Paragon of Sin

Chapter 704 - 699: Captain Of The Vanishing Colossus

Wei Wuyin turned around to see a straight, long, black-haired woman with rectangular-shaped spectacles with a white trim. She was quite pretty with a fair complexion, giving off a stern and serious look. She used her index and middle-finger to push her spectacles up the bridge of her nose, staring at Wei Wuyin intently.

”Me? ” Wei Wuyin pointed at himself and asked, putting on an innocent expression.

”…! ” The woman was instantly startled when Wei Wuyin turned around. She had never seen someone so handsome, especially those silver eyes of his that seemed to reflect her image. She went silent for several seconds, lost in his eyes. All she could hear was the fierce pounding of her heart and the heat rising on her face. 

”Miss, are you okay? ” Wei Wuyin was used to these reactions, only furthered when his reputation was matched alongside it. So he merely smiled and asked, glancing at the others who were now looking at him. It seemed that there were quite a few that had kept their eyes on him, distracted, so this woman had taken notice of his actions.

Well, it was hard to keep a low-profile. 

The woman had a Gravity Emission Phase cultivation base, so she was his equal in terms of cultivation level. It was no wonder that she questioned him and no one else had. Hierarchy must be pretty strict here. A tight operation, huh?

The woman had to go through an entire inner monologue before settling herself, a monologue that no one but herself knew. Still, her face had a blush that wasn ’t fading so some could deduce a few clues of what it was about. She tried to keep up her firm, commanding appearance, but failed quite spectacularly. ”Ye-yeah, you. I ’m fine…you? ”

Wei Wuyin chuckled, ”I ’m doing fine, Miss. ”  He gave her a soft nod, looking at the others who were staring at him. He turned to the Timelord, but his eyes flashed with spiritual light and wasn ’t watching or paying attention. This room was quite spacious, and he was at the center, while they were nearing the edge. It would be strange if he noticed every interaction considering there were roughly ten thousand people in this room, and they were all actively moving or surging with spiritual strength.

’I guess I can ’t keep this going for much longer, huh? ’ After noticing that more and more people were being attracted to him and the ensuing commotion of his presence, he couldn ’t help but sigh out with a hint of disappointment. He was enjoying being a tourist, seeing everyone work seamlessly together. 

’I should get a crew, ’ Wei Wuyin thought. He had been operating his archaic Voidship by himself, and it led to this current situation. What if he had unintentionally entered into a conflict between Ascended and had his ship blow up because it was unpiloted? 

He was lucky he didn ’t enter another Shadow Egg. Or unlucky, depending on how you saw it. 

”What ’s your name and station, sir? ” The woman asked after composing herself, trying to keep her prestige as a commanding presence. If she allowed others to see her stumble like a fool because of a handsome man, that ’ll throw away her face. Still, she embarrassed herself a little by adding ’sir ’ while addressing someone of equal cultivation.

Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts were elsewhere, but the woman claimed it with a spark of an idea! Most of these individuals were rogue cultivators striving to cultivate. He could see their strengths were shaky, the impurities in their bodies were thick, and even the woman might rival Yao Zhen during his time as Grand Imperial Sage of the Myriad Monarch Sect.

In the standards of this stellar region, that was pathetically low. But this was the low-end of this civilization. There existed pirate or bandit-like existences in the Everlore Starfield too, but they were incredibly weak, almost none of them were even Astral Core Realm cultivators, and they operated in low tier continents or planets. 

If you had a backing, why resort to experiencing these struggles? While all these tools seemed futuristic and amazing, they would pale in comparison to the Golden Life Pavilion, who could bring the spiritual senses of an entire stellar region to a single location with unerring clarity. 

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes suffused with radiance. He didn ’t say his name, realizing that this could leak out his location to those seeking it, but he instead smiled. His smile caused the woman and those around him to lose focus again.

”I don ’t have a station. I ’m not a part of this ship ’s crew. My ship was inadvertently mistaken as a ghost ship and was taken while I was resting, so it was placed in your ship. ” He started to explain himself fully, ”Curious about this operation, I took a look around until I arrived here. ”

”… ” The activity of the control room started to slowly become affected, with members turning to look at Wei Wuyin. His voice was clear, sending out sound waves through the control room so everyone heard. And heard they did, including the Timelord seating at the central location. 

The woman was taken aback. Not a crew member? Ghost ship? She recalled them finding a ship like twelve hours ago, and it was uninhabited. Reports said it was an abandoned ship with a remnant energy shield. They had reeled it in after finding no signs of life present on board. Unfortunately for them, the saber spell had resulted in false readings.

”Not a part of the crew? ” She asked again for clarification, still in disbelief.

Wei Wuyin nodded, glancing at the Temporal Eye Phase cultivator that had turned his attention to him, a dark light reflected in his gaze. Wei Wuyin returned the stare with a slight smile. ”I ’ll be direct, ” he said, flickering so fast that no one could react and arriving before the Timelord. 

”I want to buy this operation. ” Wei Wuyin ’s words resounded but everyone was still staring at his previous location, except the Timelord whose eyes were as wide as saucers because Wei Wuyin was directly in front of him. He couldn ’t even react! 

Wei Wuyin ’s existence sent shivers down his spine. He had doubts that this young man with an unearthly visage that could shake the world wasn ’t an Ascended! Even if his aura suggested the Gravity Emission Phase, that speed wasn ’t remotely at that level! 

”So what do you say? Since you ’re all pirates, I ’m sure you must have a price. ” After saying this, Wei Wuyin flipped his palm to reveal his ’failed ’ peak Astral World-Deluge Pill, a genuine high-tier, ninth-grade product that was certainly worth hundreds of thousands of astral stones. It floated in his palm like a miniaturized solar star, emitting waves of blue radiance.

The Timelord saw the pill and was instantly awed by its aura, baffled by its existence, and astonished that it was before him! This was a ninth-grade pill! He had never taken one in his entire life spanning nearly a thousand years! Not even an impure one! 

A heavy, deep resounding gulp of desire echoed in the silent room of ten thousand. Barely anyone could process what was happening or why, not even the Timelord. They were just basking in the pill ’s radiance.

The Timelord could only cautiously ask, holding every last ounce of his willpower not to snatch the pill from Wei Wuyin ’s hands, ”…Why? ” 

Wei Wuyin flipped his palm again, keeping the pill. The Timelord ’s body jerked a little, shocked by Wei Wuyin ’s action and his hand reached out instinctively. But before it could even touch Wei Wuyin ’s clothed, his cultivation was restricted by an unfathomably forceful spiritual pressure. 

The Timelord ’s eyes almost popped from its sockets. ’What terrifying spiritual strength! ’ Just the spiritual aura had sealed him entirely. He couldn ’t even muster the slightest bit of his cultivation base, thoroughly rendered useless. If he didn ’t have his Worldly Domain activated to resist using his World Pressure, then he was nothing more than a fish on a cutting board. Fortunately, the sensation only lasted for a moment.

Covered in cold sweat, he slinked back in his chair with fear in his eyes.

”Why? Because I want to. The only question that really matters is: Are you willing? ” Wei Wuyin said. 

He turned to the crew that were watching, ”I mean all of you. Are you willing to work for me? ”

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