Paragon of Sin

Chapter 636 - 631: True Element Crystal

aw out a specific type of essence to absorb. ” Lin Xianxei was clearly excited as she explained.

Lin Ming was startled by her explanation. Did this mean if he infused his high-level Elemental Intent within, it ’ll produce the essence of that type for his cultivation? He tried it instinctively, using the Grandgale Wind Intent. A surging wind current explosively erupted, causing the robes of Lin Xianxei and Timelord Duhan to flutter wildly.

”Grandgale Wind Intent? Apex-level?! ” Timelord Duhan was finally surprised. He wasn ’t able to measure Lin Ming ’s cultivation exactly, because he was far too weak. Furthermore, Lin Ming evoked his Elemental Origin Intent, not his individual Intents. While his Elemental Origin Intent was impressive, it wasn ’t that outstanding.

Lin Ming was focused on the changes in the True Element Crystal as it sucked in his Grandgale Intent fiercely, absorbing. The eight other characters in the True Element Crystal flickered until they vanished, then they were replaced by the ’Wind ’ character.

In a few minutes, the entire crystal had spontaneously become a Grandgale Wind Essence Crystal. This caused Lin Ming ’s heart to quake in shock and surprise. He had only ever seen this Intent Aura in the Elementus Badge that he was given by Lin Xianxei.

How marvelous was this?

He hurriedly circulated his cultivation method, absorbing the essence that was contained within with his eyes closed. After another few minutes, he opened his eyes and felt his Astral Core expanded in size by a very minor amount. The essence portion of his cultivation had elevated by a tad bit, resulting in his foundation strengthening overall.

How terrifying was this?!

Timelord Duhan was flabbergasted by Lin Ming ’s Apex-level Wind Intent to such a degree that he was rendered speechless, his mouth gaping to reflect his shock.

Lin Xianxei smugly smiled. One of the reasons she had bet on Lin Ming was his outstanding talent and comprehension of this very Intent. There was a belief, while it might not be completely confirmed, that the Material Dao has three thousand Laws, and those Laws gave birth to three thousand Intents. Among these three thousand Intents were a single Apex-level Intent, the king of all other variations.

It was said an Apex-level Intent is the closest to a Law, and through it, that powerful Will, can feel the borders that exceed Mortal Limits with greater ease—Mysticism. It was rumored that comprehending an Apex-level Intent greatly increased one ’s chances of becoming an Ascended.

This was why Timelord Duhan was absolutely stunned by this discovery. While Elemental Origin Intent was impressive, it can be formed using nine of the lowest-level Elemental Intents, so it wasn ’t nearly as outrageous as Apex-level Intent.

For the first time, his opinion of Lin Ming had changed heavily.

Lin Xianxei ’s smugness didn ’t cease, joy flickering in her eyes. If Timelord Duhan knew that Lin Ming didn ’t just comprehend an Apex-level Intent, but several High-level Intents, and even fused it into his Elemental Origin Intent, he would be truly terrified.

Right now, Lin Ming ’s cultivation was too low, but if he was a Timelord too, he would be able to slay Timelord Duhan with a single stab of his spear. The thought excited her, reminding her that Lin Ming was a genuine genius amongst geniuses.

Lin Ming kept the crystal, joyful light effusing from his grey eyes. This was an unimaginable tool for cultivation. With it, he would be able to make fast advancements in certain cultivation methods and improve his foundation. He wondered what would happen if he used his Elemental Origin Intent on it.

Timelord Duhan once again sighed, but this time, for a very different reason. Given enough time, Lin Ming will surely shine brighter than others. After all, he had an Apex-level Intent, Elemental Origin Intent, and a Domain Seed prior to the Realm World Phase. While his battle tactics and experience was lacking, those things could be attributed to his desolate starfield and lack of any true opponents. Now that he has stepped into the field of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, these things will surely remedy themselves with time.

Then, he ’ll be a monster.

”Well, I ’m off. ” After he finished his thoughts, a tinge of excitement reminded him of the event that was happening.

”WAIT! ”

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