautious light in his eyes. This woman might seem harmless, but she gave off a feeling of danger to him that caused his instincts to roar. She reminded him of that vile man in terms of strength, but not remotely close to that old man that snatched them.

Ma Sujiang looked at the giant dragon before her. Its azure-scaled firm, body of powerful muscle, bipedaled form, and thick and fleshy wings gave her a distinct feeling. When she was born, dragons were already a rumored extinct existence.

Seeing one that was thirty-thousand meters tall, left her feeling all sorts of fascinated emotions. It was just a little unfortunate that this dragon, that was the strongest amongst his lineage, was so weak. She could kill him with little effort, causing her to rethink those legends of their prowess and abilities.

”You too, ” she said. With a last look, she turned around and gestured to them to follow her. Anu was taken aback. Him too?

Xue Yifei was even more confused by this, but she didn ’t ask any questions. ”Let ’s go. ” Whatever was awaiting them shouldn ’t be horrible or dangerous. After all, they had sufficient strength to wipe them all out, yet they were keeping them here to remain as strange prisoners/guests.

Anu was about to resist, but after hearing Xue Yifei, his curiosity got the better of him. With a low roar, his wings moved and lifted his body off the ground. The surging winds shifted the environment.


With a powerful flap, he followed along the small and seemingly fragile figure of Ma Sujiang. The majestic flight was startling to most, but the dragon lineage that had happily integrated with the other beasts roared with joy and pride.


A few hours earlier.

Tuo Bihan had made his way towards the 34th World Realm, Grand Horse Realm a few days ago, and it took him tireless nights to find and locate the headquarters of the Ma Clan. They were the leaders of this World Realm, and they had incredible authority over the Third Branch of the Golden Life Pavilion. It was much easier to find them, and he soon made his way there.

When he arrived, he was welcomed by an incredible sight. There was an entire island from the World Realm ’s main landmass, and it was roughly thirty percent of the landmass ’ size. It was surrounded by still water, and no matter what external influence tried to affect it, not even a single ripple would be produced.

He tested this out at the shore, dropping a manifested ball of astral force, but it was as if the water was utterly resistant to all motion. It sank in oddly, creating an incredibly jarring picture that dissociated one ’s mental image of water. The curiosity led him to wanting to drink it, but he was warned by a native to not do that unless he didn ’t want his life.

The water wasn ’t poisonous, but if it entered your body, it could infect it and bring your natural bodily functions to a halt, even your blood would stop flowing. This terrified him. It was called Stillwater Blood, and it was a mystic-grade material, while the body of water was called the Endless Stagnation Sea.

It was fascinating. This was the first time he came across a mystic-grade material since arriving in this starfield. Even his spiritual sense couldn ’t sense anything, not even the water energies within.

’It must ’ve been refined by this mystic quality, so I can ’t even sense it. That ’s terrifying. Is it possible that mystic-grade things are outside mortal ’s perception? Is those beyond the Astral Core Realm truly beyond Mortal Limits like the little boss says? ’ His thoughts and horizons were expanded by this discovery.

Tuo Bihan felt fortunate that he hadn ’t drank it. He made a mental note to be absolutely careful from now on, not wanting to die without knowing why.

There were various energy signs floating at the edge of the coast warning to not fly across the lake or use spatial arts to do so. He had to wait for a ferry to cross the lake, which was by no means a small price. Fortunately, he could afford it.

The Ma Clan didn ’t turn away visitors. They even welcomed them with open arms, establishing a ferry service to ensure these visitors can cross the Endless Stagnation Lake. It was quite generous of them. They were, after all, a clan that established themselves on business.

When he arrived on the island, there were individuals from the Ma Clan that were waiting, and they were quite amicable as they asked for their purpose on the island. Most of those on the ferry seemed to be visiting members of the Ma Clan, trying to integrate into the Ma Clan, or deliver taxes and discuss business contracts.

He found it interesting that there were individuals coming to deliver taxes, and they all had bright smiles and happiness in their eyes. When have taxes ever been a joyful thing? As a Grand Imperial Sage, he knew how ungrateful other forces were, and they would make up any type of excuse to pay less or delay it.

Tuo Bihan was shocked to realize that one of these figures had an aura that resembled a mighty celestial body, clearly a Starlord. While it was subtle, his strength was by no means concealed. Even that expert had a bright smile, laughing and joking with the attendants that greeted him. The respect he gave the Ma Clan people was praise-worthy.

Yet those individuals weren ’t even Realmlords, there was even a Soul Idol Phase amongst them.

”… ” Tuo Bihan felt that the Golden Life Pavilion and the Ma Clan were by no means simple. Would he face any unexpected troubles in his delivery? He could only hope not.

”Sir, your purpose for visiting our little clan? ” The female attendant had a warm smile, her pretty face and youthful vigor was quite attractive. Her life aura was roughly two hundred yet she was at the Spatial Resonance Phase. This was outstanding!

In the Neo-Dawn Starfield, if one excluded irregularities such as Wei Wuyin and certain others, like Long Chen, then being two hundred and at the Soul Idol Phase was sufficient to be considered an absolute genius, titled Heavenly Kings in the Myriad Monarch Sect. Yet this was a mere attendant at the Spatial Resonance Phase.

While her foundation wasn ’t stellar, only four-ripples to reach that level at her age was incredible. Of course, with her foundation, it ’s unlikely she ’ll successfully become a Realmlord, so it made sense she was a mere attendant. Even in this great environment, be it ambient energies or resource-rich, yet she still only reached the four-ripple Spatial Resonance.

It just goes to show…

”Cultivation is difficult, ” Tuo Bihan wistfully said. His words caused the pretty young attendant ’s expression to distort, her eyes glinted with a depressive light for a moment. But it was only momentary, ”Sir? ”

Tuo Bihan regained himself, once more appreciating his identity as an alchemist and Wei Wuyin ’s value. As an Emperor Alchemist, he helped establish Qin Rui and Yao Zhen ’s outstanding cultivation bases, yet his best efforts still caused both of them to fall short of the requirements to become a Realmlord.

”I ’m here to meet Ma Zheng, Third Manager of the Golden Life Pavilion; I have a message for him from Ascendant Emperor Wei Wuyin. ” He decided not to just use Wei Wuyin ’s full name, resorting to his title. If the name reached Ma Zheng, he should understand it. After all, it was Wei Wuyin ’s most prestigious title, and there might be other Wei Wuyin ’s in this starfield.

It was a good name.

”Patriarch Ma? Ascendant Emperor Wei Wuyin? ” The attendant was gobsmacked. She gave Tuo Bihan an once-over, finding his clothes shabby in comparison to other high-ranking envoys and his cultivation severely lacking. And she had never heard of this Ascendant Emperor before? Such a domineering name!

Furthermore, anyone with the qualifications to meet Ma Zheng wouldn ’t do so via this way. She couldn ’t help but heavily frown. The crowd also halted, turning to Tuo Bihan who seemed like a bum Realmlord out of the sticks.

Tuo Bihan understood her concerns, but he had a mission. He added politely, ”Can you at least tell someone important about this? If they ’re connected to Ma Zheng, they ’ll certainly understand who I represent. I can assure you, you ’ll be rewarded heavily for your efforts and diligence. ”

He knew that most attendants might dismiss him, mostly to avoid trouble, so he humbled himself and enticed this pretty attendant. Yet this only seemed desperate in the eyes of the crowd, and the attendant ’s expression became dissatisfied as she shook her head.

”It ’s impossible, I can- ” Her words were about to reject his request, send him on his way, but she felt her throat seize up. She felt an oppressive power engulf her, her eyes widened in terror.

”Bring him to the 2nd Region ’s Concentration Field, ” a voice resounded to the surroundings, shocking the crowd. A new attendant seemed to have received a message, placing on a genial smile and stepped forward towards Tuo Bihan.

”Sir, please follow me. ” His words were as polite as possible, and Tuo Bihan looked at the pretty attendant for a moment. A trace of pity in his eyes. If only she was a little more diligent in her job, not dismissive, perhaps her fate might ’ve changed today. Clearly whoever spoke waited to hear her reply before abruptly shutting her off.

It was judging a book by its cover, and lacking an instinct to grasp fortune.. Not every fortune was the product of the heavens, but of people, based on their individual choices.

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