Paragon of Sin

Chapter 698 - 693: Eternal Monarchs Windfall And Growth

Wei Wuyin stared at the Dark Void, standing at the edge of the Voidship. In a very short period of time, far too many things had happened. While Yao Houyi was his intended target, he hadn ’t expected to find such a talent, nor such a beautiful Ascended or delve further into divine mysteries and evil organizations. 

”So many things… ” He would be lying if he said he wasn ’t a little overwhelmed. The peaceful times of the Myriad Monarch Sect were slowly becoming nostalgic memories of the past. He had a feeling that he would be thrusted into more than just simple conflicts that could be dealt with by a single sentence like before.

From what Wu Yu had told him, his actions and those of the Ascendants were shaking up the Aeternal Sky Starfield. His Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill was on the cusp of changing the conventions of cultivation and definition of talent and foundations. He expected it to be incredibly well-received, but in truth, he also expected that the Aeternal Sky Starfield should have other alternatives. And while they did, it wasn ’t even close.

Wei Wuyin hadn ’t expected it to set off such chaotic and turbulent waves and undercurrents. The True Element Sect had even leaked out news of his Chosen position, using his name, a mere mortal, as leverage to gain breathing room. He expected a society that had tens of thousands of Ascended would ’ve been far, far more advanced.

However, his status as a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist was still as impressive as being an Emperor Alchemist in the Everlore Starfield. If the truth of who he is became more rampant without the corresponding power, would he end up in an unfavorable situation? He truly overestimated the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region ’s abilities, believing his abilities were negligible, just potential. This was due to Ma Zheng ’s actions, believing the old man was investing in a future talent, not a current expert.

”Did you want something different? ” Eden asked at this moment. As his Alchemic Eden Astral Soul nestled in his Sea of Consciousness, Eden was well-aware of almost all his thoughts and emotions that originated from his primary mind, including his apprehension to be in the spotlight so soon.

”I don ’t know, ” Wei Wuyin truthfully said as he leaned forward, observing the far-off planets and Solar Stars of the Ninestar Starfield. Due to the hefty personal cost to traverse using Void Portals in the limits of the starfield, and Bai Lin ’s need to recover her strength, the Voidship was the only alternative left. They ’ve been traveling for a few days, yet still so-so far away from the planet Blueglow. At this pace using an archaic voidship, it might take over a year to return.

”Who cares? Conflict, peace, war, or status, what ’s it before a True Void Dragon? There ’s no restraint that exists that can confine us, the embodiment of freedom! ” Kratos said indifferently, its tone incredibly domineering.

”Tch, ” King echoed his agreements. If they created waves, so be it. Before its edge, who dared to resist? 

Their simple thinking caused Wei Wuyin to smile a little, lightening his emotions. The two were quite domineering.

”I…I think it ’s perfect, ” Ori chimed hesitantly. 

”Perfect? ” Wei Wuyin ’s curiosity was lit. 

The three other Astral Souls settled down as they paid attention to Ori. They were all curious as well.

Ori was momentarily startled by the focused attention, but then its spirit trembled excitedly. ”Yes! Yes! Yes! Perfect! Why must we hide who we are? Danger? We escape it. Threat? We eliminate it! Spotlight? We take it! ” 

”… ” The four listened. When they heard those words, the three Astral Souls trembled with fierce agreement! If something ’s a danger, beyond their abilities, they can flee! Kratos believed there was nothing it could escape from, no danger enough to bring it fear. It had even hid from that strange creature in space. Weren ’t they fine?

If something ’s a threat, they deal with it! A saber ’s edge brings an end to all problems, and King embodied that ideal. Death was absolute, and so was its sharpness.

If the spotlight is there, why hide? Just take it! Eden had lived as an isolated existence trapped in its own body that lived in fear and abuse for an innumerable amount of years. Now, the Alchemic Dao was limitless and it could accomplish anything, including being heard and respected, being free and having the family it always wanted.

Ori was just happy to be here. 

Wei Wuyin had felt rather complicated that his fame exceeded his abilities, especially with the starfield being a mess of complicated intrigue and networks. He wanted to take it slow, gaining slow attraction as a talent to be nurtured, not overly outstanding in comparison, but just enough to attract some attention. The most notable issue was the Imperial Clan. He wasn ’t like the King of Everlore; he was a genuine threat by himself.

If the San Clan had a choice, they would ’ve tried to snuff him out. But he stayed safely in the Myriad Monarch Sect ’s Main Planet and astral territory, never giving them a single chance. Nor allowing the Alchemist Association to gain an advantage to dictate his status or future. Furthermore, he can ’t hide his combat prowess in this stellar region, it was thoroughly known by almost everyone in his now-destroyed starfield.

In fact, he threatened the entire stability and hierarchy of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region because of his might. And with the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill already out there as evidence, ample evidence at that, he knew what awaited him was unimaginable conflict.

He was thinking of shrinking back and allowing himself to grow quietly, but the Ascendants were all so explosive in their feats. He had to return. Even Xiao Bing was being schemed against already, and if it wasn ’t for Wu Yu ’s decisiveness, she could ’ve suffered if he remained inactive.

”Are you afraid? ” Eden asked. 

”… ” Wei Wuyin clenched the railings with his hands, distorting it with his strength. Was he afraid? Others view him as unfathomable, intelligent, filled with foresight and incredible means, and while he was all those things, he was also aware of his situation.

So was he afraid?

”No, ” he decisively answered. 

”… ” The four Astral Souls quieted down.

Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes reflected the Dark Void and its boundlessness. A glimmer of unfathomable emotion suffused his eyes. ”I ’m not afraid, I ’m excited! So excited that I think I ’ll cause the deaths of others and yours… ” 

That ’s right! Afraid? Absolutely not. Fearful to take the spotlight? Never! Threats? Dangers? They stimulated him! Was he scared when he was a Qi Condensation Cultivator facing a Second Stage Astral Core Realm Cultivator? When he took Wu Jiao ’s arm?

Was he afraid of the Second Calamity?! No! He sped it up!

Was he afraid when he intended to face a Star-Devourer hell-bent on devouring Solar Stars? He chose to stay! 

Was he afraid when he intended to steal an entire planet from three Ascended? When he was brought into a fortified prison? When has he ever been afraid of taking risks?!

Regardless of what, Eden, Kratos, King, and Ori all originated from his soul, mind, and body. If they weren ’t afraid, how could he be? They were domineering, how could he not be? 

However, he wasn ’t alone. And this was a situation where others were involved, variables occurring in the front, back, and in the shadows. A single wrong move could cascade into a sequence of horrific events. There were even Earthly Saints involved. The moves he wanted to make, the future he sees for himself, the chaos that might unfold, it was all far too massive.

”Good, ” Eden said.

”ROAR! ” Kratos erupted with a loud, aggressive draconic roar that shook the void.

”Tch, ” saberlight coursed through the optic nerves of Wei Wuyin ’s eyes, effusing a sharp, glaringly fierce brilliance. 

”Let ’s do it then! Why worry? Why worry? We ’re in this together! ” Ori excitedly yelped. 

Those words resonated with them all. Especially Wei Wuyin, his eyes lifted to observe the world before him. He looked to the left and the right, then looked beyond the Ninestar Starfield, saw all of it beyond, including the Aeternal Sky Starfield.

He wasn ’t like the King of Everlore. 

”Then….In this life, I want it all. ”

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