Paragon of Sin

Chapter 681 - 676: Alchemic Stars Evolved

”… ”

”… ”

”… ”

The spectators and bystanders all froze in place, from their expressions to their movements. Bai Lin strutted forward, her stride was excited as she moved to the hole she created. Her golden eyes gleamed. 

Those nearby slowly regained their sense of self, the shock dissipating and the light of realization flowed through their eyes. Did that bird just smack that young-looking cultivator to their death? 

Wei Wuyin slightly shook his head with a wry smile. While he might not have been so direct, he didn ’t feel anything wrong with Bai Lin ’s actions. That cultivator was not a good soul, and his memories contained acts of extreme cruelty. Even he was shocked.

This so-called young-looking boy had taken advantage of certain weak and vulnerable women, stolen from the sick, and outright led others to their deaths. He might ’ve looked young, but in his eighty years, he was quite active. 

In fact, he was about to sell him off to some black market dealers, using that invisible leech-like creature to track his movements when he eventually left the city to be intercepted. However, that was just his own intentions. Wei Wuyin had discovered why the guards were acting strange.

When he learned of it, his expression became odd.

”MURDER! MURDERERS!! ” A shrieking voice screamed out in abject horror. With the act now dawned on them, the crowd grew terrified. They put some distance between Wei Wuyin, Bai Lin, and the scene of the crime. In a few breaths, the area around them was devoid of anyone for fifty feet.

”Us? Murderers? ” Bai Lin tilted her head curiously as she eyed the fearful spectators in the distance, thinking they were safe to observe. Then, her eyes gleamed with killing intent and a wisp of coldness. In the Scarlet Solaris Sect, conflicts, fighting and deaths were common occurrences. She was bred not just as a mount, but a beast of battle and carnage. This cultivator tried to scheme against them, was caught after trying to run away, and then refused to speak.

He got off easy with a quick death.

How childish was it to scream out such accusatory titles? 

Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts were interrupted by Bai Lin ’s chilling killing intent. She truly wished to begin a bloody slaughter here. He arrived beside her and softly rubbed her torso, ”Don ’t mind the ignorant. ” 

Bai Lin inhaled and exhaled out her killing intent, calming down. Wei Wuyin had taught her early on about the principles of killing, and how it must be done with reason. She wouldn ’t devolve into a mindless killing beast if she stuck to these differentiating principles, so she cherished them with all her heart. Even when she spent nearly a decade alone, waiting for Wei Wuyin ’s memory to return, she hadn ’t acted against these principles. 

The only reason she acted against the young cultivator was because he schemed against them, well within reason to deliver a death sentence. 

However, the shouts had alerted the guards. They were currently flying through the air, ferociously pushing through the crowd, and racing to his location. He felt a spiritual pressure erupt, threatening to weaken his cultivation base, and a series of formations were activated that sealed the city. There was no entry or exit. They were quite efficient. 

Wei Wuyin looked at the sky with a faint spiritual light. ”Bai Lin, we ’re going to allow ourselves to be captured. Okay? Don ’t resist. Also, don ’t reveal your strength. ” He rubbed Bai Lin a little more gently. He knew she wasn ’t one that liked to be restrained, so he tried to comfort her. 

”Oh? Are we going to do something big? ” Bai Lin, however, wasn ’t focused on being captured, but the plans for it. While she didn ’t like being restrained, that ’s on the basis of actually being restrained. Getting a free trip wasn ’t anything.

Wei Wuyin warmly smiled, ”Maybe. I just learned something interesting. Either way, you ’ll have a battle on your hands. But whether you want it or not, that ’s another question. Haha. ” 

Bai Lin ’s eyes brightened. Battle? She was down for it! With a trembling body, her long legs grew unstable as if unable to resist the strength of the spiritual pressure. It soon subdued her. The light in her eyes dimmed. She toppled with a quivering struggle, trying to rise but was unable to do so. She released a soft, pained cry. 

Wei Wuyin saw this and was awed. She was even better than that young-looking cultivator at acting, far more realistic. He had to consciously hold back his applause. Still, his smile was unable to be held back. 

The spiritual light in his eyes then dimmed considerably. He openly revealed his cultivation at the Gravity Emission Phase and kneeled next to Bai Lin with trembling knees. 

The guards soon arrived, including the two from earlier. They glanced at each other with a strange glint in their eyes. 

When a few guards came along, Wei Wuyin roared ferociously with fierce defiance. Suddenly, his aura exploded out, striking out with an exaggerated punch that contained his astral force. The incoming guards were blown back, a few injured.

He had strictly controlled his astral force, using less than a millionth of its true strength. He thoroughly learned his lesson to not use even one percentage of his power against ordinary cultivators of similar or weaker cultivation. He had obliterated quite a few cultivators by mistake, severely underestimating his power. 

Still, he took this outburst and opportunity to send out two rays of condensed astral force. It pierced through the air and arrived before the two guards that had welcomed him. Their eyes widened for a moment as their heads exploded. 

Wei Wuyin then shouted out defiantly. He kneeled, quivering with rage. He didn ’t speak out, just roared with anger from being suppressed. He soon felt a pressure descend, restricting him and Bai Lin.

A Worldly Domain!

A Realmlord arrived on scene. They wore black robes and swept their gazes around. With a wave of his hand, he sent out a burst of spiritual force towards Bai Lin and Wei Wuyin. As if simultaneously agreed upon, they both released wretched screams of agony and slowly lost consciousness.

Their coordinated effort was flawless. From timing to realistic expressions, there was nothing to be critiqued. Their spiritual fluctuations and mental fluctuations went quiet, representing their unconscious states. The Realmlord scoffed, sweeping his eyes towards the two guards that were killed by Wei Wuyin ’s last-ditch attack.

”Unlucky bastards, ” he remarked. With that, the Realmlord vanished with a flicker of silver light. He lazily delegated his subordinates to handle this. After all, it was just a Gravity Emission Phase cultivator and his archaic mount. They were insignificant in the eyes of a Realmlord. 

The guards acted and swept the two up, placing Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin in shackles. They brought them away, found them a cold, lonely cell, and placed them there together. It seemed they were treating them both the same. 

Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin laid down in the damp, cold prison beneath the city. There were others there, shouting or groaning. They were either going insane, being tortured, or silent and lost all reason to live. 

After a few hours, Wei Wuyin opened his eyes. The silver radiance within was prominent, and he looked up at the ceiling. ”So they did put us together. ” 

Bai Lin ’s eyes opened. She didn ’t move because her body was too large in this cramped prison cell. If she casually exerted some strength, the walls and restraints would collapse. She feared ruining their ruse. 

”That is weird, ” Bai Lin remarked. The screams of agony and pain groans of the desolate and exhausted did little to shake her heart.

Wei Wuyin looked at his right palm, looking at the ’War ’ character that glinted with light. Eventually, he clenched his fist, deciding to put it off for a little bit longer. If the information he obtained from that young cultivator ’s memories were true, then he just found a certain prospect that might be very interesting.

”Until I give the signal. Don ’t act, okay? ” Wei Wuyin calmly instructed, his eyes returning to the ceiling. Bai Lin was a little too strong and she was a little temperamental. 

”Okay! ” Bai Lin enjoyed this. Before, she had been relegated to a useless weakling when they entered the Myriad Monarch Sect. Even a winged colt-like pegasus was at the Astral Core Realm, and she couldn ’t rival such strength. While she strengthened eventually, she couldn ’t catch up to Wei Wuyin ’s own.

They were no longer able to fight the same battles. She couldn ’t even act as his mount because of the Sky Layers. Xiao Bai had taken that place, and it frustrated her greatly. While she teased the young pegasus, within her heart was a swelling seed of inferiority. 

Being able to once again travel with Wei Wuyin, participate in battles and schemes, it refreshed her! Her golden eyes looked at Wei Wuyin ’s figure, her heart stirring with emotions, and her bloodline tingled. She closed her eyes and waited.

Wei Wuyin eyed Bai Lin, feeling the same stimulation in his bloodline as hers. He frowned slightly before relaxing. Calming his bloodline ’s seething, he laid on Bai Lin ’s soft feathers and warm body. 

A certain memory surfaced in his mind. 

When it did, he couldn ’t help but smile.

Despite being in a prison dungeon that smelled of blood, death, and echoed of pain, the man and beast were content with just being together. For ten days, they remained in this dark, damp space.

And the ones they were waiting for had arrived!

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