Paragon of Sin

Chapter 652 - 647: Golden Auction Light Of Ambition

’Tian Yinwu. ’ Ma Sujiang ’s eyes were unmoving, reflecting the spiritual incarnation of this Imperial Prince. There was a peculiar emotion within her eyes, glinting and flitting about, an emotion of admiration and heated passion. She, an illustrious Ascended, was unable to suppress her roiling feelings.

Ma Sujiang was relatively aged, if judged by mortal standards. If one considered her from the perspective of an Ascended, she was remarkably young. Still, there was no true guarantee that she would become a true Ascended. She, like other women, had thoughts of settling down and finding a Dao Companion.

She was formerly the Assistant Manager of the Third Branch, is the last daughter of the Ma Clan ’s Patriarch who managed the entire Third Branch of the Golden Life Pavilion. Regardless of status, talent, wealth, beauty, or strength, she lacked none of it. There were very few candidates in the starfield that could remotely grab a wisp of her interest.

Tian Yinwu ’s name was at the very top of that short list. This rang true for many of the talented female cultivators like herself, even those who ’ve reached the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

Tian Yinwu was the seventh son of the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperor, the ruler of the entire Aeternal Sky Starfield. However, he was born from a concubine. Normally, this status should ’ve relegated him to a disastrous fate, pushed down into mediocrity by his siblings.

He wasn ’t born with a unique physique. He didn ’t have a special blessing. There was no great fortune bestowed upon him by others. In a way, one could say that for the first thirteen years of his life, he was neglected by everyone. He was unimportant, just like the other children born from concubines of the emperor, which currently totaled 729 others.

He was just ’another one ’.

Yet his feats were an unstoppable force, his achievements shocking even the emperor himself. If one considered the term jack of all trades as an acceptable way to describe someone with multifaceted talents, then Tian Yinwu could be classified as the master of all trades.

At the age of thirteen, Tian Yinwu comprehended nine types of greater-than-basic Intents. This included the ethereal intents of Sword Intent, Shield Intent, Fist Intent, and Battle Intent; high-level material intents such as Yang Light Intent, Violet Lightning Intent, Shining Golden Intent, and Berserking Scarlet Intent; lastly, he even merged the nine basic elemental Intents, forming Elemental Origin Intent.

At the age of fourteen, he ascended to the Astral Core Realm.

At the age of fifteen, he was officially recognized by the Everlore Association as an Official-leveled King Alchemist, the youngest King Alchemist without an Alchemic Astral Soul, establishing a new record for the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region.

At the age of sixteen, he designed and forged a never-before-seen high-level astral tool that had received direct praise from the Godforge Association ’s own Godforge Emperor. He regarded it as one of the most creative designs he ’d ever seen in his years. This came from a man who invented several tools and armaments of his own design that were wielded by High-Lords and Earthly Saints.

At the age of eighteen, he designed a planetary spell array that, with very little cost, could even hold back an Earthly Saint at the highest level, albeit temporary. In regards to efficiency of structure, ease of construction, and lack of high-end resources, it became the staple base template for quite a few planetary formations. It was sold directly by the Imperial Clan and earned him outrageous amounts of wealth, respect, and renown.

These were just some of his feats. He was talented in the Dao of Alchemy, Forging, and Design, while having an absurd comprehensive talent. This alongside his status and birthright elevated his importance to the stars and beyond.

But what truly defined his reputation was when he reached the age of thirty, when he, at the Sky Ruler Phase, fought and defeated, yes, defeated a Realmlord! It was a fair duel witnessed by all, and experts were utterly baffled by his tactics and means, including the Realmlord ’s lack of restraint. He accomplished what most would think was completely impossible, absolutely inconceivable.

There was no Season of Regression or self-harming method used to muddle the results, just his own strength.

Currently, he was fifty-four years old, gained the title of an Imperial Prince decades ago, and his mother was elevated as an official wife, only beneath the Empress herself. This was all brought about by his very own talent, hard work, and incredible achievements. At present, the legends of his feats still echoed.

There was no one who was unaware of his name.

He was a highly expected favorite to do best in the Chosen King Competition held in a few decades. Either him or his half-sister, a figure that was not the least bit inferior.

Despite more than twenty years having passed, based on Tian Yinwu ’s spiritual fluctuations, he was merely at the Soul Idol Phase, absolutely ideal for the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. There were those who shuddered at the possibility of him obtaining this product.

What limits will this break for him?

Ma Sujiang ’s heart raced with a rushing wave of expectation.

Ma Sujiang gathered herself, politely declaring: ”The highest bid is four hundred mystic stones. ”

”… ” Yet the crowd was silent as the air grew a little dense. The Imperial Clan was a highly competitive existence, so Tian Yinwu was representing solely himself in this matter. Since he stepped out, most understood a fierce battle was about to take place.

It took a mere few minutes from the declaration before a laughter echoed in the audience. A voice, deep and resounding, exploded out: ”Haha! Little Brother Yinwu, I didn ’t think you ’d actually participate. I thought someone of your talents wouldn ’t need it. Unless, you ’re stuck in the Soul Idol Phase? Your cultivation a little difficult? ”

The voice teased, yet it rippled out with a thunderous momentum. The audience knew this voice, looking to see the second son of the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperor, Tian Guyan. He was a hot favorite for the Imperial Throne, not the Chosen King Competition.

After all, he was thousands of years old and a genuine expert that had to be called a High-Lord, a Third Stage Mystic Ascendant, the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase!

Tian Yinwu merely smiled, completely composed. His spiritual incarnation was unshaken by Tian Guyan ’s deliberate actions to do so. A heroic figure, tall and muscular, carrying the bearing of a true ruler sat in his seat. He didn ’t even need to stand.

His figure was imposing, but his muscles weren ’t bulky or ugly. They conformed to his robes perfectly, revealing exquisite contours and edges of each sculptured muscle. With long black hair, he had a pair of hazel-golden eyes, remarkably similar to Tian Yinwu. Clearly, it was a trait earned by their noble lineage.

His fingers combed through his dark-colored short hair as he regarded Tian Yinwu. Tian Guyan emitted an aura of serenity and authority, unquestionable yet irresistible. But behind those gorgeously enchanting eyes of his, there was a thin, nigh-invisible light of panic.

Seeing Tian Yinwu unmoved by his words, he grinned. ”I bid- ”

”I ’ll add to my original bid, two hundred mystic stones. ” Tian Yinwu interrupted Tian Guyan ’s bid. The latter ’s eyes shrunk. He stared at Tian Yinwu, his eyes pulsing with a fierce emotion.

Yet Tian Yinwu was unbothered. His beautifully handsome appearance alongside his innate grace caused many of the female cultivators present to swoon. ”If you can outbid me, Big Brother, then I ’ll withdraw. ”

Ma Sujiang said between: ”The current bid has been changed, totaling six hundred mystic stones. ” This price was absolutely out of this world. It was merely a peak-tier, ninth-grade alchemical pill with priority rights. There was very little reason to bid enough to buy a large-sized, astral-graded planet.

Tian Guyan ’s eyebrows twitched a little. Then, he confidently smiled. ”I, Tian Guyan, represent the Imperial Clan to offer the planet: Optimal Sky. ”

Optimal Sky!

That ’s freaking ridiculous! The thoughts of almost everyone matched, simultaneously thinking those three words in some form or slang or curse.

Ma Sujiang ’s eyes brightened considerably. Just the sacrificial bids were outstandingly high, yet Tian Guyan was pushing it further. In her opinion, this was the nail in the coffin. The planet Optimal Sky was a tiny-sized planet that was also a Terra-Mystic Mine, one of the most valuable existences in the entire starfield!

It contained the unique resource named Terra-Mystic Ore. It was used in forging tools, armaments, and talismans of the mystic-level. It was one of the most vital materials needed for forging those items that exceeded Mortal Limits. In the entire Aeternal Sky Starfield, there were only thirty-one of these planets.

Tian Yinwu kept his smile. He clasped his hands to his brother gracefully, accepting his defeat. He sat back down.

However, Ma Zheng glanced at Tian Yinwu. The internal structure of the Imperial Clan was not simple, regardless of which era, or which clan, it never was.

The fact that they didn ’t send Tian Yinwu as a representative but Tian Guyan was extremely telling of the power-balance within the clan. It was likely that, unless it was concocted and sold privately, that Tian Yinwu would never obtain a Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. At least in the foreseeable future.

Ma Sujiang was internally sullen, also understanding this point, but she stayed true to her duties. ”Optimal Sky is valued at 1,320 mystic stones. The current bid is 1,320 mystic stones. ”

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

When the Imperial Clan made a move, it was not small. It eliminated 99% of all bidders, exceeding their maximum.

Ma Zheng, however, knew it wasn ’t over.. There was one Alchemic Saint that has yet to take action, a force that didn ’t fear the Imperial Clan.

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