Paragon of Sin

Chapter 645 - 640: Three Earthly Saints

n ’t speak; she had no idea how to respond without knowing of the consequences that ’ll follow—for her and Lin Ming.

She was aware that the two must be the same, or someone was playing a disgusting and tasteless joke on her. After all, the title of Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn was outrageously popular while she resided in the Everlore Starfield in its last years. They referred to only a single person who achieved outstanding feat after feat.

She couldn ’t help but recall the Grand Seer ’s words in her light-headed state. Unfortunately, her current state was unable to alleviate any issues.

In the end, Lin Ming had decided to step forward in front of Lin Xianxei protectively, once more shielding her with his presence. While facing three Earthly Saints was heart-palpitating, he had to retain his cool at all costs. He answered coolly, ”The two could be the same, but we ’re not sure. ”

Gong Lau ’s left brow lifted, ”And you are? ”

Seeing this grey-eyed youth step forward and speak when he wasn ’t spoken to was quite amusing to Gong Lau. This young man needed to be taught a lesson in regards to status. Then, he ’ll learn to mind his status and only speak when spoken to. In his next life, of course.

”You ’re the Archaic Chosen? ” Zhang Ziyi intervened at this moment, clearly knowledgeable in Gong Lau ’s tactics. No matter how Lin Ming answered, Gong Lau would likely cripple him after he spoke, then give him a sternly delivered idiom like a teacher before ending his life as an example to others. However, she couldn ’t allow that to happen.

Gong Lau ’s left brow lifted higher, ”Archaic Chosen? ” He gave Lin Ming a once-over, his eyes didn ’t emit any spiritual light but one could tell an ocular spell of an outrageous level was being performed.

”You took the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill? ” Gong Lau was shocked at his discovery, both eyebrows lifted. This prompted Zhang Ziyi to give Lin Ming another look. She, too, was astonished at her discovery.

Han Yuhei didn ’t react to this. He had already learned all he needed from Bai Yuxi in regards to why and how she suffered damage to her soul, including their deceptive plans to make Lin Ming a Chosen via the Archaic Elementus Chosen Trial. Clearly, this was a desperate ploy to break the Lin Clan free from their predicament. However, this child wasn ’t much in his opinion.

If it wasn ’t for his granddaughter ’s sacrifice and her willingness to do so, he would ’ve already killed this brat. If it wasn ’t for his granddaughter ’s plea, he wouldn ’t have given Lin Ming a chance to fight for his right as a Chosen, especially against the unanimous disagreements that occurred.

”… ” Lin Ming didn ’t know how to respond to that question. He looked at Han Yuhei. If he told the truth, the secret of his power would be told before everyone. This was incredibly detrimental to him and his reputation. After all, the Tang Clan, Bai Yuxi, and a young woman ’s entire life was affected by this. Even if that was disregarded, this trump card of his would be openly revealed to everyone.

Han Yuhei was uncaring of those consequences, but he wouldn ’t highlight his own granddaughter ’s stupidity or create rumors regarding their potential relationship unless necessary. That ’ll just lead to further issues down the line. But he didn ’t intervene, allowing Lin Ming to handle the questioning himself.

Fortunately for Lin Ming, Lin Xianxei finally regained her calm after seeing Lin Ming bravely face the incoming storm for her. She took several breaths before walking ahead of Lin Ming, bowing respectfully. ”Saintess greets Lord Guardian, Grand Elder Zhang, and Elder Gong. ”

She used this greeting time to realign her mentality, with a firm expression, she answered: ”The one that is named Wei Wuyin is likely the same youth that had passed the Elementus Chosen Trial by fulfilling one of the special conditions, comprehending Element Heart Intent. ”

Gong Lau ’s expression changed slightly, ”How old is he? ”

Lin Xianxei didn ’t hesitate to continue, ”While I ’m unaware of his exact age, I do know he isn ’t fifty yet, but is in his late-forties. He also has a stellar reputation in the Everlore Starfield towards the Alchemic Dao, defeating an Alchemic Astral Soul alchemist in an All-Alchemic Clash. However, I was unaware that he was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist. ”

”… ” There was a long, tense silence. They were all staring at Lin Xianxei with varied expressions.

Zhang Ziyi broke this silence, her voice somewhat urgent, ”Why is he not with you? As the assigned Overseer of the trial, given permission by the council to do so, you are tasked with bringing any Chosen that have overcome the trial here. ”

Wei Wuyin was a heaven-sent talent. Just from the pill that broke conventions, likely about to realign the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region ’s cultivation standard, he was already paving the way to become the second King of Everlore. If he was brought to the sect, wouldn ’t he have joined them?!

Lin Xianxei ’s eyes glinted with mysterious light, but she calmly explained: ”I was injured and was unable to act as an Overseer after being assaulted by unknown assassins en route to the Everlore Starfield. ” She paused for a moment and stared at Zhang Ziyi. Her Shattered Element Faction had launched an attack on her, leaving her nearly crippled and without support.

If it wasn ’t for the Aegis of the Elements and Lin Ming who later helped her recover her strength, she would ’ve been dead or worse.

Yet Zhang Ziyi was unbothered by her deliberate staredown. There was not a single hint of awkwardness or guilt within her expression of eyes. It was as if she was entirely unaware of Lin Xianxei ’s assault.

Lin Xianxei continued after seeing Zhang Ziyi ’s shamelessness, ”Bai Yuxi had taken my position as Overseer. I could only wait until the Elementus Chosen Trial was completed. However, I had not seen Wei Wuyin, only Lin Ming at the time. Shortly after arriving back, I went to the Golden Gate Pavilion to seek details on his current whereabouts. They informed me that he was not in the Aeternal Sky Starfield. However, this information is several months old, so I ’m unsure now. ”

Her words were concise and clear for all to hear. While she deliberately forgot to mention that Lin Ming and Bai Yuxi had kept her ignorant of Wei Wuyin ’s status until after they left the Everlore Starfield, the rest was truthful without any holes. To others, it was clear she tried yet even the Golden Gate Pavilion was little help.

Han Yuhei frowned beneath his hood. He didn ’t ask Bai Yuxi about the exact details of the Elementus Chosen Trial. He didn ’t see the need to care about such insignificant details. As for the Element Heart Intent, word of a Second Chosen, he didn ’t believe that news after finding Bai Yuxi with only Lin Ming present.

It felt like a rumor meant to further worsen the True Element Sect ’s position in the Aeternal Sky Starfield, not legitimate facts. He just never felt the need to verify this information.

”We need to know everything that happened in the Elementus Chosen Trial. Everything. ” Zhang Ziyi emphasized, looking at Gong Lau who nodded in return. They both looked to Han Yuhei. The only one who could truly answer any and all questions without any glaring holes would be Bai Yuxi.

Han Yuhei stayed silent.

With a wave of his hand, a veiled young woman shimmered into existence as if transported through space. She yelped slightly after discovering the abrupt shift in scenery. Her soul aura was quite stable, almost completely healed. It was clear that Han Yuhei had done everything he could to restore his granddaughter ’s soul state.

”Yuxi ’er, tell us all that happened in the Elementus Trial, from beginning to end. The full report, including details about the one named Wei Wuyin. ” Han Yuhei said, his voice calm and warm. This caused a few to feel shocked at the difference in manners. Even his voice was controlled, gentle and normal.

Bai Yuxi looked at Lin Xianxei, Lin Ming, and the others. So it was time? While she knew it was bound to happen, she didn ’t think it ’d be this fast. With a soft sigh, she nodded.

She proceeded to tell them everything.

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