Paragon of Sin

Chapter 620 - 615: Predestined Owners

s, Saber and Sword, that could regulate his energies. As for Zen, she spent the most time cultivating her heart and foundation, living for over three thousand years as a member of the tortoise lineage.

Yet to Wei Wuyin, this was minor. The light energies within Nyla Shur ’s body was stable, and her veins, arteries, or heart had no trouble containing her innate energies.

However, amongst beastmen, the most terrifying was the figure that stood beside Nyla Shur.


When Tuo Bihan saw him, his heart chilled. His scarlet eyes weren ’t as vibrant as before, but contained void black flecks. Those sharp eyes of his were calm, eerily so, as if staring into the depths of death itself. Yet the bloody and viciously heart-pulsing feral sensation was still present. It felt like his existence radiated unfettered carnage.

His slender yet incredibly toned figure was loosely wrapped in a robe, showing off his chest to the world. Glaringly, there was a large scar of distorted flesh at the center of his chest. The wound was horrible, as if someone had pierced through him entirely, affecting his entire heart, lungs, and spine.

’The blow he suffered from Lin Ming! ’ Tuo Bihan immediately recalled that impressive fight that resulted in both of their bodies being utterly devastated. He had thought Zuhei had died, until Wei Wuyin took action. After all, his entire heart was completely eviscerated by Lin Ming ’s attack. For a beastman, that was their most vital organ, even greater than their brain.

Tuo Bihan frowned. He couldn ’t sense Zuhei ’s cultivation, yet the sensation he gave him was utterly dreadful.

The last recognizable figure was Xue Yifei. She was still as gorgeous as before, and he faintly smiled. Wei Wuyin truly had taste, and no one could say otherwise.

The other two he didn ’t know, but they were Ma Ru and Ma Sujiang.

When he finally arrived, the shadow of Anu over them, he clasped his hands in greeting after realizing the cultivation of those two figures exceeded his understanding.

Ma Sujiang stepped forward, ”You ’re Tuo Bihan? ”

Tuo Bihan nodded, ”I am. ”

”Here ’s the four you asked for. As for Patriarch Ma, I ’ve sent him a message. He should be here soon. ” Ma Sujiang calmly stated, referring to Ma Zheng as Patriarch Ma. If it was in an official setting, she would ’ve referred to him as Manager Ma Zheng.


Tuo Bihan was surprised. ”Anu? ” He asked.

”The dragon above, ” Ma Sujiang frowned, lifting her finger to point at the golden-eyed dragon. She didn ’t expect Tuo Bihan to be unaware who Anu was.

And Tuo Bihan ’s expression betrayed his surprise. A dragon?! Holy! He had never seen a real dragon before! They had gone extinct before his birth, and even the depictions of their form had too many variations. Some were said to be slender, long, with short legs while others were bulky, muscular, with powerful legs and large claws.

Anu fits the latter! His bipedaled form seemed like a beast of the Lizard Lineage, yet those wings were like eagles. That powerful, wide body was huge, yet it lacked any semblance of slender.

Anu eyed Tuo Bihan closely, causing wind currents to surge with his movements. This little thing was so weak. If he wanted, he could annihilate this old man with a casual swipe of its claw. It briefly snorted, dissatisfied that it wasn ’t that silver-eyed boy.

Tuo Bihan took several breaths in awe to calm his breath. He turned to Ma Sujiang and became serious, ”I ’m here on a mission to deliver letters to these four. Can I have some privacy? ”

Ma Sujiang frowned, but she didn ’t reject his request, ”We ’ll give you space. ” She and Ma Ru vanished, leaving the four alone.

But Tuo Bihan wasn ’t a fool. It was likely they were observing using means beyond his perception, and there was nothing he could do if that was the case.

”A message from Wei Wuyin? ” Nyla Shur ’s eyes brightened. She leapt forward in jubilant excitement. It ’s been nearly four years since she last saw him in the flesh, and she was always beset with worry about his status. While she felt that nothing would happen to him, the cultivation world was full of unknowns.

One day, you could be bathing while thinking of your lover with animated fingers frustratingly failing to reach the depths they could, the next you were brought to another world. It wasn ’t something that one could predict, so she was justified in her fear.

Unlike Xue Yifei, she didn ’t receive special treatment and was placed alongside the other beastmen of her lineage, forced to live in cohabitation in a limited area. Unable to leave with very little explanation, they could only cultivate and strive to survive in this unfamiliar environment.

Tuo Bihan smiled with a nod, ”For all of you. Don ’t resist the spiritual force when it happens, it contains the message. ”

Tuo Bihan had seven rings left, and four were now about to reach their predestined owners.

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