Paragon of Sin

Chapter 725 - 720: Soldier Of War An Ascendeds Anger

Their hearts simultaneously shivered. 

Wei Wuyin was the only one that hadn ’t shown the slightest change, but he was also moving the absolute fastest on the Battlefield. He turned into a streak of grey as he traversed the murky skies tainted crimson by the bloody air. 

Abruptly, Wei Wuyin felt a strange feeling as if he was being locked on. It was fortunate that Wei Wuyin ’s eyes were closed, because his pupils had shrunk considerably after this sensation enveloped him. When he read through Jing Jiu ’s memories, he learned about the restrictions Ascended beings experienced in the Battlefield.

And the terrifying fact was: there was none.

Nothing that he hadn ’t experienced already, at least. The spiritual suppression, the astral force dilution, the heightened gravitational force, and murky, turbid environment. Yet for Ascended, they could still exert their Spiritual Sense to a certain extent, and their Mystic Power was still terrifying and defying Mortal Limits.

The Battlefield had no true distinctions between Mortal and Ascended, with the forces battling coming to a mutually accepted agreement that Ascended were not to intervene into the Mortal-level Battlefield. If this was broken, these figures would be subjected to certain fines. 

That ’s right. Fines! Just a little bit of wealth subtraction for full-blown lives lost. Regardless of how high this was, it simply wasn ’t high enough. Of course, it was the other Ascended ’s job to interfere and prevent any deaths on their side, not allowing the enemy Ascended to act freely! 

He had also learned about what distinctions he had from other humans, and that was a radiant halo slightly above his head that had a unique color that determined which camp he belonged to. It was made from pure mystic qualities, so he was entirely unable to sense it without his Celestial Eyes. If he could just use his normal visual sight, he would also be able to determine this as they were fully visible. 

However, Wei Wuyin would never rely on others to save his life. Look at Jing Jiu or the Temporal Reincarnator, people and even the Heavenly Daos, were unreliable at times. Reassured by this belief, he started to veer a little, flying at a diagonal angle yet remaining his course in a straight line. 

The Ascended aura behind him was increasing in intensity, reaching closer. He could feel that the Ascended being had started to chase after him, locked fully on his aura and existence, and there was no location he could escape to. He angrily questioned where the Demi-Mortal Lord equivalent for the titans were, but only for a moment as he knew that they would certainly use this opportunity where humans were minus one to slaughter an Ascended or a few Ascended in their area.

After all, Ascended beings were only rewarded if they killed other Ascended beings. Even if they slaughtered billions of mortals here, they would receive nothing from the War Spirit, and without the War Souls granted by the War Spirit, there would be no rewards for them. Either from their own race or the War Spirit itself. 

”There ’s no reason to run; you ’re dead already, ” the Ascended beings voice was frighteningly calm and clear via a spiritual transmission. Yet he still remained calm, his Infinite Void Wings explosively surged once again, reaching eighty-one meters each, over doubling their original size. As he did, he also stopped his diagonal ascent, and directly shot upwards.

As he did, a ray of piercing mystic power washed over where he was. It almost touched his heel, his shift in direction was exceptionally timely. The fixed space beneath Wei Wuyin collapsed for a brief moment, yet was repaired almost instantly. If that attack had impacted the ground, tens of thousands of soldiers would have lost their lives indiscriminately. 

This Ascended being was not holding back! 

Wei Wuyin already felt they were a mere mile away, and the Ascended beings that saw him incoming were about to act, but after noticing the raging Demi-Mortal Lord ’s aura, they split and remained neutral. There was no need to get killed in their rage.

Wei Wuyin shot past these beings that fought ferociously above the clouds, not giving them a single sweeping glance. If he could get a Demi-Mortal Lord to take action and halt this enraged existence, that would be beneficial, yet when he sensed an aura similar to his, up to three, and they gave him a wide berth, his thoughts darkened yet his expression remained calm. The enlarged figure that looked on was quite frustrating, however.

In the end, he softly sighed in his heart. He twisted himself around, halting his ascending momentum, glancing down and feeling the aura of the Ascended being blitzing towards him. They were firmly within the Ascended Battlefield, above the murky and bloody clouds.

He couldn ’t help but swiftly transmit his spiritual sense, ”This is the Battlefield, don ’t you think acting against a minor Astral Core Realm junior is going a little too far? ” 

The blue radiance halted a few hundred meters beneath him. Shockingly, the Ascended being was still holding Jing Jiu ’s body. Their figure started to dim and reveal their figure. 

Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual sense couldn ’t grasp their features very well due to their own protective spiritual shielding, but he already fully knew how this figure looked and who it was. A gorgeous, absolutely fairy-like woman of astonishingly impeccable grace. There was no flaw in her bearing, looks, or talent. 

From Jing Jiu ’s memories, she was the girl he loved the most in this world. They were of the same age, but after Jing Jiu entered the Ninth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, he was delayed for two hundred years cultivating a unique foundational method. Because of this, he was only six hundred years old, yet at the Star Core Phase while she had reached the Demi-Mortal Lord Phase.

There was a more convoluted story there, but Wei Wuyin didn ’t really care. As childhood friends and possible lovers, she was bound to carry boundless rage, sorrow, and grief in her heart. She was a hotpot of boiling emotions ripe to explode.

Her beautiful face was glacial. 

”I don ’t care if you ’re a junior or a god; Since he experienced death today, you will also experience the same. ” The woman stated in a matter-of-fact manner, her voice extremely cold yet perfectly serene. She didn ’t seem like one who was angered to the utmost limits imaginable, but her seething aura betrayed her true emotions. And if Wei Wuyin could see her eyes, he would realize she was looking at him with the greatest degree of hatred imaginable, as if he had taken everything from her!

”… ” Wei Wuyin wanted to spit out how unreasonable that was, but he only wryly smiled. Why did Blessed have terrifyingly talented or intelligent female companions? Did female Blessed have something similar? Or were War Blessed all  gifted with their partners?

”Fine, ” Wei Wuyin said with a defeated tone. ”Then, you leave me no choice. ” As those words were said, Wei Wuyin removed his self-imposed limits.

Ori ’s Spiritual Strength was unleashed!

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