Paragon of Sin

Chapter 706 - 701: Recreated


”But why? Does it strengthen existing Soul Rings? ” Wei Wuyin furrowed his brows. At this time, six rings had formed for each, causing the entire space between the rings to tremble faintly. When the Soul Pulse Rings were created before, a spiritual pressure enshrouded and descended heavily upon the Everlore Starfield. He wondered if something similar would happen here.

”…Perhaps its to create another ring? ” Eden guessed, but it had no clue. The effects of transcendent products were extremely unpredictable as they were. It could be to give one a second chance to overcome the Soul Idol Astral Tribulation should a cultivator fail, or to strengthen the rings, or to create another ring, or to temper one ’s Spiritual Strength. 

It had no idea what developments or outcome to expect. 

Wei Wuyin realized that Eden reached the limits of its knowledge, pushing any further would only create wild conjectures without any evidence to support it. The only concerning detail was: will the rings pull him into four different directions? He didn ’t want to die due to this, and being ripped apart by a pseudo-tribulation was not how he imagined his death would happen.

The seventh ring was created, the cyan-colored brilliance was massive, and the expanse of the seventh ring was utterly gigantic. By the fifth ring, the entire Ninestar Starfield was engulfed, so the seventh reached far beyond. 

”Can people see it? ” Before, no one could see the Manifested Spirit Energy, only the physical, mental, and spiritual beings of a similar wavelength. However, he wasn ’t certain now. In fact, there were several Realmlords and stronger cultivators of the Vanishing Colossus and nearby planets that were soaring into the Dark Void with their spiritual senses fanning out.

They had their Worldly Domains erected, and they were searching in every direction. While Wei Wuyin was only able to see the nearby planets, what he didn ’t realize was that this was happening in almost every location in the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region!

While these experts couldn ’t see it, they could feel it!!! 

They were astonished by the faint spiritual pressure exerted by the rings building up with the passing time, trying to locate it. Some were even able to arrive directly beside the rings themselves, especially Ascended whose cultivations were beyond Mortal Limits. 


Wu Yu was seated on the huge cluster of Terra-Mystic Ore, but his eyes were spinning around wildly. ”What the hell is this? ” While the spiritual pressure wasn ’t intense, it engulfed him entirely. It felt somewhat uncomfortable. ”Reminds me of a tribulation… ” 


In the Aeternal Sky Starfield, the Elementus Domain. A small-sized planet controlled by the parasitic existences of the True Element Sect, an area belonging to a relatively independent Silver-tier force with connections was there. The entire area was ravaged by signs of an intense battle, elemental origin energies littered throughout.

”Junior! ” An aged, thunderously malicious male voice exploded out with a raging momentum. ”DO! YOU! DARE?! ” 

Somewhere, there was a grey-eyed youth with a smirk of confidence. With a white spear in hand, he thrusted it to pierce the flesh of a young handsome man, plucking out their heart with that single thrust. 

”YOU!! ” With a ferocious rage, the aura of a Timelord erupted out, and shot directly towards the grey-eyed youth. However, he suddenly stopped as a strange, unfathomable spiritual pressure engulfed them.

”…What is that? ” 


In the Elven Sanctuary, within a certain secret realm, there was an archaic palace that was dilapidated and had ninety-nine steps leading to its doors. A young halfling, both human and elf, was within a crowd of elves ready to challenge its trials. While the other elves didn ’t notice, the halfling felt his hairs stand, his senses incredibly sensitive. 

”What ’s happening? ” 


In an isolated location within a strange, unfathomable secret realm, a white-haired female figure ’s crimson eyes as gorgeous as treasured rubies opened with a wisp of confusion within. ”Spiritual Pressure? ” 

A faint glimmer sparkled within her crimson eyes alongside a golden glow at her glabella. ”Nothing? ” 


Wei Wuyin watched as the rings completely formed. All nine rings in four directions. The spiritual pressure was far too weak. If the current him had to undergo the same tribulation, as long as he wasn ’t split into four directions, he felt it would be too easy to overcome. A small smile of absolute confidence formed on his face. 


Wei Wuyin ’s eyes widened. He felt his astral souls start to move about suspiciously. 

”no… ”

They started sharing their energies.

”No. ”

Their auras soon became indistinguishable.

”NO! ”

And they started to brightly glow!

Three different no ’s said in three different tones, each deeper than the last, backed by an increasingly forbidding volume.

Wei Wuyin could swear that he heard laughing…

The thirty-six rings trembled and started to fracture.

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