Paragon of Sin

Chapter 669 - 664: Only The Best

”Gurgle…gurgle…gur-gurgle! ” The devastated body of Venerable Slayingsword released a series of incomprehensible words, but clearly he was saying his choice. He wanted to live! He was far younger than those two, and he had so much potential. He might be able to become a Demi-Mortal Lord! Live for tens of thousands of years! Why would he choose death?!

”… ” Kun Yiming inspected Wei Wuyin deeply and thoroughly. What were his intentions? 

Wei Wuyin slightly smiled, ”You can live, but your body was destroyed by my subordinate. How about this? To ensure you survive this ordeal, I ’ll give you this. ” Flipping his palm, he brought out a transparent bottle that contained a floating pill that resembled a Solar Star. It was tri-colored, containing black, white, and gray colors. 

It was quite beautiful, like one of the most gorgeous Solar Stars in this world. 

Venerable Slayingsword ’s eyes were barely functioning, so he couldn ’t determine what this product was, but from its appearance resembling a solar star, it could only be a ninth-grade alchemical product. 

Kun Yiming, however, had her eyes working so she discovered what the pill was instantly. ”An Ever-Rebirth Pill! ” This pill could rebirth the body of a Mystic Ascendant without any consequences left behind, no incompatibility or rejection! This…

Her eyes looked at Wei Wuyin differently. To casually bring out a ninth-grade alchemical product, especially an Ever-Rebirth Pill was not an ordinary thing. However, she couldn ’t figure out what Wei Wuyin was doing. Such a precious pill was outrageously rare, worth more than the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill. Because it could rebuild a body without any requirements, especially useful to Soul of Mysticism cultivators who had their bodies devastated by their Third Ascension.

Its rarity, use, and grade made it worth on the market about one mystic stone and two hundred thousand astral stones. That was extremely valuable. 

Venerable Slayingsword heard this and he twitched his limbless body in desire. He didn ’t want to die. This pill can restore his body completely. But he definitely can ’t afford it without selling an arm and a leg, both of which he didn ’t have anymore. 

Wei Wuyin tossed it over. The spiritual chains were removed from Venerable Slayingsword ’s body. He hurriedly used his powers to grasp the bottle. With joy in his near-dead eyes, he floated. He wanted to leave immediately to refine this pill. After noticing his voidship was freed, he soared there. But he stopped after going a little distance.

He turned around, looking at Kun Yiming. His excitement hadn ’t wiped away his feelings. He wanted her to come along with him. He didn ’t dare to let her, a beautiful female Ascended, remain with Wu Yu. Who knew what they might ask her to do. 

Kun Yiming was completely silent. A stalemate seemed to have formed. Then she turned to Wei Wuyin, her eyes filled with an intensity that revealed her suspicions. There was a single question that hadn ’t been asked. A question neglected because the entire situation was a little too good.

”Who are you? ” Kun Yiming didn ’t ask this. A one-legged, one-armed figure returned dressed in tattered multi-blue robes. His expression wasn ’t filled with glee, but genuine interest. He wasn ’t scared to leave after collecting himself.

If this young man wanted him dead, he was clearly destined for death. Yet the young man seemed to treat them, Ascended, as insignificant enough to casually let them go, completely without a single oath being issued. This meant he didn ’t treat them as anything. Utterly insignificant.

If it was just that, it could be attributed to arrogance and youth, but Wu Yu, a Soul of Mysticism Phase cultivator that could invoke a Demi-Mystic State prior to the Third Stage of the Mystic Ascendant Realm, the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase, was his subordinate and listened to his orders without question.

If it was just that, then he could just be some prestigious young master of a high-level mystic-tier force, but giving a Ever-Rebirth Pill so casually? That…that wasn ’t ordinary. 

That was outright suspicious! 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t show any shock at Venerable Bluecloud ’s return. He gave Wu Yu a faint look and smilingly answered: ”My name ’s Wei Wuyin. ”

”… ” 

”… ”

”…gurgle! ” 

The three Ascendants went into a shocked silence. This name! How could they not know of it?! They were there during the Grand Demonstration! The creator of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill! Reported to be a Grand-level Mortal Sovereign Alchemist! There were outrageous rumors on his ability, his age, his origins, and his potential. They had all heard of Wei Wuyin!

Kun Yiming followed-up, still trapped by spiritual chains, ”The Wei Wuyin who created the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill? ” 

Wei Wuyin revealed a faint sign of shock, ”You know of this? ” He brought out a bottle of Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pills. It was medium-sized, all of which were low-quality alchemical products made during his attempt at making peak-tier versions. They numbered seven. 

They formed a strange field of stars that effused out silver radiance. It was breathtakingly beautiful, like observing the night sky up close. 

Their hearts clenched tightly in their chests. It was him! It really was him!

The elusive Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist that couldn ’t be located by anyone! Oh my god! The Ascended looked at each other, baffled by this discovery. 

”No wonder… ” Venerable Bluecloud looked at Wu Yu. ”You ’re his knight… ” He added under his breath, a light of realization on his aged face.

Wei Wuyin was confused by this title, but Wu Yu wasn ’t. He nodded in agreement, ”I am. ” Wei Wuyin was unaware that alchemists had unique subordinates referred to as Alchemical Knights. They served alchemists loyally, especially those with Alchemic Souls who had no battle prowess. They were their swords, and people feared them because they received personal nurturing from alchemists.

”It seems you all know me. How curious, ” Wei Wuyin ignored this little exchange and said. 

”Are you really beneath a hundred years old? Are you actually a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist? That you don ’t have an Alchemic Soul? Is it true that… ” Venerable Bluecloud lost himself as he barraged out a series of questions. These were all questions that were on the minds of everyone. 

Wei Wuyin laughed lightly, waving his hand to halt Venerable Bluecloud ’s continuous flow of words. He didn ’t answer. Instead, his eyes started to change. Within his eyes, seven stars manifested. They had a glittering brilliance that was soothing. Each star in a single eye was of a different color, as if reflecting the qualities of the Alchemic Dao.

Both eyes were mirror-images of the other. 

”Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality! ” Kun Yiming moved, causing her spiritual chains to jingle fiercely. The Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality was a sign of peak Mortal-Rank comprehension of the Alchemic Dao. It was similar to an emblem of recognition by the Alchemic Dao and a gift bestowed to Mortal Sovereign Alchemists! 

Many likened it to Intent, a sort of Alchemic Will expressed through one ’s gaze! 

None of them had any doubts any longer. Wei Wuyin was a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist! 

Concocting a ninth-grade product wasn ’t the only requirement for the Alchemic Stars. An alchemist needed to gain the recognition of the Alchemic Dao! This meant their comprehension of the Alchemic Dao must be high, extraordinarily so! One of the main reasons why there was such a depressingly low number of ’Official ’ Mortal Sovereign Alchemists was because they needed the Alchemic Stars of Mortal Spirituality! 

For example, even if an alchemist had been walked through the process of concocting a ninth-grade product by an Alchemic Saint, they still wouldn ’t obtain it! Even if they concocted the ninth-grade product successfully!

Venerable Bluecloud glanced at Wu Yu, who had an arrogant smirk on his mug. He felt an urge to smack it off his face. If the rumors were true, then Wu Yu ’s future was limitless. Because if Wei Wuyin was as young as they say, he was bound to become an Alchemic Saint, the fourth Alchemic Saint of the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region, excluding the King of Everlore.

Venerable Bluecloud wasn ’t an idiot. By this point, everything Wei Wuyin had done was outright clear. However, he wasn ’t going to go to them. After all, every Mortal Sovereign Alchemist had forces that supported them and vice versa. To add, they were all staying within top-tier factions that either nurtured them to their level or offered incredible conditions. Regardless, Wei Wuyin ’s future was not going to be ordinary. 

Kun Yiming knew this too. 

”Gurgle…! ” Venerable Slayingsword was younger, having a lot more potential, and unable to restrain himself before an opportunity, so his reaction was incredibly intense. He tumbled in the air and landed before Wei Wuyin. He sent out a spiritual pulse with his intent.

Wei Wuyin turned to Kun Yiming and Venerable Bluecloud. ”I ’m lacking a few capable subordinates. Any recommendations? Of course, if you choose to live, I wouldn ’t mind accepting some of you. My own subordinate said you ’re all not half-bad. ” With a chuckle, Wei Wuyin said.

Kun Yiming and Venerable Bluecloud looked at each other, then at Wu Yu, and then back at Wei Wuyin. While the Terra-Mystic Mine was precious, they no longer had the right to it with Wu Yu present. This might even be a better alternative in the long run.

In a way, they were given an opportunity that many would absolutely kill to have. So did they even have a reason to refuse? They weren ’t being forced into it. So they knew that whether they said yes or not, Wei Wuyin didn ’t consider them as much, allowing them to go or killing them didn ’t matter to him. And while it hurt their pride a little, Wu Yu ’s presence and strength soothed their troubled souls. 

Wu Yu observed all this. While he hid it, he found Wei Wuyin more and more terrifying. The crucial part of this act was showing them that they could freely choose their fates, and he held them to very little importance in his heart as they were, using his already established reputation and skills to awe and justify his view. It wasn ’t arrogance if it was true! 

Then, they came to him. All of it was their choice! 

A moment later, an icy chill flowed through Wu Yu ’s spine. Perhaps if they didn ’t choose to stay, they would certainly die. Wei Wuyin ’s Void Portal Creation was a terrifying ability. They would never escape his pursuit once he ’s locked onto them. 

Kun Yiming and the rest didn ’t realize this, feeling that Wei Wuyin ’s manner of action was above board and honest. In their view, even if the world knew about the Terra-Mystic Mine, perhaps they would settle the matter peacefully if it was in Wei Wuyin ’s possession and he had no intention of hiding that fact. While Ascended, they were unable to fathom the true thoughts of experts or the value of that mine.


In the Aeternal Sky Starfield, there was a Voidship flying on a predetermined course. In this voidship was San Yongli, who was cultivating in her private quarters.

All of a sudden, her glabella glowed a radiant gold. Her eyes shot open, and there was confusion in her eyes. When she inspected the Book of Heaven ’s Path, she realized that entire details written within it had changed.

Her eyes widened in extreme shock. ”So many changes? Wait, what happened to the Boundless Martial Ruler? The All-World Origin Spear? The Blazing Vermillion Lotus? The Sky-Piercing Sword of Six Paths? What is happening… ” 

She found out that almost all the legendary mystic-graded armaments and tools mentioned in the Book of Heaven ’s Path for certain figures such as the True Martial World Emperor, True Elemental Emperor, and Six Paths Empress had vanished…

It was as if they were never forged. 

After a moment, her eyes went wide as she recalled a specific detail. ”The Unknown Terra-Mystic Planet that was destroyed in the United-Treasured War! What happened?! ” Her heart shook as she recalled an event in her past, this world ’s future.

An unbelievably valuable Terra-Mystic Mine was discovered by some unassuming powers. Soon, knowledge of it leaked and a war that devastated the United Source Starfield and Treasured Light Starfield unfolded as a result. The two starfields were nearly destroyed due to various foreign powers participating in it and their own greed. In the end, the mine vanished in history. Some say it was destroyed into thousands of pieces by the powerhouses in the war, divided amongst them equally, and others say it was sent forcefully through some portal and had shattered, scattering it throughout the stellar region.

She had plans to snatch a portion when the time came, but now…

When she noticed the vanishing of multiple mystic-graded armaments and tools listed in the Book of Heaven ’s Path, she realized something must have happened to it…

….But what?

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